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My Senior Boards Speech.

My Senior Boards Speech.



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    Sp Speech Sp Speech Document Transcript

    • Robbie Young14 March, 2012 SP Speech For many thousands of years, martial arts has been an integral part of Eastern Society. Sincethen, it has spread to Western Society and has been rapidly growing in importance in only the past 150years. My name is Robert Young, and for my Senior Project, I trained and was certified for HeadInstructor rank in a specific and relatively young martial art called Choi Kwang Do. For seven years, I have been training in Choi Kwang Do at a school located in Canton under theInstructing of Master Jonathan Cruzado. From the beginning I knew I wanted to become an Instructor,and at the age of twelve, I joined the STORM Team, or Special Team of Role Models. The STORMteam prepares and teaches students to become Assistant Instructors, allowing them to hold equipmentand help Instructors during the childrens class. Two years I trained to become an Assistant Instructor,and I finally achieved the rank at the age of fourteen. An Assistant Instructor is allowed to teach smallgroups of children their moves, patterns, and speed drills during classes. I chose to become a Head Instructor because I wanted to take my Instructing up to the nextlevel, and the Senior Project gave me a good opportunity to do this. I also had a goal to own my ownschool of Choi Kwang Do in the future, and I needed to become a Head Instructor before this couldhappen. A Head Instructor not only teaches small groups of children, but they direct and Instructorentire classes, both children and adults. To become a Head Instructor requires three things: a minimumage of eighteen, at least a first degree black belt rank, and the approval of the owner of your school. Around the middle of August, I talked to Master Cruzado, then just Mister Cruzado, afterclasses and told him of my plans for this project, as well as asking him to be my project facilitator. Ichose him for my facilitator because of his nine year of experience as a Head Instructor, and his sixyears of school ownership made him the most qualified guy I knew for this project. After I was donetalking, he told me he approved of my topic and agreed to be my project facilitator. Though I had to
    • wait until October before I could certify, as I was only seventeen at the time. The next time I went to the school, he told me of a system he had set up to help me achieve mynew goal. Every time I come to train he would have me Instruct as if I was already certified. I wouldstart off with the kids class, and slowly work my way up to the adults class. While I was Instructing,he would observe me from his office and take notes he thinks would help to improve my teaching. Forexample, whether or not I was too quiet, how much emotion was in my speech, my level of focus, andmy teaching to instructing ratio. After class, he would call me into his office and discuss with me howto improve and go into more detail over his notes. On top of teaching classes, twice per month he would hold instructor meetings. These he woulddiscuss general topics of teaching and specifics of punches and kicks. Once per month, there were alsoInstructor workshops at the Headquarters open to all instructors, whether Assistant or Head, for all ofnorth Georgia for ten dollars per person. These gatherings of Instructors from other schools allowed meto get a good view of what is expected of Instructors regionally as well as getting more opinions on myinstructing and how to improve.