SDP Global Summit 2013 - Supporting Enterprise Development through Service Delivery

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This presentation is focused on how operators need to better understand key markets and the segments within them. The stark fact is that most people employed in the private sector in the UK work in …

This presentation is focused on how operators need to better understand key markets and the segments within them. The stark fact is that most people employed in the private sector in the UK work in companies with fewer than 250 employees – in other words, SMEs / SMBs. If an operator is only focused on larger enterprises, then it is neglecting a significant market opportunity. The same is true of most companies. SMEs are staggeringly important.

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  • 1. Supporting Enterprise Development through Service Delivery Guy Redmill
  • 2. About Us • Marketing and strategic consultancy services for the TMT sector – Strategy – Communications – Analysis • Deep knowledge of marketing and strategic needs of the TMT industries • Strategic planning and consultancy • Clear, insightful communications and actionable marketing programmes • An experienced team to complement your resources
  • 3. Agenda • Understanding market demand: why the enterprise matters and why it should be a key focus • What enterprises want and how service providers should help • Leveraging core assets to facilitate services for enterprises • How to evolve service offers to broaden service provider capabilities and build a service portfolio – Other considerations • The SDP as a key platform for converged enterprise services
  • 4. The Importance of the Enterprise • General: – Not fickle consumers – High spenders with scale – Lucrative, long-term contracts – Predictable revenue – Diverse needs – Not in “death spiral”
  • 5. The Importance of the Enterprise
  • 6. The Importance of the Enterprise • Specific: – 4.5 million private sector companies in UK (2011) – 23.4 million people employed in private sector businesses – £3,100 BILLION estimated combined annual turnover – 58.8% of private sector workforce is in SMEs – 48.8% of turnover comes from SMEs • £1,512.80 BILLION *Up 21% on 2010! ** Source: Department for Business Innovation and Skills, Statistical Release “Business Population Estimates for the UK and Regions, 2011”
  • 7. The Importance of the Enterprise Remember, t his equates to 6,320 companies in total
  • 8. What do Enterprises want? • Communications? • Reachability • Mobility • Efficiency? • Productivity? • Savings? • Predictability? • Enhanced value? • Data • QoS / SLAs / Service guarantees? • High performance?
  • 9. What do Enterprises want?
  • 10. What do Enterprises want? • If you focus on larger companies, you probably have no idea what the totality of enterprises want • Their needs will have much in common, but will differ • Essential to understand market and to segment – First step: Horizontally – Second step: Vertically – Differentiate macro and micro needs • Mobile PBX, Door entry systems, agricultural data
  • 11. What do Enterprises want? • They do not just want price-based offers and packages • From the enterprise portal of a Tier 1 MNO: – “We work with over 1700 of the world's largest multinational corporations. We typically save our customers more than 15% of their global communications costs” • They also need data – M2M
  • 12. A Typical SME Offer
  • 13. But…
  • 14. What do Enterprises want?
  • 15. What do Enterprises want?
  • 16. What do Enterprises want?
  • 17. What do Enterprises want?
  • 18. What do Enterprises want? TSG Partners REF: Telenor AS (Sune Jakobsson) / Gintel AS
  • 19. What do Enterprises want?
  • 20. What do Enterprises want?
  • 21. What do Enterprises want?
  • 22. Enterprise SDP • Heterogeneous enterprise world demands range of services, packages and solutions – Not just enhanced voice communications, but also data and information • Need ability to support multiple horizontal and vertical offers – And generate new ones • And, to be able to connect complex enterprise IT infrastructure to service provider
  • 23. Enterprise SDP
  • 24. Enterprise SDP • SDP is fundamental to: – Creating – Launching – Managing – Co-ordinating – Charging • For multi-layered service offer
  • 25. The Evolving Offer: Six Steps • Understand your market – It’s complex. But not that difficult. • Understand needs of target customers – Don’t exclude half the market • Understand what you have to offer – Why you are different • Launch horizontal offers – If can’t, host a partner that can – Incentivise sales away from big deals to SaaS / Cloud compensation – Marketing and channels • Plan specialist offers for verticals • Deliver integration platform – Use APIs to connect up and downstream
  • 26. Questions and Contacts • • Tweet @redmill_mktg • +44 (0)203 137 2070 • •