Hr succession planning guide


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Hr succession planning guide

  1. 1. GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy Succession Planning Guide “An organization’s people --- its human capital --- are its most critical asset in managing for results.” Comptroller General of the U.S. January 2001 A Special Section of Real Property Policysite Summer 2001 Office of Real Property
  2. 2. Index A. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S3 B. Federal Real Property Council Working Group . . . . . . . . . S3 C. Working Group Activities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S4 D. Working Group Findings/Lessons Learned . . . . . . . . . . . . . S4 E. Generic Skills Set. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S6 F. Core Competencies/Skills Set for Managers. . . . . . . . . . . S6 G. Recruiting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S6 1. Recruiting Tips and Tools • Benefits of Federal Employment • Recruiting Strategy • Recruiting Tools H. Agency Programs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S8 1. Office of Personnel Management • Mission • OPM Service Center • Intern Programs • Workforce Planning Model 2. Department of Defense • Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) • Facilities Engineering Career Field • Defense Acquisition University (DAU) • Naval Facilities Engineering Command 3. General Services Administration 4. General Accounting Office 5. Department of Energy 6. Social Security Administration I. Resources. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S12 GSA would like to thank the members of the Succession Planning Working Group for their efforts in developing this Guide. Real Property Policysite
  3. 3. Succession Planning Guide A. Introduction as assets or investments to be valued and managed, rather than Who will succeed our current “human resources” which are government workforce? With consumed with the goal of predictions ranging from one-third to minimizing costs. Once an one-half of today’s workers eligible organization’s employees are viewed for retirement in the next five years, as human capital, their value is succession planning is a means to critical to the organization’s success address what has recently been and even viability. termed the “crisis in human capital.” In addition to retirement eligibility, factors such as downsizing, the lure of private company benefits, lack of younger recruits, and fewer overall new hires have all contributed to the current situation. Viewing employees as “human capital” means seeing them Federal Real Property Council Succession Planning Working Group Federal Agency Representative E-mail Phone Central Intelligence Agency Cynthia Ehinger none (703) 874-5879 Department of the Army Elizabeth Fagot (202) 761-0483 Department of the Army Julie Jones (703) 692-9223 Department of the Army Dale Shaw (703) 692-9244 Department of Energy Michele Borum (202) 586-6675 Department of Energy Emma Greenfield (202) 586-3154 Department of the Navy Joy Bird (202) 685-9021 Department of the Navy Scott Whiteford (202) 685-9206 Department of the Treasury Brenda Hemphill (202) 622-0057 General Services Administration Mary Ann Hillier (202) 208-6139 General Services Administration Andrea Kuhn (202) 208-1237 General Services Administration Marjorie Lomax (202) 501-0379 Office of Personnel Management Steve Van Rees (202) 606-2200 Social Security Administration Gary Arnold (410) 965-4272 Social Security Administration Ron Davidson (410) 965-9004 Summer 2001 S3
  4. 4. Succession Planning Guide Succession Planning Working Group members (L.-R.) Andrea Kuhn (GSA), Emma Greenfield (Energy), and Marjorie Lomax (GSA) at monthly meeting. B. Federal Real of experienced workers and managers in the real property field. C. Working Group Property Council The working group was chaired by Activities Succession Planning Gary Arnold of the Social Security Administration (SSA) and • Held monthly meetings following working group inception in July Working Group facilitated by Marjorie Lomax and 2000 The Federal Real Property Council Andrea Wohlfeld Kuhn of GSA’s Office of Real Property. Working • Outlined agency problems and identified succession planning as group members are listed on page S3 situations one of its top challenges and formed a working group composed of federal and can be contacted for agency- • Examined existing programs for agency representatives. The working specific information. recruiting and training employees group was chartered to study • Evaluated programs outside the succession planning and develop Federal Government tools and resources which agencies could use as they face an • Sought speakers who presented unprecedented, yet expected exodus possible solutions S4 Real Property Policysite
  5. 5. Succession Planning Guide D. Working Group Findings/Lessons Learned • Problems originally thought to be unique were actually common among agencies • Vast amounts of materials, programs and approaches already available among agencies are not widely shared or in many cases not even known beyond individual agencies • Development of generic positions and skills sets was determined to be the best approach • By working together, agencies can • It serves no purpose for agencies often achieve a better return on to “steal” employees from each investment, attracting and other retaining highly effective • Ideally, agencies should share employees. However, there is no resources and consider joint “one size fits all” solution and programs (e.g., assignments for agencies may need to act interns, recruitment) independently • The Federal Government is in • The most important skills at the competition with all employers, entry level are analysis/problem and the earlier it can identify solving, communications, and needs and initiate recruitment the interpersonal relations better (for example, waiting until a • Additional skills, particularly real student’s senior year of college estate, finance, and business can was determined to be too late) be added through training • Evaluate current positions in light • The focus needs to be on a job of future requirements; new hires that allows the incumbent to go may need different skills from (and grow) in many directions. those whose positions become The current structure of the vacant personnel system’s many and frequently overlapping position descriptions does not always support that Summer 2001 S5
