1 July 2012The Centaur Roll CallFrom the desk of Centaur 6          As some of you know Pam and I recently bought a house ...
Headquarters & Headquarters Battery                                 Even with the mild winter we had this year, I still ge...
HHB 1SG CornerFirst I would like to say how proud I am of your Sol-      in Northern New York. That may be taking a boat t...
Rock Solid!!!!                                   The past couple          through 12 August for those on the West Point tr...
1SG Corner                                                                             Editors Correction to last         ...
Bravo Battery          The Soldiers of Bravo Battery continue to set the standard as they continue to train andprepare for...
2LT Dingbaum and PFC DeForest high crawling during theMungdai                                                             ...
July Birthdays!!!                    August Birthdays!!!  Headquarters     Jamie Fechette        Headquarters       Bravo ...
Photos from Redleg Day 2012                              July Anniversaries                                   Headquarters...
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July/August 2012 Newsletter


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July/August 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. 1 July 2012The Centaur Roll CallFrom the desk of Centaur 6 As some of you know Pam and I recently bought a house and havebeen in the process of moving, painting, renovating and the one thousand otherthings that go along with this type of adventure. Along with the move and pur-chase came a huge amount of paperwork, legal and otherwise, that both mywife and I needed to be up to date on and aware of what each other was doing.It also reminded me of how personally unprepared I was prior to starting thisfairly significant task. As most of you know we have a robust timeline comingup; block leave, Mountain Peak, NTC, Christmas leave and deployment. In be-tween the few free moments that do exist during the work week your Soldierwill be training on something.I would ask that you as a family take a look at how prepared you are in your per-sonal life with your finances, paperwork, schools for your children, wills, powersof attorney, and medical paperwork, to name just a few. In many Army house-holds the wife typically will handle most of these issues which is fine but formarried Soldiers who do this you need to ensure your wife/husband knows howto access records and has the ability to take care of the family business. SingleSoldiers are not immune and need to ensure they go through the same processand cover their bases as well.I absolutely cannot stress the importance of keeping this aspect of your life inorder because when the need arises you do not want to be trying to figurethings out as problems present themselves.Please enjoy this upcoming leave and as our great Battalion travels to the cor-ners of the globe, please take care of yourselves and come back safely. Im in-credibly proud of our families and our Soldiers you are amazing people, thanksfor all that you continue to do.LTC O
  2. 2. Headquarters & Headquarters Battery Even with the mild winter we had this year, I still get taken by sur- prise when the spring and summer months arrive here at Ft. Drum. The North Country definitely puts its best foot forward this time of year and I hope everyone in the Gladiator Family is taking advantage of what the re- gion has to offer. We are fortunate enough to find ourselves just a short drive away from some of the premier vacation spots in the Northeast, in- cluding the 1000 Islands Region and the Adirondack Mountains. This time of year also gives us numerous “Fests”, from Riverfest in Alexandria Bay to Mountainfest here on post. If you and your family are staying in the area forBlock Leave, there will be no shortage of activities for you and I encourage everyone to get out andsee what’s out there. May and June have not just been “Fests” and fishing for HHB however, we have continuedto operate at a high tempo to ensure that the Centaur Battalion and the Warrior Brigade receive thesupport they need from us. T hose Gladiators selected for SFAATs (Security Forces Advise and As-sist Team) have been focused primarily on predeployment training, including small arms and crew-served weapons ranges, a Counterinsurgency Seminar, and a 10-day exercise at Ft. Polk, LA wherewe learned how to build rapport with and advise our Afghan counterparts so they will be ready toassume security for their country. Other elements of HHB have kept up with our core artillery mission, with our Meteorologi-cal and Survey teams providing support to Bravo Battery at the US Military Academy at West Point,where 10th Mountain Soldiers are training the future leaders of the Army. As always our MedicalPlatoon has stayed busy, providing support to our Infantry brethren in 1BCT during their Expert In-fantryman Badge training and evaluation. Several of our medics tackled the formidable challengethat is Expert Field Medic Badge testing, and while none were successful this time around the train-ing and experience they picked up will be invaluable. One of the most exciting events held this spring was the Battalion Mungadai and RedlegDay. For two days teams made up of 3-6 FA Soldiers from different Batteries competed against oneanother in a series of challenging and fun events. HHB ran the off-post portion of the Mungadai atPayne Lake State