Going Green Home Buying Class Feb 2013
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Going Green Home Buying Class Feb 2013






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Going Green Home Buying Class Feb 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Julie S. JacobsonField AgentSan Fernando Valley TeamLEED Green AssociateCertified Green Real EstateProfessional Home Greening Basics What Buyers, Sellers and ALL homeowners can do right now to impact our homes & our environment
  • 2. What is “green” housing● Generally healthier, more comfortable-durable-energy efficient with a smaller environmental footprint than conventional homes● EPA definition: creating structures & using processes environmentally responsible & resource-efficient thru a buildings life-cycle from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction
  • 3. What is “green” housing● Prevalence often depends on state & local government codes, incentives & mandates to local builders and on local consumer demand● Increasing government agencies getting onboard● Trend catching among realtors, builders , retailers, & home owners
  • 4. What is “green” housing● Breakthroughs in building science, technology, and operations are now available to designers, builders, & owners to maximize environmental & economic performance of homes● One the largest trends to hit the industry in decades
  • 5. Reasons “green” is intimidating?● Cosmetic improvements take priority over “green” items● Will require a formal certification that’s difficult or costly● Technologies will improve or get cheaper
  • 6. Reasons “green” is intimidating?● Expensive or difficult on older homes● Uncomfortable or sacrifice in design● Overwhelmed with scary environmental messages
  • 7. 84% of Americans self-identify as‘light’ to ‘dark’ green consumers
  • 8. Top most wanted list for home buyers December 2010 survey “American Institute of Architects”Most desirable features include: Top reasons for moving include: •Green/energy efficient: 50% •Wanting to live in a larger space: 45% •Building a custom home: 38% •Wanting to live in a home that better •Water views: 38% suits their life stage: 44% •Mountain views: 32% •Wanting to live in a home that better •Suburban home: 31% suits their style: 47% •Near the beach: 27% •Wanting to move to a better neighborhood: 30% •Wanting a more environmentally sustainable home: 27% •Wanting to live closer to job: 22%
  • 9. Green housing growth & studies“68% of builders surveyed say that homes in 2015 will includemore green features and technology” -National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 2011 studyTexas Oregon California
  • 10. Green housing growth & studies● “It does not matter what shade you prefer, because green is gold. Energy efficiency is not on the ‘wish list’ for home buyers in 2011 — it is on the ‘must’ list… energy efficiency is no longer an upgrade in the mind of a home buyer.” - 2011 AVID Ratings Design Driver Study● “The economic impact from green building construction is significant and will continue to grow as the demand for green buildings rises.” -2009 USGBC/Booz Allen Hamilton● By 2013 green buildings will support nearly 8m jobs● LEED-related already generated 15k jobs since 2000, by 2013 forecasts an additional 230,000 jobs will be created
  • 11. Sales Growth for Energy Star Products
  • 12. Growth of Energy Star (new) Homes● 2012 >23k new homes● >1.34m homes built cumulative
  • 13. HPwES Program:“Home Performance with Energy Star’200k homes total cumulative in 35 programs in 30 states
  • 14. Re● Portland metro – 2010 study found new homes with 3rds party certificates sold for 8% more & existing homes fore 30% more on average than non-certifieda● Seattle & Portland – 2009 study found energy-certifiedr homes appear to sell faster than those without and atc 9.6% premium in Seattle & 4.2% premium in Portland●h Atlanta –2010 study sold 8% faster (average of 106 days on the market vs. 115 for traditionally built homes) and at a 4.4% premium ($407k vs. $390k average)onthe
  • 15. Research Resale Value of Homes with Solar ● California – 72k homes sold between 2000-2009 of which 2k included solar. Homes with PV solar sold average $17k premium with 3,100 watt PV system = 91% recovery on investment! ● San Diego & Sacramento - studied sales from 2003-2010 found on average installing solar panels costs $35,967 ($20,892 after federal & state subsidies), but yielded an increase in appraised value of $20,194 = 97% recover rate on investment!
