FRSA Flash 13 September 2012


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FRSA Flash 13 September 2012

  1. 1. Government Organization 3-6 Field Artillery FRSA Flash September 07, 2012 9/14 – Hearts Apart Support Group – ACS 9/14 – Teen Lock – In – Youth Center 9/14 - Care Team Training hosted by 3-6 Field Artillery (see flyer on next page) 9/15 – BOSS 5-K Run – BOSS 9/15 – ATV Safety Class – Parks and Recreation 9/15 – 2012 Two-Person Captain and Crew Golf Tournament Sports 9/15 Retiree Appreciation Day, 0900-1500, Clark HallHave questions or con- 9/15 – Red and Black Football Trip - BOSScerns? Be sure to contact 9/15 -16 Unit League Softball Championships - Sportsyour FRG Leader or FRSA. 9/15-16 NY Yankee’s Baseball Game Departing 0800 Out door RecreationHHB 9/17 – 21 – AFTB Instructor Training – ACSMindy Thompson 9/17 – 21 – Master Resiliency Training – ACS 9/18 Welcome Tour, 0930-1400, ACSCindy Aldana 9/18 - Family Night at the Commons, 1700-1900, CommonsAlpha Battery 9/19 - 5K Run 9/19 - Employment 101, ACSKathryn Peacock 9/20 - BOSS Hike to Mount Marcy, BOSS 9/21 – Autism Support Group – Army Community ServiceJill Burke 9/21 – In Her Shoes: Living With Domestic Violence – ACSBravo Battery 9/21 – Midnight Sports – Youth Center 9/22 – Adirondack Railroad Fall Foliage Trip – Parks andTessa Conaway Recreation 9/22 – UFC at Winner’s Circle – BOSSGolf Battery 9/25 – Teen Image-Makers Photography Club – Youth CenterRachel Hirons 9/25 – Family Night: Horseback Riding – The Commons 9/26 – At-Home Career Fair – Army Community ServiceAdvisors 9/26 – Teen Cooking Club – Youth CenterPamela Oeschger 9/27 – Federal Employment Workshop - ACS 9/27 - FRG Book Club - ACSMelinda Thomas 9/29 - Meet the Author: Hope Marston - McEwen Library 9/29 - Skate Jam - Youth CenterFamily Readiness Sup- 10/26 - Haunted Hayride - Remington Parkport Assistant 10/27 - 2BCT Haunted HotelKimberley Williams
  2. 2. Operation Tribute provides a holidaygift to each child of military fami-lies. From September 1st to Novem-ber 1st . Simply go to the registra-tion site: register your child. Pickups forthe gifts will be the 1st of Decem-ber. More information will followlater.
  3. 3. ATTENTION VALUED PATRONS / PARENTS 30 August 2012 FEE INCREASES and PROGRAM CHANGESDear Valued Customer, As we have kept you apprised over the past two years, we are moving towards De-partment of Defense standardized rate fees. This October is the final incremental phasefor Fort Drum to reach Army standard. Department of Defense will then implement equi-table rates throughout the Armed Forces.From last weeks FRSA Flash, due to a re-evaluation of the new CYSS change infees and changes for Deployment Support, it has been determined that the previ-ously noted Deployment Support Services will NOT be cut and WILL still continue. Deployment Support Services still in effect: 20% fee reduction for all Child Development Services programs Youth Sports fee credit up to $100 per deployment cycle per child/youth. SKIES Unlimited Instructional Class fee credit up to $300 per deployment cycle perchild/youth. $2.00 Hourly Care fee beyond the 16 free respite child care hours.Should you have any questions on the program impact as it effects your Family, pleaseinquire at the front desk or by calling Parent Central Services at 772-8675. Thanking you for your cooperation and understanding
  4. 4. Army Child & Youth Fee Policy Fort Drum School Year 2012-2013 Findings:  Significant variances across Army – no predictability  Many “high cost” fee locations not justified  “Artificially” low fees creating great disparities when Families PCS  Inequities among installations in same geographic areas / similar missions Plan :  DoD is transitioning to single standard to provide consistency.  Transition will continue through SY2014-2015  Army realized 100% compliance with DoD full transition fees would financially burden some Army families:  Asked DoD for an Exception to Policy to phase in compliance over a 2 - 3 year period, which was approved.  Implementing final phase to one standard Army fee 1 Oct 12Total Family Income Categories:
  5. 5. Army Child & Youth Fee Policy Fort Drum School Year 2012-2013 cont.Payments and Late Fees:
  6. 6. Attention!There have been confirmed reports of a company called Success Express Sales, Inc. and/orPacific Coast Clearing Services Inc. scamming personnel in the Fort Drum area and targetingSoldiers. The company hires young adults to solicit patrons door to door, at super markets and other establishments to buymagazine subscriptions. They will not take no for an answer. The salespeople try to earn points towards trips overseas,scholarships and/or cash prizes through the amount of sales they make. Magazine terms and costs are allegedly dictated bythe publishers of the magazines. There is a process & handling fee for each customer regardless of how many magazinesare purchased. Bonus points are given for cash purchases.This appears to be a legitimate business but it is NOT. Those thatpurchase these subscriptions never receive their magazines and are unable to reach customer service for refunds or otherresolution. As of this date, there have been 87 Better Business Bureau complaints within the past 3 years, 37 of which havebeen within the last 12 months. This business preys on military members and often frequent establishments on and aroundmilitary installations. Thousand Islands Area Habitat for Humanity (TIAHFH) is looking for several new members to volunteer their time as members of our various committees. Each committee is a vital part of our organization, working di- rectly with our Board of Directors. We are looking for 4 to 6 members for each committee. WHAT: Committee Orientation meeting WHEN: Monday September 10th @ 6:00pm WHERE: Maggie’s On The River, 500 Newell St., Watertown (Conference Room, 2nd Floor) If you can attend, please RSVP via email to or call Pam Rajner at486-7321.Save The Date: Saturday, 15 Sept - Ghostly Evening with Anne Borick: Ghost hunters share tales of the supernatural; bring a flashlight. Sponsored by Friends of Mexico Point Park. Mexico Point Dr. Mexico, 1000 Islands-Seaway, NY, 13114 Website: Saturday, 15 Sept - Lowville Cream Cheese Festival: join the fun and games and watch the parade! Lowville, NY Sunday, 16 Sept - Wild Edibles with Nancy Kaiser: Nature talk and walk. Learn about natures fall bounty. off Rte. 104B Mexico, 1000 Islands-Seaway, NY, 13114 Website: Friday, 26 Oct 2012 The Haunted Hayride: Beware… and come if you dare to The Haunted Hayride at Rem- ington Park. Creepy things are there to scare as you ride through Remington Park on one of the tractor drawn trolleys. Walk through the haunted pavilion and cemetery then scurry back across the spooky bridge to check out the creepy animal exhibit presented by the zoo at Thompson Park. A little monster’s fun zone is available for kids 12 and under with tamer activities for younger children. Additional treats include group photos, snacks and drinks, and a bonfire for marshmallow roasting. Patrons can catch the shuttle to Reming- ton Park from Mountain Community Homes Community Centers or Magrath Sports Complex. This event is free to all DoD ID card holders. Parental discretion is advised for some of the evening’s offerings and chil- dren 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Childbirth Education Classes—Tuesdays 1330-1530 Series of 4 classes call to register at 772-6404
  7. 7. Lyme Disease Prevention and AwarenessBackground• Lyme Disease is an infection caused by bacteria that is commonly transmitted bydeer ticks and mice (not all ticks carry the disease).• The tick must be imbedded in the body for several hours to transmit the disease.• Lyme disease can affect animals, humans and can be transmitted to fetus if motheris infected.• If left untreated, can cause serious long-term issues.• Currently no vaccination available for humans; however, Lyme Disease can be treated by antibiotics. Early Detection is the KEY!!Prevention• Wearing light colored clothing so that ticks can be easily identified.• Tucking in pants to boots, shirts into gloves.• Application of insect repellent (containing 20% DEET) and applied per manufactures recommendation to de-ter ticks and use of permethrin for Soldiers and DA civilians.• Frequent self checks for individuals partaking in outdoor activities and working in tick-invested environ-ments. Special attention should be given to moist dark areas were ticks typically migrate too.• Clothing should be placed in dryer for 20-30 minutes to kill unseen ticks.• Frequent checks of children and animals.• Proper removal of tick to prevent infected fluid from entering body with washing and treating area with an-tiseptic. (Medical professional removal of tick is recommended)• Testing of tick to determine if a carrier of Lyme Disease. Routine treatment and grooming of household animals with flea and tick prevention medication. Contact MEDDAC or your heath care provided for more information on treatments !
  8. 8. Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Material presented does notrepresent the views or endorsement of 3-6 Field Artillery or the United States Army. This material is for personal useof the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.