Park, where teams were put through a course that included rappelling and Zodiacboats. That these events were executed smoothly and safely is a testament to the skill and dedica-tion of many Gladiator Soldiers, whose efforts made the Mungadai and event to remember.Equally memorable were the Redleg Day events held following Mungadai, putting Centaur familiesin their Soldier’s boots for a day. Participants had a chance to try the vehicle rollover trainer, theweapons simulator, and an obstacle course. The final event had family members fall in on aM119A1 Howitzer, where Soldiers from Alpha Battery coached them through crew drills and dry firemissions. Followed up by a BBQ and awards ceremony, Redleg Day was indeed the perfect way toclose out a phenomenal week for the Gladiator team. I wish you all a safe and fun block leave, thank you for the support you all give to GladiatorBattery!V/RCPT Charles E. ThompsonGladiator 6
  3. 3. HHB 1SG CornerFirst I would like to say how proud I am of your Sol- in Northern New York. That may be taking a boat tourdiers. They not only work day in day out handling op- in Alexandria Bay or a trip to Lake Placid in the Adiron-erations that keep this Battalion running. They often dacks. There are many things to see here in the Northtimes have to do so with limited manning. We have Country and I encourage any of you who are interestedmany leaders that are attending training for the to swing by the MWR building on Iraqi Freedom DriveSFAAT (Security Force Afghanistan adviser Teams) to see what opportunities are available.mission and many other Soldiers have been required to In closing, I just want to thank you for the support thatstep up to the plate and take on additional duties. you provide for your Soldiers, and stress how proud IIn the next few weeks we will be going on block leave am of this Battery.and many Soldiers will be heading home for twoweeks. I wish all of you safe travels and hope you maxi- GLADIATOR 7mize the time you are taking to catch up with familyand relax. For those staying in the area, I encourageyou to get out and see the many things there are to do Mungadai 2012
  4. 4. Rock Solid!!!! The past couple through 12 August for those on the West Point training months have continued to be mission. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the con- a busy and productive time tribution to freedom you and your Soldier’s provide. for the Sons of Alpha. In May, Relax and rejuvenate during this break because when the battery participated in the we get back we will be hitting the ground running. Our Battalion Mungadai, which next field exercise, Mountain Peak, is from 23 July was a three-day physically through 1 August. challenging event designed to Congratulations to Jill Burke for taking on strengthen bonds between both the FRG Co Leader and Treasurer positions. Also,Soldiers and Families in the Battalion. The first two we have a new addition to the Sons of Alpha. Con-days, Soldiers exclusively competed in a panoply of gratulations to the Peacocks on their birth of their firstaustere events to include 15 miles of road marching, a child, Everett, born 25 May. Families and the FRG aregeo race, rappelling, and a zodiac boat race. The win- the cornerstone upon which Alpha Battery is built andning team, which predominately consisted of Alpha your steadfast support is crucial to our success.Battery Soldiers, was recognized for its physical andmental toughness, and each member was awarded the Welcome to the Rock:Army Achievement Medal. On the final day, family PVT Pinott PFC Holcombemembers were put through the gauntlet of the Red PVT StricklandLeg Challenge, where family members negotiated sev- PVT Mabineeral exciting and strenuous Army training events, PFC Hibbardbranding themselves genuine “Red Legs” upon com-pletion. The entire event culminated with a Battalion Farewells from the Rock:BBQ at Remington Pond, where fellowship and embel- SFC Dougherty (PCS – Fort Dix)lished stories were shared over a plate of good ole SGT Ross (PCS – Fort Campbell)fashioned American cuisine. SGT Lambert (PCS – Fort Stewart) SPC Duffy (PCS – Schofield Barracks) Even though we have not been to the field SPC Pointer (PCS – Fort Lewis)since April, Alpha Battery has remained engaged, pro- SPC Minchew (PCS – Fort Lewis)viding crucial external support to several momentous SPC Caulfield (PCS – Fort Riley)training events. Alpha has provided support to the SPC Duignan (ETS)Brigade for Soldiers earning the Expert Field MedicalBadge (EFMB) and the Expert Infantry Badge (EIB). Congratulations to the following NCOs and Soldiers onWe are also supporting a training opportunity for Ca- their recent promotions:dets at West Point where they get to experience what SGT Codirolia Field Artillery Platoon and Fire Direction Center does. SPC MahlerIn addition, we provided the guns and manpower to PFC Scottsalute our Nation at Mountain Fest and to remember Congratulations to the following Soldiers on their awards:fallen Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division at the SFC Dougherty – MSMMountain Remembrance Ceremony. With most of its SGT Ross – AAMsenior leadership being tasked out for SFAAT training, SGT Lambert – AAMthe Battery and its junior leaders have stepped up and SPC Duffy – AAManswered the call of responsibility for training and pre- SPC Pointer – AAMparing the Battery to maintain a continual state of SPC Minchew – AAMreadiness. SPC Caulfield – AAM As we head into summer, a well deserved “Rock Solid!”break comes. Block Leave is from 29 June through 15 -ROCK 6July for the majority of the Battery, and 28 July
