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  • 1. Task 5 – Methods of Research TV Advertising
  • 2. Why Is TV Advertising Research Important • It is important to conduct research before you start planning a new advertising campaign, as you would need to have an initial idea of all the requirements needed for your advert. Having research is vital to persuade your client on why they should invest in your advert idea.
  • 3. Audience Research • Audience Research is important as you’d need to find out which particular audience will appeal to your product. You will need to find out about your audience their interests, their age group and gender. This research can be conducted by doing questionnaires and polls.
  • 4. Market Research • It is vital to understand the market your product will compete with other products for the same audience and revenue
  • 5. Production Research • Production Research is important as you would need to sort out where the location of your advert take place, booking the equipment, and hiring the talent. (All PreProduction Activities)
  • 6. The Four Main Methods Of Research • • • • Primary Secondary Quantitative Qualitative
  • 7. Primary Research • Primary Research is where you would conduct original research which is conducted from scratch. For instance an example to find out this research could be creating a questionnaire for your target audience or conduct an interview. Even though finding out this information is original, finding out your own research can be costly and time consuming.
  • 8. Secondary Research • Secondary research is information that already exists since it has been collected for other purposes. It is conducted on data published previously and usually by someone else. An advantage of Secondary research is that it costs far lessthan primary research. However a disadvantage of Secondary research is it may not be the specific information you need.
  • 9. Quantitative Research • Quantitative Research can be shown as a set of numbers, can be displayed as charts and graphs. This type of research is good when it comes to calculating figures of opinions. However a disadvantage not all the results you get may be specific in your results to what was answered.
  • 10. Qualitative Research Qualitative Research is information on people’s personal opinions of your product. Advantages of Qualitative Research is that it helps to find out the way people feel and the responses are personal. A disadvantage of this is that the information can’t really be summarized when finalizing your result.
  • 11. • By CanelOsman 12ACL