  6. 6. Succession Planning Guide E. Generic Skills Set Working Group • Analytical Skills The working group determined that Ranking of Skills • Business Acumen competency in certain skills formed a basis for all positions, regardless • Communication • Financial Analysis of position description. As shown, the working group ranked general • Presentation Skills • Real Estate communications and analytical skills • Computer Skills • Basic Appraisal Skills higher than specific, technical skills. The rationale behind this approach is • Problem Solving • Acquisition/Disposal Skills that entry-level employees with good • Interpersonal Relations • Management/Leasing Skills communications and analytical skills can be hired and then given on the • Customer Service • Intergovernmental job training to gain experience in the Coordination • Team Building technicalities of the real estate field. • Political Acumen F. Core The working group built on the concept of the generic skills set and Manager/Planner, and Real Estate Managers. A more detailed list of Competencies/Skills developed a similar set for the competencies and skills, including Set for Managerial following managerial positions: Building Manager, Project Manager, those found at varying levels and the recommended training for each level, Positions Asset Manger, Space can be found at the working group’s succession planning website at: Working Group Skills • Leadership for Managers • Liaison G. Recruiting • Analytical • Management Recruiting is a key element for • Communication (Oral and • Organizational Awareness strategic management of human Writing) capital. Working group members • Planning/Evaluating concluded that recruitment must • Contracting start early. Don’t wait to target • Policy Development and • Customer Service Analysis college students in their senior year as they may already have previous • Creative Thinking • Problem Solving commitments. Coop arrangements • Decisiveness • Real Estate (work/study) and internships, which cover several years, are ideal for • Flexibility • Reasoning providing benefits to both employers • Influencing/Negotiating • Stress Tolerance and students. • Information Management • Teamwork • Integrity/Honesty • Technical Competency • Interpersonal • Vision S6 Real Property Policysite
  7. 7. Succession Planning Guide 1. Recruiting Tips and Tools • Special salary rates which may be • Transportation subsidies higher than basic pay, depending Benefits of Federal Employment: • Flexible work schedules, possibly on area, location, or occupational When seeking new employees, including alternative work group the group concluded agencies schedules, teleworking from home would do well to emphasize the • On-the-job as well as classroom or a center, flextime, etc. benefits of Federal employment, training • Family-friendly environment, including the following: • Student loan repayment program including family leave policy and • Rapid career growth (intern flexible hours, and in some cases, • Tuition assistance for college-level programs and career ladders can childcare subsidy and on-site day- and advanced degree programs provide advancement to mid-level care management within 3 years) • Immediate health and life • Employment transferability insurance benefits • Salary supplements including throughout the Federal Govern- periodic pay raises, cost-of-living • Retirement plan featuring ment with nationwide locations increases, and possible cash investment options and portability • Credit union availability awards for superior work • Generous vacation, holiday and performance • Fitness centers and health sick leave benefits programs “…Strategic human capital management is a pervasive challenge in the Federal Government. At many agencies, human capital shortfalls have contributed to serious programmatic problems and risks.” Comptroller General of the U.S., January 2001 Summer 2001 S7
  8. 8. Succession Planning Guide Recruiting Strategy: Each • Promote an on-line application • Develop your own agency-specific agency needs to develop a process web-site with detailed information recruiting strategy: on mission, programs, etc. • Emphasize Federal employment • Develop a “brand,” or corporate benefits (as shown on page S7) • Sample agency brochures and a image for your agency generic brochure developed by the • Emphasize public service working group are available for • Create an image that students can opportunities, and the chance to agency-specific modifications at relate to (i.e. photos which include “make a difference” minority groups, females, persons • Train recruiters with disabilities, and college • OPM Service Center (see detailed students) Recruiting Tools: Agencies description under OPM section) should use a variety of recruiting • Have brochures and literature • Intern Programs (see detailed tools, including: