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An introduction to the Next Generation of Recruiting Innovation
Presentation by Chris Hoyt at SMA Greater Chicago
Original Presentation by Chris Hoyt & Michael Marlatt at National SHRM EMA 2010

Web 3.0 advances the notion of the ‘ubiquitous, portable web’ and in some channels shows mobile as the future web experience of choice. Mobile media & technology forces us to rethink how we communicate. With over 4 billion subscribers, mobile is the most widely used mass media communication channel on the planet. Next to our keys, and money, we never leave home without our mobile device.

With mobile text-messaging, relevant content gets to candidates faster than ever. As companies invest in mobile for consumer marketing and tout sales increases of over 30% during targeted campaigns, marketing for employment isn’t far behind – and smart employers are measuring its impact in the applications, hires and response times.
It's not just speed alone—SMS/text-messaging is growing because:

¤ It’s intimate and requires “opt-in” participation. Nothing comes unsolicited.
¤ It's timely and convenient. There's no need to be near a desktop in order to receive the content that is important.
¤ It puts users in charge of the information flow (pull) while making content consumption more efficient.
¤ It’s measurable and offers immediate ROI.


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  • Who’s on point: Michael
  • Summary of HEWSales Campaign:PURPOSE: Develop a mobile network for connecting and engaging future sales “talent” for Hewitt Associates. METHOD: Sales professionals are often “on-the-go”. Utilized SMS campaign via keyword “HEWSALES” (HEW = Hewitt’s stock symbol), along with the short-code 77950. Opt-in subscribers received a simple call-to-action: Email resume or click to view Hewitt’s Sales mobile site. Via the site, subscribers gained immediate access to the latest sales opportunities, as well as received occasional SMS-job alerts as new positions became available.MARKETING CHANNEL: Integrated SMS campaign across Hewitt’s social media channels (e.g., Linkedin Group, FB, and Twitter, etc.)
  • Mobile Recruiting

