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Reece lardner u3025498_chantelle_monteleone_u3037566


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. The Social Impact Reece Lardner U3025498 Chantelle Monteleone U3037566
  • 2.  According to, Facebook currently has more than 500 million active users, with an astonishing 50% whom log onto Facebook on any given day;That’s around 250 million users logging in daily.  The average Facebook user has around 130 friends.  It has been calculated that people around the world spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.  Facebook has become a phenomenal success. Its text book design, advertising techniques and simplicity have been a worldwide internet social game changer.
  • 3.  A further analyse of activity on Facebook shows that over 900 million objects including pages, groups, events and community pages are interacted with daily by Facebook users.  The average Facebook user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events; Along with the average user contributing 90 pieces of content each month.  There are more than 30 billion pieces of content including web links, news stories, blog posts, notes and photo albums shared on the Facebook website each month.
  • 4.  Facebook’s global reach is a truly marvellous wonder; the site is available in more than 70 translations with about 70 percent of Facebook user residing outside of the United States of America.  The translation of the site was contributed to by over 300,000 Facebook users via the sites translation application.
  • 5.  According to, the Facebook platform was developed by more than 1 million developers and entrepreneurs from more than 180 countries.  Each month statistics show that more than 70 percent of Facebook users engage in platform applications.  There are currently over 550,000 active Facebook applications currently running on the Facebook platform; with more than 1 million websites whom have integrated with the Facebook platform.  Data shows that over 150 million people connect with Facebook on external websites every month; and out of comScore’s U.S.Top 100 websites half have become integrated with Facebook.
  • 6.  Facebook is not only accessed via home computers, it has become mobile with more than 150 million users logging on through their mobile devices.  Figures demonstrate that users whom log onto Facebook through mobile devices are twice as active on Facebook compared to those who are non-mobile users.  At present there are 60 countries with over 200 mobile operators of which are working to deploy and promote Facebook mobile products.
  • 7.  End-users share a wide variety of information on Facebook, but a discussion of the privacy implications of doing so has yet to emerge with serious consequences.  Facebook has a nine section privacy policy for any member to read on the website.They state the following about a particular setting you can alter yourself within your account settings, ‘Privacy Controls are the settings you choose that control which people and applications can see your information.’  If Facebook provides such protection to its users then why is it that a few days ago, an ABC News article came out with information regarding Facebook information leaks, with such personal details as, Facebook members' names and, in some cases, their friends' names, to companies that build detailed databases on people in order to track them online.
  • 8.  Although Facebook says, it will ‘introduce new technology to contain the breach, and will disable any applications that violate its terms’, can we all really be sure we aren’t still being watched and monitored as if we are an experiment?  Facebook is the world's most popular social network with about 500 million users, but its growth has been slowed down by so many complaints about privacy protection. With this much detailed information arranged uniformly and aggregated into one place, there are bound to be risks to privacy.  On a larger scale- this seems to be a general downfall of the advances in technology and in particular the internet in regards to personal details.
  • 9.  Although Facebook users may submit they’re personal data without being aware that it may be shared with advertisers, we can’t deny the fact that for marketers, social networking sites such as Facebook, have become the most successful media outlets.  Business owners, managers, and marketers are all working overtime to unravel the secrets, tips and tricks for successful marketing in the fast paced, internet-managed business world.  The social impact of social networks as big as Facebook have become an advertising platform that marketers simply cannot ignore.
  • 10.  One of the most interesting stats from this study showed that Facebook users making at least $100,000 annually spent the most time on Facebook and on the web as a whole.This is valuable information for companies selling products and services online.  Facebook users spend more time looking at ads on their own Facebook profiles than they do on news feed pages (their homepages), found a new report by Mulley Communications. Specifically, the study found that 71% of users looked at advertisements on their profile pages, while only 31% of users looked at advertisements on the news feed page.