Creative Development Guidelines


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Creative Production Guidelines for all online retargeting requirements.

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Creative Development Guidelines

  1. 1. Creative Development Guide For Online Retargeting Programs
  2. 2. Creative Development All creatives trafficked into the Recrue Media network must meet the following requirements. GENERAL STANDARDS: • Sponsor of the advertising message must be clearly identified. • Sponsor’s landing page must match the employment offer or intent being made in the advertisement. • An ordinary person must be able to make an informed decision from the employment offers in the ad. • It is the sponsor’s responsibility to ensure that all employment guarantees or other assurances comply with applicable state and federal laws & regulations. CREATIVE CANNOT: • Resemble error messages or Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes. • Resemble Windows Task Bar. • Resemble Outlook. • Prompt a download. • Spawn a pop up/under without user click. • Spawn a pop up/under upon page exit. SUBJECTIVE CONTENT • Expandable ads must open only when the user interacts with the ad unit and provide a clear way to close the expansion RECRUE MEDIA WILL NOT ACCEPT ADS FROM THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS CATEGORIES: • Adult products of any kind (films, magazines, websites, toys, etc.) • Illegal drugs and drug related paraphernalia • Banned or restricted tobacco products. • Firearms outside the parameters of hunting, sporting clays, target shooting • Ammunitions associated with assault weapons and bulk sales. • Fireworks of any kind. • Known spyware, malware, deceptive software. Recrue Media reserves the right to reject any ad at its own discretion.
  3. 3. What size banner ads should I run? • Uploading one ad size is the minimum required, however 3 to 5 are recommended. • Recrue accepts up to five different sizes of banner ads for each tag on your site. The more sizes you upload, the more places we can show your ads on the Open X and Recrue MaX network. • We recommend the sizes that are most universally accepted: 300x250, 180x150, 728x90, 160x600, and 120x600. PLEASE MAKE SURE FINAL DIMENSION AND FILE SIZES ARE EXACT TO SPEC. Standard GIF or JPG file requirements No file can exceed 40K in size
  4. 4. • Those sizes that are checked above are part of the Universal Ad Package (except 120x600). • Click through for sales and special offers must bring the viewer to a web page referencing those offers. • :15 second animation maximum, includes multiple loops, maximum up to 3….no continuous looping. • Ads should have a distinct SOLID border (e.g.1 pixel black border or a dark background) and phone numbers need an area code. • Free offers and contests must specify ALL obligations to be fulfilled to qualify. • It is required that all creative versions be separated, bundled with all format sizes and clearly labeled with the AD ID number supplied to you by Recrue Media. Each AD ID number will be assigned to you when supplied your Pixel Tag Code(s) and must accompany all creative files and instructions. • Font size must be 12pt or higher. FLASH File Requirements Advertisers must provide Flash files in .fla format and the names of the fonts that are used in the creative. Recrue may need to modify Flash files in order to verify click-tracking capabilities. Click tracking is required for CPC campaigns and is strongly recommended for CPM campaigns and must be enabled with an on release command. Additionally: • The Flash version must be 6, 7, 8, or 9. • All advertising must function properly in Internet Explorer version 6 and 7 as well as Firefox version 2. • Please provide (or have readily available) backup GIF or JPEG files. • The play time must be no longer than 15 seconds and should have an Actionscript "Stop();" command in last frame of the timeline. • All in-page ad units MUST spawn a new browser window when clicked so that the visitor isn't taken off the publisher's site. • The frame rate should not exceed 24 fps. 18 fps is ideal. • The Flash file must include at least 1 (or up to 5) clicktag variable(s) so that you can track where the ad appears on a webpage and where it is clicked. Ads with more than one click through URL, the order of the URLs must be clearly defined. • For the URL fields, supply the fully-qualified Internet address. The URL must include the http:// or https:// protocol and cannot exceed 1024 characters.
  5. 5. Rich Media, audio, and layered units action policy All creative actions (i.e. audio play, expansion beyond original dimensions, launching a new browser window etc.) must be initiated by the user, and have a visible, functioning close/exit button. Creative can contain a maximum of 15 seconds of animation time. Rich media files restrict access to many web publisher inventory and may negatively affect your audience reach. Please consult with your Recrue representative to discuss the use of rich media formats with your campaign. To verify clicktag variables so they don’t contain malicious code in the URL sent to the advertisement, you can refer to the following help links: Privacy and Macromedia Flash Ad Tracking l Designer’s Guide: Building Macromedia Flash Banners with Tracking Capabilities Traffic Instructions Please send all creative instructions to your campaign manager Mark Landon, or Debbie Stremmel, Insertion orders and creative materials should include: 1. Name of advertiser. 2. Creative product (ie. rich media vendor name, targeting etc) 3. IAB creative sizes. 4. Start and end dates. 5. URL to which each creative click returns. 6. Name and telephone number of the client/agency/creative contact. Contact Information: For more information regarding retargeting and on line marketing, please contact: Steven Bogue Mark Landon Recrue Media, L.L.C. Recrue Media, L.L.C. 401-484-2400 310-517-1818 Melissa Prince Recrue Media, L.L.C. 972-867-4177