    1. Mobile Recruiting:<br />An Introduction to the Next Generation of Recruiting Innovation<br />Chris Hoyt<br /><br /><br />V-Card: TxtRecruiterGuyto 41411<br />
    2. Chris Hoyt, at a glance…<br />Employer…<br />Blog site: Mobile site:<br />Text the keyword<br />RecruiterGuyto 41411<br />
    3. The Agenda<br />Mobile: The 7th Mass Media Channel<br /><ul><li>Mobile: It’s not just a phone
    4. The Rise of Mobile
    5. A Decade of Mobile (2000-2010)</li></ul>SMS (Short Message Service)<br /><ul><li>SMS: Did you know?
    6. Who uses SMS?
    7. What is Mobile Marketing?
    8. Benefits of Mobile</li></ul>Mobile Recruiting: Case Studies<br /><ul><li>Case Study 1: “HEWSales” - SMS Campaign
    9. Case Study 2: “ATT JOBS” - SMS Campaign
    10. Case Study 3: “HEWDiversity” - SMS Campaign
    11. Case Study 4: “ATT SXSW” - SMS Campaign
    12. Case Study 5: AT&T - SMS to Mobile Social</li></ul>Open Discussion<br />
    13. Mobile:It’s not just a phone...<br />
    14. “91%of the planet keep the mobile phone <br />within arm’s reach 24/7. It is literally the last thing we look at before <br /> we go to sleep and again thefirst thing we see when we wake up.”<br />- Morgan Stanley, 2007 <br />
    15. Source: Jan Chipchase, Nokia Research<br />
    16. The 7th Mass Media Channel(The rise of mobile)<br />
    17. The Rise of Mobile: Timeline<br />7th<br />Mobile <br />(2000)<br />1st<br />2nd<br />3rd<br />4th<br />5th<br />6th<br />Print <br />(1500’s)<br />Recording <br />(1890’s)<br />Cinema <br />(1910’s)<br />Radio <br />(1920’s)<br />Television <br />(1950’s)<br />Internet <br />(1990’s)<br />
    18. A Decade of Mobile(2000 to 2010)<br />
    19. In 2000, U.S. wireless subscribers reached...<br />100 million<br />In 2000, digital phones finally outnumbered old analog devices.<br />In 2000, the first year camera phones arrived (in Japan).<br />Source: CTIA, 2010<br />
    20. In 2009, U.S. wireless subscribers reached...<br />285 million<br />vs. 270 million subscribers from 2008.<br />Source: CTIA, 2010<br />
    21. In 2009,...<br />70million<br />U.S. subscribers connected to the Internet, including the 41 million who carry “SmartPhones”.<br />Source: CTIA, 2010<br />
    22. In 2010, worldwide mobile subscribers exceeded...<br />4.6billion<br />vs. 1.2 billion PCs or 1.3 billion Landline Users.<br />Source: Tomi Ahonen - 2010<br />
    23. According to the CTIA...<br />91% of Americans<br />have a mobile wireless subscription.<br />Source: Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA, 2010<br />
    24. By the year 2020, Pew estimates that the...<br />MobileDevice<br />will be the primary device for accessing the internet.<br />Source: Pew Research, The Future of the Internet III - 2009<br />
    25.<br />
    26. What a difference a decade can make!<br />
    27. (short message service)<br />
    28. Did you know?<br />
    29. Source: Rob Smith Photography 2010<br />“SMSis the most widely used data application on the planet.”<br />Tomi Ahonen, 2010<br />
    30. Source: Rob Smith Photography 2010<br />SMShas a 95%read rate. <br />Tomi Ahonen, 2010<br />
    31. Source: Rob Smith Photography 2010<br />…and a 15-20% response rate vs. 1% for traditional media.<br />Tomi Ahonen, 2010<br />
    32. In 2009, text message Traffic (World-wide) totaled...<br />4.5 trillion<br />...1.5 trillion from U.S. Mobile Subscribers.<br />Source: CTIA, 2010<br />
    33. Who uses SMS? <br />
    34. Did you know...<br />SMS/Text-messaging is no longer just for “teens” or the 20-somethings. <br />Source: Nielsen Mobile, 2009 <br />The survey measured the billing activity through an “opt-in” panel of more than 50,000 U.S. mobile lines across the top four mobile carriers.<br />Average Number of Monthly Calls vs. Text Messages Among U.S. Wireless Subscribers by age.<br />
    35. What is mobile marketing?<br />
    36. “Mobile Marketing <br />is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”<br /> Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)<br />
    37. Benefits of Going Mobile?<br /><ul><li>91% of Americans are now wireless subscribers
    38. Mobile is Personalized & Private
    39. Mobile Flexible & Timely
    40. Mobile SMS has a 94% Read Rate
    41. SMS has a 15-20% Response Rate vs. 1% for Traditional Media.
    42. Easy to Group Broadcast (i.e., push job-alerts notifications, special events announcements re: career fair, open-house, and campus recruiting, etc.)
    43. Easily Integrates with online and offline marketing channels
    44. Mobile-web creation & optimization is fast and easy to set-up
    45. Mobile offers highly measurable & accurate reporting
    46. Cost-Savings vs. Traditional Marketing methods</li></li></ul><li>Mobile Recruiting<br />{Five Case Studies}<br />
    47. Hewitt Associates Goes Mobile<br />Case Study 1: “HEWSales” – SMS Campaign<br />
    48. Case Study 1: “HEWSales” - SMS Campaign<br />Step 3: Link to HEWSALESmobile-site.<br />Step 2: HEWSALES “opt-in” confirmation auto-response.<br />Step 1: Sales “prospect” candidates are encouraged to Txt HEWSALES to 77950<br />Call-to-Action: Users are <br />prompted to email resume<br />or click link to be redirected <br />to the HEWSALES site.<br />
    49. Case Study 5<br />{Case Study 2: “ATT JOBS” - SMS Campaign}<br />
    50. Case Study 2: “ATT JOBS” - SMS Campaign<br />Text “ATT JOBS” to 77950<br />Passive solicitation for opt-ins<br />Communication that is…<br /><ul><li>Immediate
    51. Customized
    52. Viral
    53. Streamlined</li></li></ul><li>Measuring Return<br />Instant Measurement of Interest…<br />Retail Jobs in Chicago<br />30% Increase in Response vs. email/Job Board<br />Over 80% Clickthrough to Job Listings/Apply<br />48hrs!<br />
    54. Hewitt Associates Goes Mobile <br />Case Study 3: “HEWDiversity” – SMS Campaign<br />
    55. Text “HEWDIVERSITY” to 77950<br />Case Study 3: “HEWDiversity” - SMS Campaign<br />Case Study 3: Hewitt Associates<br />“HEWDiversity” – SMS Campaign<br />Objective: Engage the 2009 NBMBAA conference attendees via a raffle-give-away. Conference attendees were encouraged to participate by sending an SMS (text-message) with the keyword HEWDIVERSITYto 77950. <br />Mobile URL: <br /><br />After the “opt-in”: Subscribers were provided a link to view the raffle-give-away details, as well as learn more about Hewitt’s Diversity Program, and career opportunities. <br />Call-to-Action: Participants are <br />prompted to click the HEWDiversity <br />link for contest details.<br />
    56. Case Study 5<br />{Case Study 4: SXSW - SMSCampaign}<br />
    57. Case Study 4: SXSW – SMS Campaign<br /><ul><li>Text “keyword” to 77950 (data capture!)
    58. Response sent with ‘mobilized’ opt-in for each recruiting need. (data capture!)
    59. Ability to surf live jobs and forward them to a mailbox to apply later. (tracked marketing!)
    60. Text messages throughout the event:“Excited about Job Opportunities – we have an eCommerce manager at our booth for the next hour!”
    61. Segmented talent pools for future marketing.</li></li></ul><li>Case Study 5<br />{Case Study 5: SMS to Mobile-Social}<br />
    62. Case Study 5: AT&T - SMS to Mobile Social<br />Case Study 5: SMS to Mobile Social<br /> gets mobile<br />
    63. Measuring Return<br />Page 41<br />Growing Returns on a Growing Network…<br />January 2010 the Talent Network reached over 200k Members.<br />Averaging ~1,400 new registrations via mobile per month. (~17,000 EOY)<br />0.5% Member to Application Conversion<br />81<br />13<br />81<br />13<br />13<br />$<br />$<br />$<br />$<br />$<br />