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Vs2008 Breakthrough Software Dev

Vs2008 Breakthrough Software Dev






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  • The platforms available today are vastly different from those that were available a decade ago. Windows has been expanded to included devices, Office System is now a platform, the web – both server and client side technology are common place and finally the .NET Framework as a common layer adds to mix.Now your customers could interact with your applications through any of these platforms, demanding the latest and most compelling user experience possible. You need the right tools help meet those unique challenges.Development today means working with designers, project team members, architects, database designers, testers and other developers. The more tools you need to use, the more complex and time consuming the project becomes. Outsourcing and sharing work items outside the boundaries of your organization is becoming more and more commonplace.Now everything moves at internet speed. Business rules change as the business reacts to outside pressures and users are expecting applications to keep up with demand. At the same time, net new development work is attracting less of the available IT spend and developers need to work more productively than ever beforeVisual Studio 2008 has been build to help you meet these challenges across these platforms. We’ll show you the new features we’ve built into Visual Studio 2008 that enable you to build applications that have breakthrough user experiences, work better together across the application development life-cycle and be more productive. Let’s begin by taking a look at how we can build new user experiences. Tell ‘em.
  • MAP of Orcas - show .NET Framework 3.5 & versions - Compact Framework - Show relationship of the tools
  • Despite what some people may once have thought, light-weight browser based applications have not taken over desktop based applications. More and more, the power on the desktop is being used to help information workers make better decisions, gamers enjoy new worlds and end users work with their media files.Windows Vista and the .NET Framework provide the platform for building stunning applications that take advantage of the local computing power found in modern desktops and now with Viusal Studio 2008, you have the tools to design breakthrough user experiences for your applications.
  • With millions of information workers calling Outlook their #1 business application, in some cases, it makes sense to bring the Application to the user in Office, rather than have the user leave the familiar environment and learn a new UI.With Visual Studio 2008 Professional Editino and above, we’ve brought the Tools for Office to you so that you can deliver Office based user experiences for your applications.Design menus and controls into the “fluent ribbon” of Office 2007 System and integrate LOB data into Excel, Word and Outlook using a variety of controls and forms.You can deploy your application using Click-once technology to streamline deployment and have minimize users downtime.
  • Here’s an example of a travel operator selling travel packages and air flights using Office for the user experience.Notice you can add your own controls and menus to the fluent ribbon, have Excel formatting of your LOB data and use custom task panes to take action.
  • Browser to server communication has matured using the power of JavaScript together with XML to avoid the post-back mechanism that degraded the early browser based application experience.Used together with Cascading style-sheets and web-services, web based application behavior is becoming more intuitive and less primitive. Users are coming to expect that actions like right-clicking the mouse, hovering over screen elements and in-place page updating are the norm.Visual Studio 2008 brings together HTML, CSS and Javascript editors in one place to help you design breakthrough Web based applications for your users.New ASP.NET AJAX controls let you layout regions for in-place page updates simply.We’ve made sure that the AJAX libraries and ASP.NET controls will work across multiple browsers to ensure the broadest availability and experience for your users.S+S Blueprints are high-quality, security-reviewed, architecturally-sound available code and tooling which you can use to build real-world S+S applications today. Work for many more applications that just web applications.Here’s the first 5 blueprints (only the first two are public as of now):Outlook + Services – integrate your external services into Outlook in rapid fashion (days instead of months)Video.Show – build a video sharing site using Silverlight and AJAXMulti-tenant Data Access w/Security – build a multi-tenant services-based data store for your services components with SAML-based securityDynamic Services Host - .Net 3.5-based add-in architecture to host/deploy/update services on any system from the desktop, to servers, to the cloud and expose, if desired, via w/BizTalk ServicesOccasionally Connected Clients – build occasionally-connected applications with auto-bi-directional-sync on reconnect based on the MS Sync FrameworkThey are released under the Microsoft Public License meaning users can do what they want.  We don’t, of course, take back contributions but users can create their own projects and evolve as desired. They have to create their own project but we hope they do it on CodePlexThe S+S Blueprints Manager is a free Visual Studio package which delivering both the code and provides an integrated guidance-based-workflow experience within Visual StudioWorks with VS2008 Standard Edition and aboveWe are producing five S+S Blueprints during FY08 and targeting ten for FY09After installing the S+S Blueprints Manager new and updated S+S Blueprints are delivered via RSS
  • Take a look at this Live maps example of how Web interfaces are advancing. Zooming in on the map causes contextual in-place updates without interrupting the map zoom experience with annoying post-backs and whole page updatesMouse over a push pin and see the associated detailOverlay traffic conditions in a visually appealing way.All this is done using modern ASP.NET AJAX tools and CSS design, now made easier with Visual Studio and Expression
  • Now let’s look at how Visual Studio 2008 can help your designers, development and project team collaborate together across the platforms.
  • Previously, the extent of collaboration between designers and developers meant having the designer ZIP up a stylesheet and some graphic files and email them to the developer. Any changes that had to be made once development work advanced using those designs could at best mean some find/replace work, at worst having to break business logic or UI code.With Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Web, designers and developers have a shared model for building UI elements. Developers code against these shared assets and changes are easily managed.To facilitate this, Visual Studios HTML/ASP.NET designers have been enhanced to show design and code models in split view, work with CSS classes more easily and Expression web understands the Visual Studio project structures and ASP.NET controls.
  • Here you can see the enhancedstylesheet and HTML tools that are inside Visual Studio 2008.Manage styles, create new styles, apply the styles and see the changes appear in the Design view instantly.The new split editor allows you to see the changes your code makes in design view.XHTML compliance is supported in addition to the accessibility checking tool.

