Electronic waste recycling company in India


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E-waste recyclers is e-waste management company in India. Our e-waste recycling company recycles electronic and electrical waste, toner cartridge or anything that runs on electricity or battery. We also provide you data destruction certificate.

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Electronic waste recycling company in India

  1. 1. Well come to E waste recyclers www.e-waste-recyclers.com
  2. 2. Processes of E waste Grading
  3. 3. Classification of e-wasteE-waste encompasses ever growing range of obsolete productsclassified as1. Electronic devices such as computers, servers,mainframes, monitors, TVs & display devices2.Telecommunication devices such as cellular phones &pagers,calculators, audio and video devices, printers, scanners, faxmachines, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, andmicrowave ovens.
  4. 4. world willface manyproblems
  5. 5. The processof E wasterecycling
  6. 6. Meaning of E-waste: Those electronic equipments/ products that we through change because of advancement in technology changes in fashion, style and status nearing the end of their useful life
  7. 7. Types of e-waste components Computers Telecom TV Calculators Audio Scanners Printers Microwave Air Conditioner Mobile phone Washing Machine Cartridges Military electronic Mother board Alarm Sirens Automobile Catalytic Converter Sensor CD Security Device
  8. 8. Scenario Every house having electronic equipments Business necessity More than 40-50 million tons e-waste worldwide / year Asia-estimate of 15 million tons/ year 50-80% e-waste collected in US and other developed countries exported to third world countries E-waste is still the fastest growing municipal waste
  9. 9.  2005- 2.6 m tons in India of which 12.6% recycled Growth – 40% / yr 22to 24 million computers and televisions are added to storage each year 400 m units to be scrapped by end of decade 8% of municipal waste in EU and 2-5% in US 1-22 kg per person/p.a and growing at 3 times faster than the municipal waste.
  10. 10.  Indians upgrade or exchange their Mobile Phone every 18 months, meaning there are approximately 12 million unused mobile phones stashed away at home or in the office Average working life of a mobile phone is 6 years but worldwide the average consumer changes their mobile every 7 months Indians purchased 40 million mobile phones in past 5 years including 9.28 million in 2007
  11. 11.  Over one billion mobile phone handsets were currently in use around the world till 2010 In 2009, it was estimated that each year 180 million mobile phones in the US and 110 million mobile phones in Europe will be thrown away 900 million obsolete phones discarded in 2010 contained an estimated 900,000 kg of lead in the form of solder
  12. 12. Thank YouContact Us E-WASTE RECYCLERS INDIADelhi Office :-Nirmal Villa,14,Sitapuri DwarkaNew Delhi, India -110045Regd. Office & Work :-E-50, UPSIDC Industrial Area,98 KM Stone, NH 2, Kosi KotawanDistt Mathura, U.P., INDIAMob. : 9810398787, 9310098788Toll Free: 1800-102-5679Email :-info@e-waste-recyclers.comadvisor@e-waste-recyclers.comcollections@e-waste-recyclers.comdisposals@e-waste-recyclers.com www.e-waste-recyclers.com