  5. 5. 1SG Corner Editors Correction to last Time and sion. We have had Soldiers grad- May’s Newsletter time again, the ing the Expert Field Medical Sons of Alpha Badge lanes as well as Expert It was SPC McKay that have proved, Infantry Badge lanes. We have won the Soldier of the without a doubt, our second Platoon Fire Direction Quarter in April. they are some of Center currently attached to SPC McKay won the the best, most Bravo Battery on temporary duty Brigade Soldier of the well trained, hard- to West Point for a training mis- Quarter Board inest working Soldiers in this Bat- sion with Cadets in order to show April. He decimatedtalion. In May, the Battalion them how a firing Battery truly the completion withbroke up all the Soldiers into operates. Starting the week of second place being asquads and took part in a number the 25th of June, Alpha Battery “distant second.”of grueling events while partici- becomes the Salute Battery to Congratulations! Youpating in the 3/6 Battalion Mun- remember our fallen Soldiers at represent the Rockgadai. After all was said and the Mountain Remembrance Battery in good stead.done, the winning team which Ceremony and the Mountain Festwas comprised mostly of Alpha Salute to our Nation.Battery Soldiers, were awarded At the end of that week,the Army Achievement Medals. Alpha Battery will finally reachAlpha Battery members included that point we have been lookingPFC Hughes, SPC Thompson, and forward to. Block leave, taking aSpecialist, now Sergeant, Codi- well earned break to spend timeroli. After all the accolades our with our loved ones. This isSons of Alpha received, we ended great time for our Soldiers tothis time honored tradition with recharge their Batteries and relaxour first ever Red Leg day. This with their families. Keep in mind,day presented the family mem- that while block leave is always abers of 3/6 with the ability to view great time for all of us, when wefirsthand what their precious Sol- come back, we will charge intodiers go through on a daily basis. battle harder than before.With an outstanding display ofstrength and fortitude the fami- - Rock 7lies plowed through every obsta-cle ending at Remington Pond foran outstanding barbecue with thewhole Battalion. Besides things like theMungadai, Alpha Battery hasbeen supporting a plethora ofother details throughout the Divi-
  6. 6. Bravo Battery The Soldiers of Bravo Battery continue to set the standard as they continue to train andprepare for a busy summer. The unit’s training over the past month has focused on Section levelcertification and qualification of howitzer and fire direction sections in order to facilitate the sum-mer training that will be conducted at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Our sec-tions performed flawlessly as they conducted the dry and live fire training which resulted in all sec-tions certifying. The Soldiers are currently packing personnel and section equipment as we prepareto depart for West Point on 20 June. The summer training program will be a great opportunity forour Soldiers to train future leaders in the Army as well as taking advantage of our closer proximityto New York City. I look forward to a great summer at West Point and I am confident that our Bat-tery will represent the Battalion and this Brigade with distinction. Our Battery also participated in the Battalion Mungadi from 22-23 May. Our teams com-peted in a two phase competition that consisted of on post activities to include howitzer occupa-tion, treatment and evacuation of casualties, marksmanship and clearing a building as well as offpost activities which included rappelling, rafting and a road march. All of our Soldiers performedoutstanding throughout the event with SGT Robinson being a part of the winning team. The eventculminated with the Red Leg Family Day and a barbeque. Thank you to all of the families who par-ticipated in this event. Our Security Force Assistance Teams (SFAT) have been busy over the past month as wellas they continue to conduct training in preparation for their upcoming deployment. Our SFATmembers participated in driver’s training, crew served weapons ranges and an advisor academy atFort Polk, LA. The SFATs continue to build cohesion and develop their teams with every trainingevent and will be more than prepared to execute their mission down range. The SFATs are currentlycompleting a Counter Insurgency seminar as well as counter improvised explosive device (IED)training which will only add to their readiness. Finally, the Battery held an organizational day on 07 June at Remington Pond. The eventwas a big success and we were able to raise some money for future events (at the expense of Bat-tery leadership taking a plunge in the dunk tank). Again, I want to thank all of the family membersfor taking part in this event. It was a much needed opportunity for us to get together before ourmonth at West Point. I am continually impressed with the professionalism and hard work that your Soldiers putforth every day. This Battery continues to succeed due to their efforts and your support. I look for-ward to our next submission to the Battalion newsletter to highlight the great work your Soldiersdid while at West Point. I wish you all a safe and happy summer season and we will see you all uponour return. Ryan W. Graf CDR, B/3-6 FA Bulls Deep!