which reflect this brand description under OPM section) • Centralized web-based job • Send recent graduates as listings through OPM at recruiters to college campuses • Dress casually when recruiting at colleges H. Agency Programs provides advice and assistance in all areas of staffing and human resource 1. Office of Personnel management, including: examining Management for internal and external selection, workforce restructuring and Mission downsizing, assistance in recruiting and employment information, and The U.S. Office of Personnel technical assistance in other areas Management (OPM) supports the like organizational design and Federal Government's ability to have succession planning. the best workforce possible to do the best job possible. OPM leads Federal agencies in shaping human Intern Programs resources management systems to • The Student Educational effectively recruit, develop, manage Employment Program is designed and retain a high quality and diverse to help agencies recruit and workforce. The agency serves attract outstanding students at all Federal agencies, employees, levels: high school, vocational and retirees, their families, and the public technical, associate degree, by providing technical assistance, baccalaureate degree, graduate employment information, pay degree, and professional degree administration, and benefits delivery. students. Under the Student Career Experience Program OPM Service Center component, students may be eligible for permanent placement html/servcntr.htm within an agency. OPM provides its reimbursable • The Federal Career Intern staffing assistance through a Program ( nationwide network of Service careerintern/index.htm) is Centers. Each of the Centers designed to help agencies recruit S8 Real Property Policysite
  9. 9. Succession Planning Guide analysis and management of public policies and programs. It is a two 5 Step Workforce year internship program, which enables graduate degree students Planning Model to be appointed to Federal positions as PMIs and to also have the opportunity to be converted to a permanent Federal civil service 3 DEVELOP ACTION PLAN • Design a Workforce Plan to position following their successful internship. 1 Address Skills Gaps Workforce Planning Model SET STRATEGIC • Set Specific Goals Recognizing the importance for DIRECTION • Develop HR Infrastructure agencies to begin workforce planning • Organize and Mobilize efforts now, the Human Resource to Support the Plan Strategic Partners Management Council and OPM 4 • Set Vision/Mission/Values/ IMPLEMENT ACTION PLAN designed a Workforce Planning Objectives Model (immediate left) to ensure that • Communicate the Workforce Federal agencies have the • Review Organizational Plan information and tools necessary to Structure devise successful workforce plans. • Gain Organizational Buy-In • Conduct Business Process A new website with retirement • Conduct Recruiting, Hiring, statistics and projections is available Reengineering and Placement at: • Set Measures for • Conduct Succession Planning Organizational Performance 2. Department of Defense • Restructure Where Needed • Position HR to be an Active Partner • Implement Retention Defense Acquisition Workforce Strategies Improvement Act (DAWIA) 2 SUPPLY, DEMAND & DISCREPANCIES • Analyze Workforce • Conduct Competency Assessment and Analysis 5 MONITOR, EVALUATE & REVISE • Assess Success & Failures • Adjust Plan as Needed In terms of Succession Planning, a significant event for members of the Defense acquisition workforce was passage of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) of 1990. The Act calls for profession- • Compare Workforce Needs • Address New Workforce and alism of the acquisition workforce, Against Available Skills Organizational Issues including education, training, experience, and career management. Facilities Engineering Career Field and attract exceptional individuals • The Presidential Management into a variety of occupations. Intern Program (PMI) Currently, a proposal for a new Intended for positions at grade ( was facilities career field is under levels GS-5, 7, and 9, individuals established by Presidential consideration. If approved, this will are appointed to a 2-year intern- Executive Order in 1977. It is serve the dual purpose of creating new ship. Upon successful completion designed to attract outstanding education and training opportunities of an internship, interns may be graduate students from a wide for employees in facilities related eligible for permanent placement variety of academic disciplines career fields, and mandate within an agency. who have an interest in, and certification requirements commitment to, a career in the at DAWIA-established levels. Summer 2001 S9
  10. 10. Succession Planning Guide community with the right learning assignments, and details to national products and services to make smart and regional GSA offices, customer business decisions. agencies, and the private sector. Many of GSA’s Office of Real Naval Facilities Engineering Property recent hires are in the 300 Command’s Professional job series, which has enabled the Development Center Office to hire generalists with varied backgrounds. This three-year intern program GSA Online University provides training, rotational This Internet portal provides access assignments and a career ladder with to a virtual campus with 300 courses, permanent placement after program including basic skills, computer completion. The program has proven software and managerial skills. particularly successful in recruiting By using a computer with a modem generalists who can be trained for and internet connection, GSA realty