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Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
Making it Pop
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Making it Pop


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Published in: Technology
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  • Name …pets….goals….what you do
  • What makes a site successful? The right people and the right tools for the job. Perspective. Redesign. Client. So you may be asking…..
  • 8 ways / areas to focus on for a successful redesign (or creation) BTW 8 is my fav number, ask me why after the pre
  • It’s hard to say what’s most important, but if I had to, I’d say strategy
  • How do I set a strategy and plan for the build?
  • Some would argue that design is most important. Make or break success. Craigslist.
  • Key elements of great web writing and How you can get involved
  • All these elements come together, you need someone to manage all of it
  • Once you’re rocking and rollin, don’t slack. Unfortunately you can never quit. Ever evolving, must keep up. Social media plays a huge part. Blogging, facebook and twitter are the three heavy hitters right now.
  • 8 ways / areas to focus on for a successful
  • Transcript

    • 1.<br />
    • 2.
    • 3.
    • 4. Strategy &amp; Planning<br />Design<br />Content<br />Code<br />SEO<br />Management<br />Analytics<br />Social Media<br />How can I get my website <br />back on the right track?<br />
    • 5. Strategy &amp; Planning<br />
    • 6. Set a strategy &amp; plan<br />Set a goal<br />Know your demographic<br />Focused &amp; Flexible<br />Realistic strategic goals<br />Look at existing analytics<br />Understand User Tasks<br />Prelaunch/Post to dos<br />be adaptive <br />“Effectively assimilate our diverse methods to meet and empower our clients “<br />
    • 7. Design &amp; Ux<br />
    • 8.
    • 9. Key design elements<br />User centric design<br />Good visuals = trust<br />basic html and css<br />Avoid Paralysis by analysis <br />Put the user first<br />
    • 10. Content creation<br />
    • 11. Great Web Writing<br />Get to the point quickly<br />No marketing fluff<br />Clear language<br />Keyword stuffing is so ‘98<br />Thou shalt not lie<br />Thou shalt not use industry jargon<br />IT’S<br />GONNA<br />RAIN!<br />
    • 12. Code consideration<br />
    • 13. Dev &amp; code guidelines<br />Keep it current<br />Choose based on needs<br />Validate!<br />What type of site = type of client<br />Ask your Dev smart questions<br />
    • 14. Search engine op<br />
    • 15. Spot SUPER SEO<br />SEO is Organic<br />Rapidly changing<br />These ain’tyomomma’s keywords<br />Watch out for too good to be true<br />Seo is a process<br />
    • 16. Project management<br />
    • 17. Pm and you<br />Design, dev, copy, seo<br />Wide knowledge<br />Translates wants into $$<br />Keeps scope in range<br />Strikes a balance in client relations<br />
    • 18. Analytics &amp; data<br />
    • 19. Analytics<br />Measure<br />Plan ahead<br />Make educated changes<br />Test<br />Don’t overwhelm users<br />
    • 20. Social media<br />
    • 21.
    • 22. <ul><li>Have a primary objective
    • 23. Create blogging policies
    • 24. Decide who should write
    • 25. Engage readers
    • 26. short, fresh, consistent &amp; pro
    • 27. Update regularly
    • 28. Decide how to Handle feedback
    • 29. Monitor frequently</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Make excuses
    • 30. Think it’ll magically generate traffic
    • 31. Act like a faceless corporation
    • 32. Make it a marketing blog
    • 33. Post robotic press releases
    • 34. Worry about competition
    • 35. Expect too much from your readers
    • 36. Give up</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>create a custom landing page
    • 37. Have a great profile pic
    • 38. Post multiple types of media
    • 39. Post often
    • 40. Engage with questions
    • 41. Use FB as a customer service outlet
    • 42. use places for deals
    • 43. Integrate via a “Like” button</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Turn off comments
    • 44. Use FB events
    • 45. Message your entire network
    • 46. Post multiple times about …
    • 47. Lose your professionalism
    • 48. Nobody likes a spammymcspamerson
    • 49. Trolls do exist!
    • 50. Post links on someone else’s wall</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>have a personality
    • 51. share links, photos, and videos
    • 52. Watch follow ratios
    • 53. Guide followers to help
    • 54. Balance your stream
    • 55. Have a relevant bio
    • 56. Use a link shortener
    • 57. Show interest</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Get carried away
    • 58. Retweet every compliment
    • 59. Negotiate with customers
    • 60. Make conversation one-sided
    • 61. Repeat after me: I will not auto dm
    • 62. Tweet too often
    • 63. Treat it like im
    • 64. Use hrblegrmr</li></li></ul><li>SEO<br />Management<br />Analytics<br />Social Media<br />Strategy<br />Design<br />Content<br />Code<br />