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Aet515 r2 instructional_plantemplate (1) ethel's wk 5
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Aet515 r2 instructional_plantemplate (1) ethel's wk 5


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 1 AET/515 Instructional Plan Template (Ethel Edwards)
  • 2. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 2 Needs Assessment 1. The opportunity is to instruct the new managers the challenges of managing a hotel. Training them to hire new employees, order hotel supplies, and assign employees duties. 2. New employee orientation, disaster planning, CPR course, food service courses, alcohol safety, supervising, dealing with difficult customers, listening skills, customer service, room preparation, and facilities maintenance courses. 3. Small business management course for all managers twice a year. Managers from every department of the business is to attend in order to learn skills that will give opportunity to gain the knowledge to become a strong manager. 4. There is no training for new or current managers on hiring, ordering supplies and assigning workload. This workshop will give each department manager a chance to discusses departmental problems with other managers in order to gain the skills needed to handle the situation correctly. 5. Offering a 8 hour workshop course that will train managers how to hire, order supplies, and assign workloads. This will take place twice a year, online and face-to-face to give managers a time to come together to iron out problems dealing with the employees that is assigned under their leadership.
  • 3. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 3 Instructional Goal After completing this workshop managers should be able make sound decisions on a every day bases. They will be able to pick the best employee for the job, properly order supplies, and assign the duties to the right employee.
  • 4. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 4 Performance-Based Objectives • New and current managers of Baderman Group will be required to attend the workshops. • The managers is expected to be relyible to hire, order supplies, and assign duties. • To make sure the managers understand what is expected of them from the Baderman Group. The instructors will evaluate the managers in roll playing assignments and example of completing order forms. • Ways to make sound decisions by using the guidelines of the business.
  • 5. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 5 Summative Assessment and Learning Outcomes Roll playing for hiring and assigning duties. Hands on placing an supply order. We will have one manager to be the manager on duty and two others to play the new employees. Each employee will be coming to work for the first day, one will have no experience in the hotel setting. The other new employee will play the roll of a new employee who have experience as a hotel cook. Along with welcoming them to Baderman the manager have to assign them their duties. After this the manager will have to place a supply order using the companies’ computer and an example of an order form. Once these are complete then the evaluation stage will began.
  • 6. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 6 Learner Characteristics • A workshop course with men and women in the management position. Each manager must complete two management workshops per year. These students will learn through hands on roll playing. • Managers will have a better understanding of the policies and guidelines of the Baderman Group. They will be able to make sound managers’ decisions on behalf of the group.
  • 7. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 7 • Workplace setting using the computer and roll playing setting. To train managers to run the business in a environment of high quality standards. • The setting is one of the hotel conference rooms. The managers will be able to roll play with other managers that are present. • The activity will be played with specific rules that make the game of roll playing come alive. Giving the managers a live view of the challenges that managers face. Training them how to handle the situations that arise with respect by using the policy and rules of the company. Learning Context
  • 8. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 8 Web-based Conference The modal of delivery will be led by one of the managers (instructor) of the company, he/she will observe how the students commute with each other during the training using the computer software. •Accessing the by laws and rules that the company has via the internet website. •Using the computer to answer questions, conduct interviews, and perform test via the internet. •Use the company’s software for ordering supplies and assigning duties to the employees.
  • 9. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 9 Instructional Strategies This will be done by using the tools that the company supply for the employees. •This will be taught by using the tools that the managers will use in the business. Webcams, computers, microphones, broadband service, and intercom systems. •The strategies are learn how to manage the business, how to fairly treat each employee, and the laws and rules of the company.
  • 10. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 10 Plan for Implementation • Time of the course will be 8 hour classroom course and the online course will be done in one day. The face-to-face will be held on the first working day of each month and the online-based any day of each month. • New and old managers will be involved. They will each have a computer notebook to complete the tests and assignments. Be willing and ready to roll play with each other. Copies of the materials will be sent to each manager by way of email. • We will discuss the rules and laws of the company first. Answer any questions that the student may have before moving on. Then we would have two of the student to come up front to do roll play and the other student will take notes and prepare to give feedback. Next each student will have to answer computer based questions on the laws and rules and the roll play skit.
  • 11. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 11 Instructional Resources Computers for each student to access the web programs. Access to the forms, rules and laws, and the company’s scheduling. List of the company’s rules and laws to be implemented. Forms for ordering supplies and products for the hotel. Whiteboard, hardware/software that the company uses for business. Microphones for the conference room, one for the instructor and two for the student for the roll play skits.
  • 12. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 12 Formative Assessment Determining the evaluation purpose, the primary audience to which the results will be disseminated, the issues that need to be addressed, the resources needed to addresses the issues, and the types of evidence that will be acceptable to address these issues. •Purpose •Audience •Issues •Resources •Evidence
  • 13. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 13 PART III Template Instructions Please read before proceeding with this section!! For your Week Six assignment you will complete the evaluation phase of ADDIE. Part III– Evaluation of Instruction •Complete the following sections: – Evaluation Strategies – slide 17 – Outcome Review – slide 18 – Recommendations – slide 19 – References – slide 20 Note: You may add additional slides if necessary.
  • 14. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 14 Describe strategies for evaluating your instructional plan. For example, student surveys, follow-up with management staff, improvement in performance, academic achievement, and other qualitative and quantitative data as appropriate. Evaluation Strategies (After reading the information below, delete and insert your information.)
  • 15. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 15 Outcome Review (After reading the information below, delete and insert your information.) Identify criteria for examining that design goals, performance-based objectives, and learning outcomes were achieved. For example, a rubric, a scoring guide, a rating scale, or a Likert scale.
  • 16. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 16 Recommendations (After reading the information below, delete and insert your information.) Based on the outcome review, analyze, and describe possible recommendations for future use.
  • 17. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 17 References (After reading the information below, delete and insert your information.) • List your resources (e.g., Web sites, articles, books, etc.) used to complete your instructional plan. Your resources should follow APA requirements. • A minimum of six references is required to complete this project plan.
  • 18. Instructional Plan Template | Slide 18 Template End • You have completed the three parts of the instructional plan assignment. • To complete your Week Six assignment be sure to submit your entire template reflecting sections I, II, III, and the Reference slide. • To finalize your instructional plan, remember to remove slides 2, 3, 10, and 16. Your final presentation should only reflect the three sections of your instructional plan. The instructions within this template should be removed. • Note: Students must upload the final completed Instructional Plan (Parts I, II, and III) to their personal Presentation Portfolio in TaskStream. (This is required.)