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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Video Interviews with Solution Overview © All rights reserved
  • 2. What is A video based job interviewing solution Works fully on the web For businesses of all sizesSaves recruitment time & cost!
  • 3. How Does Work? After receiving the CVs / resumes:
  • 4. Why Should I Care?Save Time & Travel Costs  Screen the candidates with the entire recruiting team  Eliminate phone interviews  Only meet the very best candidates face-to-faceInterview Anytime, Anywhere  Record the interview videos whenever you want  Watch the responses whenever, whereverBe More Human  Meet more candidates = more fair for everyone  Candidates get a feel for the people and the environment  Less traveling for the candidates  Make it easy for the candidates: No time limits, unlimited video retakes, super-easy to useAttract Better Talent  Meet more candidates, find the “hidden gems”  Improve your employer image by the use of video in recruiting  Stand out as a more personal recruiter, and innovator  Constantly accept video applications, even if you don’t have positions open
  • 5. Example Recruiting Process Without CV to recruitment: 45 days 2nd round Telephone 1st round face-to-face interviews OfferCVs face-to-face interviews (5-10 candidates) & hire interviews 5 days 30 days 7 4 days 7 days 3 days Eliminate Replace 1st round 2nd round Phone face-to-face interview time Interviews interviews with video is shortened
  • 6. Example Recruiting Process Screen more candidates in less time with video 10-20 video interviews 2nd round OfferCVs face-to-face & hire interviews 7 4 days 3 days 5 days With CV to recruitment: 12 days
  • 7. Get More Done in Less TimeNo More: Scheduling and conducing telephone interviews Scheduling and conducting in-person interviews with unsuitable candidates Endless managing of the schedules of your colleagues and candidates Rescheduling and canceling 1st round interviews Frustrating your candidates with a cumbersome recruiting processWith, you’ll spendless time managing the interviewing process,and more time with getting the right people onboard.
  • 8. Key FeaturesInterviewer: Candidate: Web & Cloud based: No installation needed,  Web & Cloud based: No installation needed, works works on any PC or Mac on any PC or Mac Record interview questions with a webcam  Easy, no-pressure video recording: Store questions as “favorites” for later use  Preview mode Send video interview invitation to candidates via  No recording time limits e-mail  Unlimited number of retakes Super-easy candidate screening  Record answers with a webcam Comment and like candidate videos  Send the answers with the click of a button Invite colleagues to view and comment videos of  Record additional comments or questions to all candidates interviewer Introduce selected (best) candidates to selected colleagues General: Send additional e-mails and videos to candidates  On-line help available at all times E-mail notifications of new video answers  Multi-language support: English, German, Finnish Supports both types of video interviews  Closed (invitation only)  Open (anyone can see the questions and answer)
  • 9. Screen ShotsInterviewer Candidate
  • 10. Start Better Recruiting Today Get started in 2 minutes for free at  30 seconds to register  No credit card needed  No commitments  Fully-functional version  All you need is a webcam
  • 11. Thank You © All rights reserved