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Delicious in libraries
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Delicious in libraries


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Using Delicious Social Bookmarking in your library. This session covers the definition, history, and uses of delicious.

Using Delicious Social Bookmarking in your library. This session covers the definition, history, and uses of delicious.

Published in: Education

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  • Browser Based bookmarking is your bookmarks that you save that only can be retrieved through IE, FF, Opera, Chrome, etc. Unlike your browser-based bookmarks delicious bookmarks are accessible from any computer with internet access. Delicious bookmarks are easier to share since a feature in delicious allows you to email them, embed them in a website or your blog, or allow people to visit your delicious bookmark page.
  • Clicking on the pdf symbol will print up author lists on a handout that Jackie has put together, while clicking on Authors while clicking on the names below will take you to the PCPLS catalog search that lists title in our catalog corresponding to the author. Clicking on a links like “Contemporary Romance” will take you to the Delicious Website that lists all the Contemporary
  • The Delicious Toolbar and the Delicious buttons are called add-ons that can be added on to Firefox. There are many types of add-on that have nothing to do with delicious.
  • If you still have a yahoo email address you can use your yahoo username and password to create your account. Since delicious was purchased by Yahoo, since 2008, anyone that wants to use delicious must create a yahoo account.
  • This is what you see when you click “manage who sees your updates.” I would suggest you make sure these boxes are unchecked so not everyone sees your first and last name as well as what town you are in.
  • Once you have created your account you are brought to this web page where you can import your bookmarks from Firefox OR you can start fresh. If you have bookmarks from IE you want to import, you should first import your IE bookmarks into Firefox and then Import from Firefox to delicious.
  • After you click import it usually takes from 1 minute up to an hour for your bookmarks to appear depending on how many you have saved. 20 bookmarks won’t take but a few moments but 1,000 will take quite a bit longer.
  • The only difference between this page and the page that comes up when you click on the “tag” button using the firefox toolbar is where the save button is located.
  • Bookmarking a page in HIP is the same as bookmarking any other web page EXCEPT you must delete EVERYTHING between jsp? And profile.
  • For example, you can create your personal account but subscribe to the user valref or gen ref and then see what they tag OR you can subscribe to the tag “library” and see when people tag bookmarks with the term library.
  • The Delicious Home page shows the most recent marks by default. The blue boxes to the right of the links show how many people have bookmarked that link. The search box toward the top right hand side of the page is where you can type in a tag to search.
  • For example, when searching “news” you will see that 58748 people tagged with the news tag and that 20938 people that have bookmarked Wired news and tagged it with the keyword “news.”