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Reconciliation Services - An Overview
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Reconciliation Services - An Overview


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This presentation represents an overview of Reconciliation Services located on Troost Avenue, a street historically referred to as the racial dividing line in Kansas City.

This presentation represents an overview of Reconciliation Services located on Troost Avenue, a street historically referred to as the racial dividing line in Kansas City.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Reconciliation Services Hands of healing for the transformation of all. 3101 Troost Avenue • Kansas City, MO 64109 (816) 931-4751 tel • (816) 931-0142 fax
  • 2. Reconciliation Services seeks to serve indigent populations. Reconciliation Services
  • 3.   mental health   emergency assistance   community development along the Troost Corridor Reconciliation Services
  • 4. The mental health treatment options currently available at RS are:   cognitive behavioral therapy   solution focused therapy   crisis intervention   domestic violence and sexual abuse treatment   refugee trauma counseling Reconciliation Services
  • 5. The substance abuse treatment and support services include:   individual therapeutic sessions   group therapeutic sessions   detoxification services Reconciliation Services
  • 6.   Food Panty Service –  Once a month, (3 max. per year) then a case manager is assigned   Pan Orthodox Friday Night Meals   Other services include: –  Document support –  Rent and utility assistance (when funds are available) –  Referral to extensive support network of other agencies Reconciliation Services
  • 7. RS continues to be involved in many community building activities and maintains its holistic multi-systemic approach. •  Troost Community Festival Reconciliation Services
  • 8. Ethnicity 2% 7% 1% 10% 65% African –American European-American Immigrants/Refugees Hispanic/Latino origin American Indian/Alaska Native 15% Asian/Pacific Islander Reconciliation Services
  • 9. Age of Clients 5% 15% 45% 13-19 Years 20-35 Years 35% 36-55 Years 56 + Years Reconciliation Services
  • 10. Insurance Coverage 10% 10% 50% 30% Uninsured Medicaid Medicare Private Insurance Reconciliation Services
  • 11. Economic Status 10% 75% 15% < Federal Poverty Level FPL up to 2X FPL > 2X FPL Reconciliation Services
  • 12. Geographic Area Served 5% 5% 80% 10% Kansas City, MO Jackson County, MO Cass County, MO Wyandotte County, KS Reconciliation Services
  • 13. January 1, 2008 - September 30, 2008 4% Emergency Assistance 39% 22% $41,879 Fundraising $37,373 Mental Health $23,458 Administration $4,357 35% Emergency Assistance: includes full-time case manager & serving 1,766 clients with Identification assistance, housing, and basic needs. Loaves and Fishes - KC served 9,803 meals and groceries to 3,548 in need. Fundraising: part-time development director, outside consultant, and travel Mental Health Services: part-time salaries of PhD Psychologist, clinical social worker, Substance Abuse Counselor. Provided 376 therapeutic sessions and 154 group sessions. Administration: part-time salary for Executive Director, insurance & legal fees, and office expenses. Reconciliation Services
  • 14. January 1, 2008 - September 30, 2008 1% 1% Foundations $94,826 12% 20% Individual gifts $26,680 Faith-based $17,305 Collaborations $1,921 66% Sliding Scale Fees $1,827 Foundations: Grants from Virginia Farah Foundation and Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City Individual Donations: pledge commitments and gifts from individual donors Faith-based groups: Holy Family Catholic Worker House, Holy Trinity Orthodox (OCA), Contract Collaborations: MOCSA, Jewish Vocational Service, Access to Recovery (ATR) Sliding-Scale Fees: therapy fees received based on ability of client to pay Reconciliation Services
  • 15.   Quarterly Evaluations   RS Supervisor Evaluation   Task Achievement Scaling
  • 16. 2 offices and a small meeting Reconciliation Services
