RedMas MediaKit 2012


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RedMas - Connecting Brands With The Hispanic Mobile Consumer

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RedMas MediaKit 2012

  1. 1. MediaKit2012 Members of© 2011 Latino Cellular LLC. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. MediaKit2012RedMas heritage:Pioneer in the USHispanic market, havingfounded Univision in theearly 90’s.Through VenevisionProductions, we connectwith 80% of the USHispanic audience and550 million Spanish andPortuguese speakingconsumers in theAmericas and EuropeIn the Fall of 2011 welaunched a Digital Mediadivision called CisnerosInteractive Group todevelop both mobile andinternet businesses for theUS Hispanic and LatinAmerican audiences.
  3. 3. MediaKit2012 Cisneros Interactive Group MusicEvents1st Latino Mobile Leading on-line Streaming over Sponsorships of On-line Advertising Trading Desk 25MM on-line concert tours, entertainment Network and and re- video views per customized music leader in Mobile Studio targeting month of events and other Venezuela Company capabilities professional video music-related branding opportunities
  4. 4. MediaKit2012What is RedMas all about?
  5. 5. MediaKit2012Mobile Stats Today 49% 45% 44% 30% US Smartphone Owners, May 2011 May 2011 by Race/Ethnicity. May 2011 Feb 2012 Feb 2012 & Feb 2012 % OF RESPONDENTS IN EACH GROUP Small mobile banner WHITE HISPANIC ads devices produce the same level of recall as the typical Latin America 30-second spot Mobile phone User Growth by Country, *Source: Neilson IAG, 2010-2016 % change Hispanics most Likely to recall Seeing web/app Ad, especially on Smartphones. With the data available through ComScore, eMarketer and other sources we are betting on a connected mobile user.
  6. 6. MediaKit2012RedMas Mobile Premium Network Venevision: One of Venezuela’s Lotuyo Mobile: Lotuyo brings news, largest television, cable and entertainment, sports, soap operas terrestrial network. and connects you to other mobile sites of Hispanic interest Univision Mobile: The mobile Televisa: Worldwide leading Media division of the Spanish-language Company on Spanish content and media network in the USA. leader in TV on Mexico. MocoSpace Latino: Is the mobile community of choice for making friends, having fun and staying connected. Todo Bebe: Follow the ENDI: El Nuevo Día is a major development of your baby during Puerto Rican newspaper distributed pregnancy and at birth using Todo daily in land and some parts of the Bebe app. USA. Telemundo Mobile: A division of NBCUniversal, Telemundo is a El Universal Mobile: Founded in producer of Hispanic content in 1916. El Universal is a major Mexican USA. newspaper GOLTV Mobile: Offer instant El Comercio Mobile: Founded on access to international soccer video 1906. El Comercio is a daily clips, scores, and match coverage. Ecuadorian newspaper.
  7. 7. MediaKit2012RedMas Mobile Premium Network airG: airG empowers everyone to share their world by providing the best mobile social experience, built on seamless social discovery and entertainment. EL HERALDO: Is a major Honduras LA PRENSA: Is a major Honduras Newspaper with news, sport, Newspaper with news, sport, entertainment, lifestyle, techno. entertainment, lifestyle, techno. Link: http://m.elheraldo.hd Link: http://m.laprensa.hd ESTILO: Is a major LIFESTYLE Honduras DIEZ: Is a major SPORT Newspaper with social events. Link: Honduras Newspaper. http://m.estilo.hd http://m.diez.hd
  8. 8. MediaKit2012RedMas Mobile Premium NetworkOn deck exclusive presenceON DECK ACROSS ALL CARRIERS SPRINT & BOOST ID PACKSSprint – 2Zona Latina MetroPCS – MetroLatin@ SOCCER LATIN WOMEN Lotuyo ID Lotuyo ID Lotuyo ID Follow the Brings you the Beauty tips, action of the best news, Recipes, major Soccer entertainment Family and leagues in the sports, music much more. world. and more.
  9. 9. MediaKit2012 Total Mobile Inventory 30% Total LATAM 70% Total USA HispanicsTOTAL AD INVENTORY PAN-REGIONALOver 300 MM Monthly Ad impressions • US Hispanic: 210 MM monthly ad impressions • US SMS: 200,000 opt ins • LATAM: Over 90MM monthly ad impressions and growing at a fast pace
  10. 10. MediaKit2012Mobile TargetingTARGETING: CONTEXTUAL | GENDER | DEMOGRAPHIC | DEVICE | CARRIER 48% 52%US Carriers LATAM Carriers
  11. 11. MediaKit2012Ad Units across browsers, text and appsWe get brands and Latino consumers to interact through the mobile deviceDISPLAY RICH MEDIA TEXT MESSAGESMobile Banner In stream video Pre-roll Text with hyperlinkClick to call ExpandableClick to video Interstitials & RoadblockClick to Map
  12. 12. MediaKit2012Mobile Studio Mobile Sites and Portals Mobile Apps Mobile Marketing and Games Campaign
  13. 13. MediaKit2012Brands that advertised with us
  14. 14. Let’s Exercise! From your smartphone go to:
  15. 15. RedMas121 Alhambra Plaza, Suite 1400 Coral Gables, FL 33134 T: 305-442-3411 @redmasadv