  • 16. Future Research predictions● The Appraisal Institute - “green” appraisal courses past 2 years & as of Q3 2011 new “green addendum” for energy- efficient home upgrades home valuations● Lenders – underwriting & data should start to impact the field soon too
  • 17. Imagine the impact we can have…● Why wouldn’t Redfin buyers use that average $6k rebate to do good, save money, create a healthier & more comfortable living environment, and increase property value?● Even if only some homeowners did just some of the tips, would result in a real measurable impact in water, energy & resource conservation
  • 18. The Green Home Opportunity46% Los Angeles homeowners said they’d do energy-efficiency upgrades& >50% said they’d be interested when rebates are availableAre you a good candidate for a green home?Concerned about high Are you In a new or existing home?utility bills, home comfort, The result&/or the environment? Planning a major remodel? OR buying a home you like in the area you like Use available rebates & financing to upgrade your home with energy efficient & green improvements…resulting in a healthier, more sustainable home where the true cost of ownership PITI+E is more affordable
  • 19. Rebates & IncentivesHint: take good notes now!● Energy Upgrade California● REAP Program● Various loan & financing programs
  • 20. Energy Upgrade CA benefits us all ●Energy Efficiency and conservation is the easiest, and most practical way to lower your utility bills • Lowering energy consumption means reducing future need to build power plants. • Making homes more energy efficient is a way to stimulate the growth of the green economy – including new jobs • Most of us want to be friendly to our environment… It’s time to appreciate the significance of each of our actions and the positive impact we could be making!
  • 21. Potential Energy UpgradeCalifornia benefits Save money by receiving $1,000 to $4,000 in rebates Improve home’s energy performance
  • 22. An Energy Upgrade for your homeis like a tune-up for your car 1. Work with an expert 2. Use the latest diagnostic tests 3. Replace parts that cause poor performance 4. Diagnostic test again after work to check your home’s energy savings!
  • 23. How do I get started?Visit the website Hire a contractor Complete your upgrade Get your rebate! www.energyupgradeCA.org/LACounty
  • 24. Basic upgrade package Air Sealing  Low Flow  Attic Insulation Showerhead  w/thermostatic  Rebate  control valve of $1,000 Duct Sealing Combustion Safety  Test Required
  • 25. Achieving big savings● It is important to incorporate the basic path elements into the advanced approach for a larger incentive.● In both paths, the home’s “envelope” must be“sealed” first, or the added efficiency steps won’t be as effective.High SEER Wall Efficient HVAC insulation windows Hot water heater
  • 26. Ra Rebates and Incentives
  • 27. 2012-2013 Tax Credits● Energy Efficient Improvements to  The Fiscal Cliff Existing Homes (25C) — The tax  credit for installing energy efficient  discussions in improvements to existing homes — Congress benefitted such as improved HVAC units,  the single family windows, furnaces, and heat and  homeowner. water pumps — was extended  through 2013 and is capped at  $500. The law also updated the  standards that such appliances  would need to achieve to be  eligible for the incentive. www.irs.gov www.lexology.com
  • 28. Realtors Energy Audit Program● $250 rebate on a HERS home energy audit● Buy a home before since 10/1/2010 to 12/31/13● Use a California Realtor● Primary single family residence in CAhttp://www.car.org/members/haf/reap/
  • 29. Financing Energy Upgrades● Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) – Borrowers finance energy- saving measures by adjusting the value of home purchase OR used to purchase new Energy Star qualified homes. Can be FHA, VA & Fannie & Freddie● FHA Power Saver - up to $25k re-finance, must have equity in the home, funds up to 90%● LA County – thru EnergyUpgradeCa.com Matadors Credit Union - $15k-$50k secured $2.5k-$50k unsecured from 4.99%-6.99%● FHA 203(k) – rehab loan with no maximum, Fico >620, need an FHA consultant● 203(k) Streamlined - >$35k, no FHA consultant, Stackable with EEM, verify with receipts
  • 30. LA County low cost financing *Offered through Matadors Community Credit Union
  • 31. What is LEED and why use it?LEADERSHIP in ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN USGBC– U.S. Green Building Counsel
  • 32. 4 Metrics to Assess a Building’s“Greenness”1. Energy Conservation2. Water3. Materials & Resource4. Air Quality
  • 33. Keep it Simple: EnergyHome Energy Audit – think of a house as an envelope
  • 34. Keep it Simple: EnergyHome Energy Audit - DIY or hire a Pro
  • 35. Keep it Simple: EnergyWeather strip & caulk windows & doors
  • 36. Air sealing● Sealing air leaks reduces drafts and keeps warm air from escaping during winter months, or keeps hot air out in the summer months.
