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Strategic Planning revolution

Strategic Planning revolution






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    Strategic Planning revolution Strategic Planning revolution Presentation Transcript

    • To start with… All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • International Marketing Communications
    • http://unbranding.blogspot.com/2009/09/twestival-helsinki-review-and-manifest.html
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • 1. Classic Strategic Planning 1.1 Basics 1.2 Marketing Intelligence 1.3 Branding 2. Media Revolution 3. Strategic Planning 2.0 3.1 Five commitments 3.2 Business Creativity 3.3 Innovation Marketing All about planning
    • Recession? Business as usual? More sales focused activities, less branding and image advertising. All about planning
    • Action Desire Awareness All about planning
    • Classic planning All about planning
    • Common sense is not so common 5 P’s of Marketing are dead! Hmm. Digital is only a channel! Sorry? Advertising is dead! You wish. No one clicks banners! Of course people do. The big idea is sunk! How come? Online can’t built a brand! Digital is cheap. No. It’s not. Times of simple theories and strategies are over. Now it comes to us. Remember the stuff from the last ten years, and live the future of Marketing. That’s what it is all about. Make sense in the anarchy. It’s about common sense. All about planning
    • There is a planner in all of us You need (and have) planning skills, even if you are not a planner. Creatives need planning skills, Marketing people need planning skills. Everything else is just guessing, or MbA (Marketing by Accident). All about planning
    • Strategy is a pattern of consistent behaviour over time.
    • A B Strategic and creative lead. Taking care that we are going somewhere. And taking care that we have a lot of fun on the way. Doing the right things vs. doing the things right.
    • Concept / Creative solutions Implementing Brand / Strategies Defining Consumer / Insight Culture / Context Marketing Intelligence / Knowledge Understanding Technology / Enabler Interactive branding model: Understanding, Defining, Implementing All about planning
    • Brand Concept Culture Consumer Technology Intelligence All about planning
    • History of the planning discipline 40 years birthday in 2008. Born in USA. All about planning
    • Present and future status of the planning discipline The world is becoming more complex as we speak. Planners simplify, filter information. Planning is one of the last rising discipline in Marketing. All about planning
    • Where do you find planners? Ad agencies. Media agencies. Marketing departments. Consultancies. All about planning
    • Right time for planning? All about planning
    • Planners find the best intersection between logic and creativity. All about planning
    • CREATIVITY STRATEGY Original Relevant Clear Different Convincing Consistent Well crafted Believable Want-to-see-again factor Activating All about planning
    • Strategic and Creative lead. Brand Create Culture Consumer All about planning
    • Why? Understanding. What? Defining. How? Implementing. What? Create Why? How? All about planning
    • What are planners doing? Planners do many things. Planners understand cultural environments and brand context. They draw the right conclusions, or insights, out of this knowledge. The summarize and present results. They write briefings. They re-write briefings. They challenge. They accompany creatives. All about planning
    • Here's the scoop: We have too much business and need to hire more staff ASAP!! Multicultural planning experience highly preferred. Have you had planners reporting to you and enjoy mentoring junior planners? Are you both curious and very confident? Can you inspire others, and instill confidence in clients? Do you have any experience with either the Hispanic or African American or Urban market in the U.S.? If you have excellent writing skills, can write/present exceptionally well, can design/facilitate research, can be able to work independently on new biz/pitch work as well as mentor and supervisor more junior planners below them with at least 4 years account/strategic planning experience and are ready for your next promotion, please contact laura@bltrecruiting.com. More scoop: you will manage a staff of three currently, but the plan is to hire more to help stimulate growth and new business. Should be skilled in both qualitative and quantitative research. Will be involved in all media: Print, TV, radio interactive/ on-line, digital, events, direct response. Writing skills and strong presentation skills essential as well All about planning
    • Marketing Intelligence All about planning
    • All about planning
    • Staying ahead of the game. Gathering, evaluating and structuring global information, generating freshest ideas & insights, turning them into business. That’s what Marketing Intelligence is about. All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • ideas moods trends knowledge feelings insights best practices innovation thoughts benchmarks change atmospheres visions ? developments tangible results All about planning
    • The future is already here. It is just unevenly distributed. A fact helping planners to produce tangible results. All about planning
    • COLORS FASHION LIFESTYLE SOCIETY … microtrends, 6 month to 3 years mesotrends, ca. 5 years macrotrends, ca. 10 years megatrends, decades All about planning
    • Consumer Social insights insights COLORS FASHION LIFESTYLE SOCIETY … All about planning
    • Branding All about planning
    • All about planning
    • Think outside the box All about planning