specialist positions. Unlike employees can register and take other career fields, there is no courses online. college degree program that provides specific training for Department of Federal Acquisition Institute Defense (DOD) realty specialist career fields. Similar intern programs are operated by other Navy A selection of online courses is and DOD components and have available for contract specialists and proven successful in recruiting others interested in the Federal recent college graduates and acquisition process. Current providing education and training offerings include Contracting opportunities to ensure competency Orientation, Market Research for and advancement. Acquisition Officers, Contracting Officer Representative Mentor, and Acquisition Planning for Contract 3. General Services Specialists. These courses are not Administration limited to GSA employees. The General Services Administration (GSA) is addressing 4. General Accounting Office succession planning by facilitating working groups such as the FRPC- The General Accounting Office sponsored one, and by instituting an (GAO) is the investigative arm of educational and training program for Congress. The agency’s mission is to employees. The Public Buildings help improve the performance and Service (PBS) is providing accountability of the Federal leadership growth opportunities to Defense Acquisition University employees through PBS Academy, Government for the American people. (DAU) In this context, GAO has brought the which links training and crisis of human capital to the The Defense Acquisition University developmental activities to PBS attention of Congress by providing (DAU) provides mandatory, business goals. testimony and issuing reports such assignment-specific, and continuing Components include corporate as “Meeting the Governmentwide education courses for military and sponsored training (through High-Risk Challenge” and “Federal civilian acquisition personnel. Its universities or the Federal Executive Employee Retirements.” mission is to provide the acquisition Institute), developmental S10 Real Property Policysite
  11. 11. Succession Planning Guide 5. Department of Energy The DOE Office of Administration’s competencies, skills sets, training recruitment brochure and other goals and career paths for facilities information can be accessed at the operations and maintenance The Department of Energy (DOE) Working Group’s Succession positions. At the same time, OFM provides the framework for the Planning website at has rewritten job descriptions to comprehensive and balanced successionplanning reflect recent changes in job national energy program through the requirements, notably the addition of development, coordination and 6. Social Security CAD capability as a baseline administration of the energy Administration requirement for virtually all jobs. The initiatives undertaken by the Federal The Social Security Administration's changes have been successfully Government. The Department is Office of Facilities Management negotiated with the union. primarily concerned with the long- (OFM) is developing core term, high-risk, high-payoff research and development of nuclear and non- nuclear energy technology; the marketing of Federal power; energy conservation; a central energy information program and environmental restoration and waste management activities. The DOE is also responsible for the Nation’s nuclear weapons program and site restoration management activities. In order to address this mission, the Department introduced the Workforce for the 21st Century Initiative (Workforce 21). Under this initiative, the Department prudently and effectively manages its current resources, and engages in vigorous workforce analysis and planning for the future. Succession Planning Working Group members (facing L.-R.) Cynthia Ehinger (CIA), Steve Van Rees (OPM), and Gary Arnold (SSA), Working Group Chair, at monthly meeting. Summer 2001 S11
  12. 12. Smarter Solutions I. Resources National Academy of Government Sciences, Federal Facilities Executive Magazine National Academy of Public Council Administration (NAPA) www4.nationalacademies. The recent series on human capital org/cets/ffc.nsf provides information on policy, federal agencies’ approaches, and The Center for Human Resources The Federal Facilities Council (FFC) resources available. Management (CHRM) is designed to is a cooperative association of 21 help organizations strengthen their Federal agencies with interests and FPMI Communications capacity to develop and deliver responsibilities related to all aspects effective human resources programs. of facility design, acquisition, The Center provides research, management, maintenance, and information, education, and evaluation. The FFC's mission is to International Facility consulting services. The Working identify and advance technologies, Management Association Group found their publication processes, and management (IFMA) “Managing Succession and practices that improve the Developing Leadership: Growing the performance of Federal facilities Next Generation of Public Services” over their entire life-cycle, from to be a good resource. planning to disposal. Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Within five years, up to half of the Building Owners and Government’s 1.6 million full-time Managers Institute (BOMI) employees will be eligible to retire or take early retirement, according to OPM data. National Association of Colleges and Employers GSA Office of Governmentwide Policy Office of Real Property U.S. General Services Administration 1800 F Street NW Washington DC 20405 This Guide is available online at: