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Your seo is your web ship captain
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Your seo is your web ship captain


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How to pick out the best SEO for your website or company.

How to pick out the best SEO for your website or company.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Your SEO Is Your WebShip Captain Rebecca Morrow @rebecca_morrow [email_address] Wanna call me? GV 205.677.8149
  • 2. Not Computer Monkeys
    • An SEO is no longer the monkey behind the computer
    • Not just Meta Tags - Titles, Descriptions, Keywords
    • More than just content development
  • 3. Promises Promises Promises
    • There Are No Promises/Guarantees
      • Millions of unique visitors!
        • Make you choose a category
        • Make you pay for banner ads/MLM type schemes
        • Pay for analytics
    • What are these? S. C. A. M. S.
      • You can get your own traffic with some hard work and continuous TLC
  • 4. What Is Search Engine Optimization, Anyhow?
    • "...the process of improving the visibility of a web site or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results." (Wikipedia)
    • OK, So Where Do I Start?
      • Keyword Research
        • Google Keyword Tool
        • Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • 5. SEO Book Keyword Tool
  • 6. What Your SEO Should Be Doing
    • Your SEO Should Do a Comprehensive KW Research - I spend up to 4 hours
    • KW Research can Help You With:
      • Create Ideas for Blog Posts
      • Create Good "Link Bait“
      • Help With Wording External Links
    • Content Can Be Derived From Your Research
  • 7. OK, We've Covered The Basics. Now What?
    • The SEO Is NOT A Monkey In A Dark Corner
      • Yeah, You Said That Already. So?
    • The SEO Is Your Captain Of Your Website
      • Project Manager
      • Creates Silos (top level navigation)
      • Creates Sub Navigation
      • Creates Wireframes
  • 8. I Spy With My Little Eye What to Look For
    • Not a Design Company
      • Should Be a Mix of Design and Functionality
      • Usability is a MUST
      • Optimizable CMS
    • Have A Process In Place
      • Explain What They Do
      • How They Do it
      • Look at the Site Holistically
    • Implement SEM and SMM
      • SEM - Search Engine Marketing
      • PPC - Create Optimized Landing Pages
      • Utilize Ad Content - Calls to Action
      • SMM - Twitter, Facebook, GEO Targeting Social Media
  • 9. Alphabet Soup
    • SEO, SEM, SMM, ABC, DEF, XYZ...
      • What Do They Do With this Alphabet Soup?
        • ANALYTICS!
          • Goals
          • Conversions
          • Bounce Rates
          • Testing, Testing, Testing
  • 10. Faces Of What Your SEO Should Be
    • Researcher
    • Optimization Specialist
    • Marketing Liaison
    • Project Manager
    • Analytics Translator
    • Your WebShip Captain
  • 11. Thanks, Y’all!
    • Want More?
      • Web:
      • Email: [email_address]
      • Twitter: @rebecca_morrow
      • Google Voice: 205.677.8149
      • LinkedIn: Rebecca Morrow