    • Think inside the box All about planning
    • Brand Core Brand Promise Brand Idea Competitive advantages Rational / USP Values and attitudes Emotional / UAP (This can be measured) (This is how they work) (This is how I feel) ’Must have’ entry tickets to the market Ownable territory All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • “Brand Strategy is a plan for the systematic development of a brand to enable it to meet its agreed objectives. The strategy should be rooted in the brand's vision and driven by the principles of differentiation and sustained customer appeal. The brand strategy should influence the total operation of a business to ensure consistent brand behaviours and brand experiences.” All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • How do planners work? In real life the job is not so clear and structured. A planner has to be patient, wait for the right opportunities. Planning is also the policy of small steps to the right direction. All about planning
    • Media revolution All about planning
    • All about planning
    • THE GAME IS CHANGING. All about planning
    • NON STOP. All about planning
    • CHANGE MEANS OPPORTUNITY. All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • WHAT IS THE NEXT BIG THING? All about planning
    • Digitalization Technology is the driver in media revolution. Everything is digitalized. Even our social networks have been digitalized and turned into a media. Into social media. All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • Planning 2.0 All about planning
    • 3. Strategic Planning 2.0 3.1 Five commitments 3.2 Business Creativity 3.3 Innovation Marketing All about planning
    • 1] Communication is culture 2] Strategy needs stories 3] Without digital you can’t win 4] The rules are re-written for every case 5] Great ideas and creativity are for good All about planning
    • What makes people share? All about planning
    • Communication is culture From interruption to engagement. Cultural context makes people share. All about planning
    • Brands telling the best stories and providing the best experience win. All about planning
    • Great storytelling & drama + social media = Susan Boyle. Great brand (eurovision) + mass media = Alexander Rybak All about planning
    • What makes people tick? All about planning
    • All about planning
    • Digital Strategy All about planning
    • All about planning
    • All about planning
    • Shocking fact: Marketers are 3 years, ad people 2 years behind average people when it comes to digital proficiency. Were we not once supposed to be cool? All about planning
    • Digital buzzwords explained Seeding. Share-of-talk. Social media. Conversational tracking. Rich-media advertising. Earned media. Twitter. Buzz. Life casting. Mind casting. Digital asset. Engagement. SEM. SEO. SMO. Love brand. Interruption. Google analytics. Talk value. Owned media. Mobile Marketing. Widgets. Apps. Branding. The big idea. Reach. Viral. E-commerce. Facebook. Bought media. Benchmarks. Best practices. Speedboats. End of control. Social media policy. All about planning
    • Bought media Owned media Earned media All digital media space All digital media space or All digital media space or or placement we pay for placement we create and action we have to earn own ourselves by non-financial efforts Display advertising Websites Activity in e.g. banners social media Widgets / Apps Paid SEM WoM / Talk value e.g. google E-mail SEO Seeding Pages in social e.g. google networks Strangers Customers Fans High reach, low involvement, Medium reach, medium Low reach, high involvement, short-term activity. involvement, medium-term digital assets which grow in value, activity. long-term activity. All about planning
    • Process 1  Bought, owned and earned media / Touch points 2  Objectives of digital activities 3  Key target audience and online behaviour 4  Digital Marketing in different market areas 5  Measuring and improving RoMI All about planning
    • seeding viral films website e-mail banner viral films SEO Convert Assist Connect Social media portal campaign pages SEM rich media All about planning
    • Business creativity All about planning
    • From I think to We think. New sourcing methods. Extremely fast communication. Knowledge society. Mass intelligence. Crowd sourcing. All about planning
    • All about planning
    • Brand Futurism Program
    • All about planning
    • Innovation Marketing All about planning
    • The power of visionary thinking
    • Innovation Marketing Innovation is the key for any success. Even ’classic’ media must be innovated. We learn to forget. No case is identical, every case deserves an unique approach. All about planning
    • “In 1963, beer brewer Alfred Heineken and architect John Habraken created the Heineken WOBO (WOrld BOttle) - the "brick that holds beer". Heineken came up with the idea during a visit to the Caribbean where he observed two significant problems: beaches littered with bottles and a lack of affordable building materials. The WOBO was his solution to these challenges. Unfortunately, this environmentally-friendly design failed to take off and was subsequently shelved. We wonder if it would fare better in today's more eco-sensitive climate...?” All about planning
    • Whopper freakout All about planning
    • Whopper virgins All about planning
    • Whopper sacrifice All about planning
    • We are not in advertising business. We don’t even know anymore what advertising is. Anyhow. We are in creative business. Whatever we do – it’s the creativity which makes things fly or die. All about planning
    • Please ask… email tobias@king.fi twitter @tobiaswacker All about planning