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Mobile Recruiting Survey


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  • 1. Recruitment via MobileThe UK’s biggest survey of mobile recruitment activity and attitudes Dan Beynon, Commercial Director, Educate @danbeynon 02079021200
  • 2. Who are Educate? Educate work exclusively with the following mediachannels to help organisations recruit students and staff:
  • 3. ‘Shots’ - Permission Based Messaging with Everything EverywhereWhat is Shots? Permission based messaging service that enables organisations to engage and interact directly with the Orange and T-mobile audienceHow big is the audience?Currently 3.5 Million customers across Orangeand T-mobile in the UK. This number will reach 6million by May 2012What targeting is possible?•Age•Geo•Profiling•Geo-fencing•Handset
  • 4. The Survey – 5th – 8th April 2012 Who took part in the survey? • Invitation sent to 728,273 Orange and T-mobile users • UK – wide • Aged between 16 and 86 • 32,239 people took part • 7405 female • 6683 male • 18,151 not specified • 25,000+ answered all 4 questions
  • 5. The Survey – 5th – 8th April 2012
  • 6. The ResultsYes: 17,520No: 6,813
  • 7. The ResultsYes: 15,714No: 9,229
  • 8. The ResultsYes: 12,556No: 13,603
  • 9. The ResultsOf the 13,603 that have not yet applied viamobile would they consider doing so?Yes: 10,704No: 2,899
  • 10. The ResultsYes: 25,075No: 4,776
  • 11. Freetext responses‘Certainly’‘Definitely’‘Depended on content and frequency suitability etc.’‘Hell yeah I would especially if there’s any plumberopportunities going.’‘I am retired now, but I would have welcomed it.’‘I do already and its very useful’‘I would be more then happy to receive informationhelping me improve in my career’‘No but I think work places should have text messageservice for people to apply for jobs.’‘Would save a lot of paperwork.’
  • 12. Freetext responses‘2 slow’‘A bit puzzling but did manage.’‘A bit slow but got there in da end’‘Because its too long loading’‘Could only get half the information’‘Easier and handy’‘Easier because its on the go’‘Easier on a computer’‘Easy as job site I used had a mobile format for there site’‘Good but prefer bigger screen and faster downloads’‘Good, but attachments not condensed?’‘Had to refer to full site for full details’
  • 13. Freetext responses‘I have and that is the job I have now’‘I have applied for jobs using my mobile and wouldrecommend it’‘I have but most of the time you cant.’‘I have but would be easier if they had a wap site’‘I have done many times’‘I have not applied but I would use such a service’‘I have not but I would consider it’‘I have not but I would consider it as a good way of doingapplying’‘I have not but I would definitely consider it.’‘I have not but I would if I could’‘I have not but if I had the chance to then yes its fast andeasier’
  • 14. Freetext responses‘Yes why not? People nowadays are always on their mobilephones browsing the web’‘Yes, because nowadays everyone uses a mobile phone withinternet accessibility and for people on the go it would be moreconvenient.’‘Yes, it makes life easier for mobile users’‘Yes, mobile technology is advancing incredibly’‘Yes, nowadays many people surf the internet via mobiles so itwould be very handy to have an alternative’‘Yes, they could create an app about their organisation’‘Yes, you can apply on the move. Save your CV to your phoneetc and save time.’‘Yes, Because Most People Have SmartPhones Nowadays andits Quicker.’
  • 15. The Survey – 5th – 8th April 2012Some initial conclusions...• Huge interest in receiving career related info on mobile• 63% of respondents have searched for jobs on their mobile• They like the idea of searching on mobile• The job search experience is often not a good one• Nearly half have applied via mobile and the rest would like to• 84% think companies should have mobile enabled sites
  • 16. For more information please contact:Dan Beynon, Commercial Director, Educate @danbeynon 02079021200