Vs2008 Breakthrough Software Dev Vs2008 Breakthrough Software Dev Presentation Transcript

  • Visual Studio®2008 Overview
    Microsoft Regional Director
  • Our SaaS Office Solution
  • {Office07 + VS08 = Your productivity !}
    • Creation of a Ribbon
    • Euro 2008 Excel’lance Project
  • SaaS Office 2007 Solution
    Data Management
    News (Rss)
    Update Project
  • Data Management
    News (Rss)
  • User Experience
  • .NET Framework 3.5
    Enhanced data support
    Tooling support with Visual Studio for WF, WCF and WPF
    Enhanced support for interoperability and Web Services standards
    Base classes to address the most common customer requests
    NET 3.5
    NET 3.0
    NET 2.0
    Web Services
    Additive versions of the .NET Framework
  • Breakthrough User ExperienceWindows
    Powerful, modern desktops enable next generation applications
    Hardware acceleration brings real-time lighting, texturing and rendering
    Tools for beautiful applications
    New Designers and Controls for WPF
    Support for vector graphics, lighting, and document flow
  • WPF Patient Monitoring
  • Breakthrough User ExperienceOffice
    Building applications to target the Microsoft Office System with the largest user base of any application
    Bring business data and application logic into Office
    Visual Studio 2008 designers work with the 2007 Office system
  • Expand the “Ribbon”
    Use full power of Office Excel
    Task Pane linked to business data
  • Breakthrough User ExperienceWeb Applications
    End users expect more from Web applications
    More intuitive behavior, Multimedia
    Enhanced Web Tools
    Updated Designers
    ASP.NET AJAX Controls
    Cross-browser Compatibility
    Software + Services Blueprints
  • Contextual in-place updates
    Visually appealing, real time
  • User Experience
  • CollaborationWork with Web Designers
    Designer-developer collaboration can be unstructured re-work
    Shared projects with Expression® Web
    Shared Project Structure
    HTML, CSS, ASP.NET assets maintained
    Support for CSS, XHTML and ASP.NET
  • CollaborationWork with Windows Designers
    Desktop power raises expectation of user experiences
    Design and Develop Next GenerationWindows Applications
    Share Visual Studio WPF projects with Expression Blend™
    Separate code and UI elements using XAML
  • Design in Expression
    Wire Business Logic and events in Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Team System
  • Productivity Reports
    How much unplanned work has been added?
    How productive is the team?
  • Visual Studio Team SystemEffectively Manage Databases
    Databases lack the change and configuration management tools of development projects
    Team Edition for Database Professionals
    Change and Configuration Management project structure
    Schema import and export
    Data generation plans for test data
    Automated deployment
  • Visual Studio Team SystemIntegrate more frequently
    Preventing bad builds and using modern Agile methodologies require frequent builds and tests
    New build system events enable Continuous Integration
    Initiate partial builds upon check-in
    Run tests automatically against builds
    Improve stability and performance
  • Build Trigger
  • Queued Builds
  • Build Results
  • User Experience
  • Productivity BreakthroughsOne IDE – Multiple Frameworks
    Multiple versions of the .NET Framework requires multiple versions of Visual Studio
    Use Visual Studio 2008 to target
    .NET Framework 2.0
    .NET Framework 3.0
    .NET Framework 3.5
  • ProductivityWorkflow and communications
    Supporting a heterogeneous services architecture is complex
    Workflow and Communication Framework
    Workflows for business processes
    Hook code into workflow events
    Unified programming model for a variety of communications
  • Productivity BreakthroughsData
    Unique challenges in accessing, querying, updating and manipulating multiple types of data
    New language extensions unify data query techniques
    Work with data as objects, a natural part of your programming model
  • {Productivity Improvement – LINQ }
  • User Experience
  • To Continue…