Rebel Webinar - RebelMouse for Newsrooms


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News updates in real time. Shouldn't your website?

RebelMouse's Jake Beckman shows how to:

* Curate breaking news on RebelMouse
* Use RebelMouse as a newsgathering tool
* Tell an effective social story

And much, much more!

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Rebel Webinar - RebelMouse for Newsrooms

  1. 1. RebelMouse for Newsrooms #RebelWebinar Jake Beckman @jakebeckman
  2. 2. What is RebelMouse? • Content curation, aggregation and publishing platform • For anyone with a story to tell! • Easily launch gorgeous dynamic sites around the most relevant social content • Optimized for mobile web, with Android and iPhone apps coming very soon! • Strengthen and centralize your social presence • Build connections and foster engagement with your audience
  3. 3. We Get It • Founder/CEO Paul Berry was formerly CTO at Huffington Post. • President/COO David Spitz joins our team from WPP. • Content team of former journalists • Niketa Patel from CNN • Jake Beckman from Bloomberg TV • Product team led by Jarrod Dicker, who was previously Director of Social and Ad Products at Time Inc. • Steph Bagley, our Director of Partnerships, worked with top brands at VaynerMedia. • Megan Berry, our Head of Consumer, previously led community at Klout.
  4. 4. Social Publishing and Next-Level Curation • Curate hashtags, user names, keywords and more across various social networks • Use Twitter favorite and Instagram likes to make curation easy • Pre-moderate content before it’s published on your site • Easily add a link or photo from anywhere on the web • Post original content directly on RebelMouse • User our bookmarklet to update your site from anywhere
  5. 5. Ideal For Social Journalists RebelMouse makes liveblogging simple and social
  6. 6. Providing Solutions to Core Problems PROBLEM: News breaks first on social media, not in your CMS RebelMouse adds a social layer to your existing CMS PROBLEM: Stories unfold in real time, but traditional websites are static Embed RebelMouse directly on your site to make it dynamic PROBLEM: Engagement campaigns drive user-generated content (UGC) – but then what? RebelMouse centralizes your content and makes it easy to find
  7. 7. Increase Engagement with RebelMouse “Los Angeles News Group Sees 10- 30% Increase in Pageviews with RebelMouse” - Full post at: “Time spent [on RebelMouse embed] is TWICE site average” - Markus Stolz (@elloinos) Analytics • Social API coming soon • Google Analytics integration • XRS tracking for shared content across RebelMouse and embeds
  8. 8. Easily Customizable Change layouts with just one click
  9. 9. Easily Customizable Designs to match your story
  10. 10. Easily Customizable Custom CSS? No Problem!
  11. 11. Dynamic Teaser Modules • Easily create sidebar modules to showcase social content • Editor’s Picks with Twitter lists and domain filters • Generate code via the Embed tab on your dashboard
  12. 12. Getting Started • Launch sites for your newsroom, journalists and editors • Drag and drop content • Freeze content you care about • Integrate RebelMouse on your website • Social subdomain • Embed on a full page • Social teaser modules on the right-rail of your site • Rebel Roar • Remove some RebelMouse branding • Google Analytics • TypeKit integration • …and much, much more! • $9.99-per-month
  13. 13. Questions? Email Tweet @RebelMouse
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