Project Presentation of Wireless Water Level & Temperature Measurements Using Xbee ZigBee and LabVIEW by Engin Sicimogullari
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  • 1. Project Title:WIRELESS CONTROL and MONITORING ofFOOD DISPLAY & STORAGE UNIT(Temperature and Water Level Measurements)Project Undertaken by: Engin SicimogullariSupervisor: Dr. Stefan PosladAssistant Supervisor: Dr. Siamak TavakoliDate: 23/04/2012
  • 2. Identified Real World Problem1 - Water inside the tray is used tokeep the chickens warm and soft.However the water level decreasesdue to evaporation of water.2 - Evaporation is causedby the heating elementinside the machine.4 - And the displaymachine should be keptat a relatively hightemperature3 - No AutomaticTop Up System
  • 3. Another Identified ProblemExtremely cold foodstorage roomsVery risky to accessdue to potentialhealth issuesNot very practical toaccess it all the timeOR
  • 4. SOLUTIONWireless control &monitoring of water leveland temperaturemeasurement processesAnd distribution ofmeasurements overTCP using MOM
  • 5. Temperature measured using thermistorFan is connected for remote actuationWater level measured using wires atdifferent levelsWater level automatically tops up when itreaches the minimum levelAutomatically stops when reaches themaximum levelMeasurement Electronics
  • 6. Wireless communication protocolOperating at 868 MHz, 915 MHz and 2.4GHz frequency bandsLow data rate, low power consumptionIdeal for wireless sensor networksXbee modules are commercially availableEnables remote data acquisition andactuationZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • 7. X-CTU is the configuration program ofXbee modulesAlso used to monitor the serialterminal to see received data packetsLabVIEW is graphical basedprogramming languageEasier to program and create GUILabVIEW was chosen for wireless datamonitoring and remote controlX-CTU and LabVIEW
  • 8. Some type of connectivity middlewareProvides program to program interfacingEnable easy exchange of informationamong dissimilar networksProvides support for high performancedistributed application networksUsed in real time automation processing(like in this project)Secure data reception via messageencryptionMOM (Message Orianted Middleware)
  • 9. Integration of ZigBee, LabVIEW andMOMProjectZigBeeLabVIEWMOMMeasurementSystems
  • 10. Design and implementation of waterlevel measuring productAutomatic top up and automatic stop ofthe water pump systemDesign and implementation oftemperature measuring productAutomatic fan control system (usingArduino board)Hardware Achievements
  • 11. Wireless data acquisition from remotesensors by using Xbee modules and X-CTU softwareWireless actuation of remote fan byusing Xbee modules and ArduinoboardMonitoring both of the remoteprocesses simultaneously by usingLabVIEWAlso an attempt for remote actuationand distribution of measurements overTCP using LabVIEWSoftware Achievements
  • 12. Remote actuation by usingLabVIEW couldn’t be achievedMeasurements couldn’t bedistributed over TCP by usingMOMAutomatic stop of the waterpump is not very reliableProblems
  • 13. Have a look at the Arduino code since this code enabledremote fan actuation. Implement the same code onLabVIEWBasic MOM publisher used in the project can be a hint ofhow the measurements can be distributed over TCPUse a motion switch rather than metal probes to stop thewater pump when the level reaches maximumConnect other sensors to the other pins of Xbee modulesAdd more Xbee modules into the systemUse the Xbee modules in sleep mode to have long lastingbattery lifeSuggested Future Design andInvestigations
  • 14. Any QuestionsThanks for Listening