  • 37. Keep it Simple: ENERGYInsulate attics and attic ducts!
  • 38. Keep it Simple: EnergyPaint roof white or silver for a ‘cool roof’
  • 39. Keep it Simple: EnergyInstall an attic fan or vents
  • 40. Keep it Simple: EnergyPlant trees as shade & wind breaks
  • 41. Keep it Simple: EnergySolar curtains or shades on windows
  • 42. Keep it Simple: EnergyMotion sensors on lights
  • 43. Keep it Simple: Energy‘Energy Star’ appliances
  • 44. Keep it Simple: EnergyClean Fridge & Dryer coils
  • 45. Keep it Simple: Energy● Clotheslines vs. Dryer● Natural Daylighting & Solartubes
  • 46. Keep it Simple: EnergyInsulate hot water heater
  • 47. Keep it Simple: EnergyLED or CFL bulbs
  • 48. Congrats! Energy is Complete!Outdated?
  • 49. Keep it Simple: WaterAdjust sprinkler heads & timers
  • 50. Keep it Simple: Water● Native & adapted plants - “xeriscaping”● Rain buckets
  • 51. Keep it Simple: Water● Low-Flow attachments for toilets● Low-flow water faucets & shower heads
  • 52. Keep it Simple: Materials● Recycling bins for sorting● Re-usable water bottles
  • 53. Keep it Simple: MaterialsMounted drinking water filtration system
  • 54. Keep it Simple: MaterialsUpcycled or Recycled furnishings
  • 55. Keep it Simple: Materials● Restore & salvage as possible● Creative re-use for onsite materials
  • 56. Keep it Simple: Materials● Bee friendly yards● Compost
  • 57. Keep it Simple: Air Quality● Chemical free cleansers● Low VOC paint & carpet
  • 58. Keep it Simple: Air QualityUse natural air & ceiling fans as possible
  • 59. Go Big!More advanced & expensivehome greening items● Energy● Water● Materials and Resources● Air Quality
  • 60. Energy: Go BigGeoThermal heating & cooling system
  • 61. Energy: Go BigSolar panels
  • 62. Energy: Go Big● Wind turbines● Double-paned windows
  • 63. Energy: Go BigTankless water heater
  • 64. Energy: Go BigSolar water heater
  • 65. Energy: Go BigWall insulation
  • 66. Energy: Go BigGreen roof
  • 67. Energy: Go BigWhole house attic AC fan (in “Air Quality” Section too!)
