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Majestic Seo Enterprise Api



Summary of MajesticSEO's Enterprise API as of November 2009.

Summary of MajesticSEO's Enterprise API as of November 2009.



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Majestic Seo Enterprise Api Majestic Seo Enterprise Api Presentation Transcript

  • ENTERPRISE API Majestic-SEO beta
  • Key features of Majestic-SEO backlinks database
    • Coverage: largest link database. 700 billion unique URLs is considerably larger than yahoo’s data
    • Growth: monthly crawl of over 10 billion pages
    • Scalability: can analyse and extract millions of back links
    • Flexibility: multiple filters to return only required data set
    … and the last but not least - new Enterprise API!
  • Two available license levels
    • Internal use for SEO/SEM agencies
    • Public value-added resellers
  • Only one API call but lots of different data Most common anchor text Referring domains Top URLs from analysed domain Link trends
  • Top backlinks Top backlinks (not limited artificially – can return millions of them) Date found to judge age of links Anchor text Importance factor of backlink
  • The API is simple to use – an HTTP request with a handful of parameters Shortcut URL: See the sample output with this full Example URL*: * Note: this request is hard coded to provide free data for a limited set of urls
    • app_api_key: API key
    • cmd: API command to execute
    • items: number of index items (domains/urls) to analyse
    • item0: URL that API is requested to analyse
  • How you might parse XML response <?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;utf-8&quot;?> <DataTable Name=&quot;ItemResults&quot; RowsCount=&quot;1&quot; Headers=&quot;ItemNum|Item|ResultCode|ResultDescription|TotalBackLinks|ExtBackLinks|RefDomains|IPs|SubNets&quot;> <Row>0||OK| |33|32|22|22|21</Row> </DataTable> <DataTable Name=&quot; TargetURLs &quot; RowsCount=&quot;1&quot; Headers=&quot;ItemNum|TargetUrlID|URL|Title|ACRank|ExtBackLinks|RefDomains|IPs&quot;> <Row>0|0||Majestic-SEO : Compare domain backlink history|6|32|22|22</Row> </DataTable> <DataTable Name=&quot; RefDomains &quot; RowsCount=&quot;2&quot; Headers=&quot;ItemNum|Domain|IP|GeoCountryCode|TotalBackLinks|FlagRedirect|FlagFrame|FlagNoFollow|FlagImages|FlagDeleted|FlagAltText|FlagMention&quot;> <Row>0|||US|1|0|0|0|0|0|0|0</Row> <Row>0|||CA|1|0|0|0|0|0|0|0</Row> </DataTable> <DataTable Name=&quot; SourceURLs &quot; RowsCount=&quot;2&quot; Headers=&quot;ItemNum|TargetUrlID|SourceURL|ACRank|AnchorText|Date|FlagRedirect|FlagFrame|FlagNoFollow|FlagImages|FlagDeleted|FlagAltText|FlagMention&quot;> <Row>0|0||0|comparing back link history|2009-05-26|0|0|0|0|0|0|0</Row> <Row>0|0||0|majestic seo|2009-05-29|0|0|0|0|0|0|0</Row> </DataTable> <DataTable Name=&quot; AnchorText &quot; RowsCount=“2&quot; Headers=&quot;ItemNum|AnchorText|ExtBackLinks|RefDomains|IPs|BestACRank&quot;> <Row>0|majestic- seo : compare domain backlink history|1|0|1|0</Row> <Row>0|comparing back link history|1|0|1|0</Row> </DataTable> </DataTables> </Result>
  • Advanced filtering (allows to analyse only data that matches specified criteria)
    • By anchor text
    • Date range of back links (allows to retrieve only recent ones)
    • By link types: marked as no-follow, images, frames, redirects etc
    • By specified domains, IPs or geo-located countries
    • and more!
  • Additional API features
    • Batched requests
    • URL stats (external back links and referring domains counts)
    • Open to client suggestions on new analysis options
  • Contact Commercial: Dixon Jones < [email_address] > Technical: Alex Chudnovsky < [email_address] >