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How open APIs benefit service providers
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How open APIs benefit service providers


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This presentation was delivered at the Broadband World Forum Paris in September 2011. It discusses the importance of open APIs and the relative value of operator assets.

This presentation was delivered at the Broadband World Forum Paris in September 2011. It discusses the importance of open APIs and the relative value of operator assets.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Application PolicyManagement – Exposing APIs Broadband World Forum 2011 Guy Redmill
  • 2. Networks are Complex IP Multimedia Networks Legacy mobile LCS CS Network signalling Networks Client Mm Ma Le Mb Mb CS AS BGCF I-CSCF Sh CS Mg Mk Cx C, D, LRF Mk Gc, Gr Mw HSS Mm Mj BGCF Ml Mi Cx IMS- MGCF Dx SLF MGW S-CSCF Dh Mg Dx Mn ISC E-CSCF Mr Mb Mw Mw P-CSCF Mi MRFP MRFC Mx Mp Rx Mx Mx BGCF Mb Mb Mb IBCF Ici Gm Ix TrGW IziLegend: UEBold lines: interfaces supporting user traffic; UtDashed lines: interfaces supporting only signalling.NOTE: The reference point CS (Circuit Switched) is not specified in this specification. REF: TS 23 002-820
  • 3. And Getting More Complicated..Legend:Bold lines: interfaces supporting user traffic;Dashed lines: interfaces supporting only signalling.NOTE: The reference point CS (Circuit Switched) is not specified in this specification. REF: TS 123 002 V9.4.0 / 23.002 9.4.0
  • 4. And More… HLR/AuC* C SMS-GMSC MSC EIR SMS-SC TE MT GERAN HSS* SMS-IWMSC R Um Gb, Iu Rx+ (Rx/Gq) Gr Gs Gf AF PCRF Gd Gx+ (Go/Gx) Gc Gmb BM-SC Iu Gi Gi Gn/Gp PDN TE MT UTRAN SGSN GGSN Mb R Uu Gn Ga Billing Ga System* Gy Mb IMS- SGSN MRFP MGW OCS* Wi UE Gm CGF* IMS P-CSCF CSCF Mw Cx Dx HLR/ CDF AuC* HSS* SLF D/Gr Wx Wf Wf Intranet/ Dw Wd 3GPP AAA 3GPP AAA ** Internet OCS* Proxy Server Wa Wa Wo Wy Wm WLAN Access Wg WLAN Network WAG PDG UE Note: * Elements duplicated for picture Ww Wn Wp Wz layout purposes only, they belong to the same logical entity in the architecture Wu Billing baseline. Traffic and signaling CGF* System* Signaling ** is a reference point currently missingREF: 3GPP ETS 23.882-1f1 Baseline architecture for 3GPP
  • 5. Why Do We Need APIs?• Reduce / hide complexity• Abstract functionality• Leverage capabilities in a simple way• Create value• Increase return from network investment• Make / save money
  • 6. What Do We Use Them For?
  • 7. APIs Have A Long History
  • 8. Operator Initiatives• Many examples – BlueVia – BetaVine – Orange – Sprint – Telenor MOVE• How successful?
  • 9. Here’s An Example: Partners TSGREF: Telenor AS (Sune Jakobsson) / Gintel AS
  • 10. The Internet World Has Many APIs
  • 11. 2006
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  • 13. What Matters?• 3920 web APIs and counting – 70% REST – 17% SOAP• But, APIs live or die off• AWS de facto for cloud services – REST / SOAP• Do standards matter?• Does anyone make any money in the Apple store?
  • 14. What Matters?• Developers care about value / returns• Individual APIs don’t matter much – It’s the model• Value can be lost – LBS• Opportunity can change – OneAPI focus• What is really unique in telco land?
  • 15. Conclusion• Core assets: – QoS / Policy – Voice – Payment / Trust• Don’t chase standards; chase niches• Launch an API; make it RESTful• Find a way to leverage what’s unique• Make it worthwhile for all stakeholders
  • 16. Conclusion• Don’t wait……• Someone else will steal your value – Twilio – Voxeo (Tropo) – Ribbit• 3920 web APIs and counting…..
  • 17. Thank