  • 68. Water: Go BigGrey water reclamation system
  • 69. Water: Go BigInsulate water pipes
  • 70. Water: Go BigDrip irrigation system watering to xeriscaping● No grass! All xeriscaping
  • 71. Water: Go BigMore elegant rainwater harvesting methods
  • 72. Water: Go BigLow-flow dual-flush High Efficiency Toilets (HETs)
  • 73. Materials and Resources: Go Big● Recycled & Reclaimed building materials● VOC-free & biodegradable materials
  • 74. Materials and Resources: Go Big(Sub)Urban chicken coops
  • 75. Air Quality: Go Big● Air purifier● Whole House Attic AC Fan
  • 76. Keep it Simple: An August day in our backyard…Yes >115°!!!What we did: • Removed old swamp cooler & its old metal ducting from attic • Installed solar curtains • Sealed & patched vents from swamp cooler • Put in R38 cellulose insulation • Installed an attic fan set to 100° • Installed whole house attic fan • Painted roof white over den • Installed solar panel 20-yr leaseTotal cost $13.5k + rebates $400 + federal taxdeduction = reduced energy consumption &therefore energy bills
  • 77. Keep it Simple: Other green items• A compost bin - $40• Recycling bin – city *free*• Fruit trees, adapted/native landscaping plants, hummingbird feeder & bee friendly plants - $150• 2 HET dual-flush toilets - $275• Low-flow kitchen faucet - $250• Wrap hot water heater - $25
  • 78. Keep it Simple: Other green items● Rain water collection buckets - $100● Recycled furniture dining room, breakfast counter & kitchen- $700● Re-used garden door - $10● Restored & retained original materials flooring & kitchen cabinets - $2,000● Weather stripping $30● TOTAL approx. $4k
  • 79. Energy upgrade CA current:● Remove asbestos● New flex line heater vent● Blower door test● Seal air flow leaks● Solar hot water heater● Wall cavity insulation● Test-in & test-out● “Green Point Rated” certification● TOTAL approx. $15k – out of pocket $3.5k
  • 80. Go Big:MarrakeshHouse.com in Culver City, CA● Old windows & on site debris turned into “Lemon Temple”● Energy efficient lighting● FSC (Forest stewardship Counsel) certified lumber● Emphasis on reduce, reuse & recycle● Indoor air quality
  • 81. Go Big:theMarrakeshHouse.com in Culver City,CA ● Construction debris diversion ● Solar panels ● Electric cars ● Organic garden ● Dual flush toilets ● Low-flow faucets
  • 82. Green Labels for CA HomesLEED for Green Point Energy Star (ES)Homes Rated or HPwESGood for gut New & existing homes, New & existing homesremodels or new >10k in CAhome large-scaledevelopments.
  • 83. Triple Win – do good, savemoney & increase property value Even if only some Redfin buyers & sellers did just some of the tips, we’d have a real measurable impact in water, energy & resource conservation
  • 84. More Online Resources● NAR Green Group on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/NARGREEN● Database of States’ Incentives & Rebates - http://www.dsireusa.org/● US Green Building Counsel LEED for Homes – http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=147● USGBC Green Building Information Gateway - http://gbig.org/● Energy Star Appliances use calculator state rebates http://www.energysavers.gov/your_home/appliances/index.cfm/mytopic=10040● Green MLS tool Kit- http://www.greenthemls.org/snapshot-of-the-green-home-industry.cfm● Flex Your Power Residential Section - http://www.fypower.org/res/● TED Talks – www.tedtalks.com several about sustainable design & development and green architecture● Economics of Renewable Energy- http://amecosolar.com/pvwhat03.html
  • 85. More Online Resources● DIY home energy audit- http://hes.lbl.gov/consumer/● Green Lending http://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/realestate/sc-cons-0908-umberger- green-lending-20110909,0,818347.column● EPA website home diagram where click on each part & room to learn greening recommendations- http://www.epa.gov/greenhomes/index.htm● “Sustainable Resources” website with water, energy, building materials, recycling, green pros, articles, etc.- http://sustainablesources.com/● Article on creative material re-use- http://webecoist.com/2010/03/29/10-surprising-reclaimed- recycled-building-materials/● National Association of Home Builders Green - http://www.nahb.org/page.aspx/category/sectionID=206● See if location windy enough turbines eere.energy.gov/windandhydrowindpoweringamerica/wind_maps.as● Energy Efficient Mortgages by ES http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=mortgages.energy_efficient_mortgages● Colorado’s attempt to standardize green MLS policies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e49dsQiopb4