  • 17. The 2nd Floor RS Center needs renovation work. With volunteer labor, it would cost about $40,000 or less. The 4000 sq/ft will have: •  a reception area •  10 offices •  2 group rooms •  2 ADA restrooms Reconciliation Services
  • 18. 2nd Floor Rooms Reconciliation Services
  • 19. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Gen. 1:26-27, KJV Reconciliation Services
  • 20.   The Holy Trinity appeared as three traveling strangers to Abraham Gen.18:1   Abraham later bowed down to strangers, who also depicted the icon of God Gen. 23:7   Kindness to the stranger reflects the iconic view of man. Gen. 1: 26-27 Reconciliation Services
  • 21. “I was a stranger and you took me in…” The Lord Jesus Christ Mt. 25:35, KJV Reconciliation Services
  • 22.   The Publicans and “Sinners” (St. Luke 5:30-32; 7:34)   The Roman Centurions (St. Luke 7:1-10; Act 10:1-4, 28)   The Prostitutes (St. Matt. 21:31-32; St. Luke 7:36-50)   The Samaritans (St. Luke 9:51-56; St. John 4: 40-42)   The Oppressed & Demonized (St. Luke 8:35-39)   The Beaten Stranger (St. Luke 10:33-37)   The Poor & Homeless (St. Luke 16:19-23)   The Infectious (St. Mark 39-41; St. Luke. 17:11-13) Christ transcends country, culture, class, and creeds of humans Reconciliation Services
  • 23.   Not just non-white, but the poor, the homeless, the mentally-ill, the addicted, those with AIDS, the disabled, the “other”.   All are the ICON of God.   “Contemptible Divisions” St. Gregory the Theologian (Yannoulatos,, 2003, p. 157)   How should we respond? Reconciliation Services
  • 24. Troost Avenue has been known as the racial dividing line in Kansas City, Missouri. Yet, the word Troost is translated as Comforter in Dutch. Even earlier it was translated as tree, trust, and true. For too long fear has divided us. Too often we see those different from ourselves as the “other,” or the “stranger.” The time is now to discover the amazing person in front of us as the image or icon of God. Reconciliation Services
  • 25. … is to experience life together as a community, as a village where every human being is treated as if he or she were Christ Himself. Reconciliation Services
  • 26. … is to see Troost transformed into the city’s gathering place, where healing, love, joy, friendship and community grow from the scarred soil of discrimination. Reconciliation Services
  • 27. …is to see the Troost community become a tree once again, rooted in being true to one another, nourished on restored trust, and embracing the tremendous varieties of life in our midst. Reconciliation Services
  • 28. …is to promote holistic healing throughout Kansas City by treating the entire person and their needs within their environment. Romans 14:1-4 Reconciliation Services
  • 29. …is to promote personal and community healing throughout Kansas City by treating each person as the image of God. Genesis 1:26 Reconciliation Services
  • 30.   Emergency Service Recipients   Friday Night Meals   Support Groups   Seminars   Parish referrals   Agency referrals   Movies and community activities Reconciliation Services
  • 31. •  Establish a base of 200 committed donors, volunteers, and advocates •  An active and involved Board of Directors •  Seeking diversified funding •  Continued collaboration building •  Building a wider community with social capital •  Culturally proficient therapists at RS and throughout KC Reconciliation Services
  • 32. 1.  Prayer (Heb. 13:18) 3.  Renewable Annual Gift (2 Cor. 9:6-9) 5.  Advocate for RS (2 Cor. 4:15) 7.  Your Volunteering (1 Cor. 15:58) Reconciliation Services
  • 33. Construction Pantry Assistance Legal Assistance Painting Assistance Kitchen Assistance Accounting Assistance Fundraising Transportation assistance Filing/Data Entry Marketing Advertising Printing PR General Maintenance at RS facility Mentoring Tutoring Larger Troost Community •  Outreach •  including films •  Festivals & other events Reconciliation Services
  • 34. Thank you! Reconciliation Services
  • 35. Reconciliation Services Hands of healing for the transformation of all. 3101 Troost Avenue • Kansas City, MO 64109 (816) 931-4751 tel • (816) 931-0142 fax