  7. 7. 2LT Dingbaum and PFC DeForest high crawling during theMungdai SPC Gendron teaching PVT Ricker about the sight on the M119A2 1st Sergeant Corner Farewells would like to welcome the newly assigned members of Even as the Battery continues to move forward, I our team : PVT Baker, PVT Garcia, PVT Galbraith, PVT Hillshiem, PVT Housewright, PVT McQueen and PVT would like to take the time to thank and say farewell to Whitaker. These new Soldiers recently graduated their a few Soldiers that contributed greatly to the suc- Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma cesses that Bravo Battery has achieved. Without their hard work and dedication to duty and loyalty to the and are excited to be here and eager to learn. Battery, the Battalion and the 1BCT, none of this would be possible. Promotion 1 June 2012 we had the honor and privilege to promote SFC Hendri- PCSing to Camp Shelby SPC Griswold to the rank of Sergeant. Getting pro- moted is a great accomplishment especially to the SGT Mason-ETS-moved back to Florida Ranks of an NCO. It not only distinguished the individ- SGT Turmel-PCS to Fort Campbell ual from their peers, but it comes with the responsibili- SGT Caranay-PCS to Fort Campbell ties to teach, coach and mentor our nation’s greatest resource; An American Soldier. With these newly given SPC Baxter-ETS back to IOW responsibilities, I have no doubt that SGT Griswold will accomplishment them all and even exceed expecta- tions. Congratulation. Hails And as we say farewell to these outstanding Soldiers, I
  8. 8. July Birthdays!!! August Birthdays!!! Headquarters Jamie Fechette Headquarters Bravo BatteryPFC Coit Katelyn Harrian WO1 Billman SPC AlvarezSFC Heriger MAJ Brodany SPC AlvarezPFC Julien Bravo Battery SSG Ellis PFC CashPFC Reed PV2 Baker PFC Elwood SSG DelozierWO1Reed SGT Cole PFC Haughton SPC KircherSPC Sariano 2LT Dingbaum SGT Johnson SPC LazorishakPFC Thomas 1LT Mandel PV2 Owens SGT LesterSPC Valencia SGT Mason PFC Risley SPC McCuskerLeigha Anderson SPC Wishork SFC Roop PFC WatersBrandi Crutcher Shannon Fridline SPC Rivera Irasema AlvarezAmie Duclos Megan Miles SPC Roasado Toni GuyorJennifer McSurdy SPC Spearman Brittany CzaplickiStacie Shelton Golf SPC TesarMegan Spence SPC Bohner PFC Vrobel Golf SPC Bolt Kelly Hecker SFC Baker Alpha Battery PFC Garibay Kristeena Whitney 1LT CarpenterSSG Brinker SPC Hernandez Lin Zhang SSG EllisonSSG Davis PFC Lemus SPC GilmoreGenesee Brinker Sarah Southern Alpha Battery SGT HowardDawn Davis SPC Donnelly SPC Klotz Stephanie Hol- SPC Moore combe SPC Ochoa
  9. 9. Photos from Redleg Day 2012 July Anniversaries Headquarters CPL & Katy Milligan 1LT & Erica Rinaldi PFC & Maritza Spears CPT & Mindy Thompson SPC & Cora Valencia Alpha Battery SSG & Genesee Brinker Bravo Battery SPC & Irasema Alvarez SGT & Maelyn Hernandez SPC & Kateland Wertenber- ger SGT & Brittney York Golf SFC & Ychiver Gibson SPC & Michelle Mahaffey SSG & Heather Merrill PFC & Jessica Straight August Anniversaries Headquarters SGT Zhou & Lin Zhang Bravo Battery SGT & Lovely Caranay 2LT & Chelsey Graveline SPC Lazorishak & Brittney Czaplicki Golf SPC & Mareimy Marquez