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Overview of new features in SQL Prompt 6. From Red Gate Software. Includes screenshots and links for more information.

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Slideshare sql-prompt-6

  1. 1. Even more effortless coding with SQL Prompt 6 Write. Edit. Explore.
  2. 2. The journey to SQL Prompt 6 Over 1,000 customer votes for new features received and analyzed by the SQL Prompt team SQL Prompt 6 early access release out for trial SQL Prompt 6 released with new features and enhancements for greater productivity and flexibility
  3. 3. What’s new in SQL Prompt 6? More productive SQL coding  Tab history for SSMS  Synonym support  New placeholders, including $PASTE$, $SERVER$ and $DBNAME$  CLR functions support  XML functions support Greater flexibility  Indent using tab characters  Custom snippet folder location …plus more platforms supported
  4. 4. More productive SQL coding
  5. 5. Tab history  Sits inside SSMS  Save tabs for future retrieval  Search for tabs within scripts  Open previously closed tabs  Rename tabs  Purge options to remove tabs How it helps:  Quick and easy access to SQL you’ve been working on, even after the tab has been closed  Maintain a living template for frequently used queries  Can be configured to automatically restore all previously open tabs on starting SSMS  Give tabs meaningful names for easier retrieval
  6. 6. Synonyms, new placeholders and functions  Synonym suggestions now supported - including suggesting columns from a synonym's base object.  New placeholders available  Support for suggesting CLR objects and XML functions provided How it helps:  SQL Prompt automatically suggests database synonyms if they are available  New placeholders speed up coding by completing the relevant information automatically  CLR object and XML functions suggested as part of code completion for faster coding
  7. 7. Greater flexibility
  8. 8. Indent using tab characters  New formatting options for indentation now included for greater flexibility:  Use only spaces  Use only tabs  Use spaces where possible How it helps:  Set up SQL Prompt so it indents your code to your preferred style  Consistent styling for easier readability
  9. 9. Custom snippet folder location  You can now browse for a folder to save snippets for future use How it helps:  Select a shared folder location to share snippets with co-workers – more collaboration and time saving across the team
  10. 10. More platforms supported  Windows Azure SQL Database  Visual Studio 2013  Plus further support for SQL Server 2012
  11. 11. Plus code completion, formatting and more… SQL Prompt also includes a range of features designed to help you write, explore and edit SQL effortlessly.  IntelliSense-style code completion with statement expansion  Instant access to schema information  Shareable SQL snippets  Find invalid SQL Server objects  Select column dependencies  Auto-generation of aliases  Script as ALTER from queries window  Expand wildcards – single instance or entire script  Format SQL code  Decrypt encrypted objects  Summarize SQL script  Find unused variables and parameters  Qualify object names  Smart rename refactoring  Split table  Encapsulate as stored procedure  Uppercase keywords
  12. 12. Find out more  Free 14-day trial of SQL Prompt   List of all features in SQL Prompt for SSMS and Visual Studio   SQL Prompt in 30 seconds – video   Contact the SQL Prompt team     +44 (0)1223 420 397