Final Hotel Ads


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Created a boutique hotel, named it, created and named the hotel bar, a multifunction ballroom and five meeting rooms with a concurrent theme. Also, created a series of five ads, three in the same media and two different media.

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Final Hotel Ads

  1. 1. Final Rebecca Holden Hotel: The Pantheon Hotel Bar: Bacchus Ballroom: The Venus Ballroom Meeting Room 1: The Jupiter Room Meeting Room 2: The Juno Room Meeting Room 3: The Neptune Room Meeting Room 4: The Mars Room Meeting Room 5: The Mercury Room
  2. 2. Final Rebecca HoldenMagazine Ad 1 A wedding fit for a goddess… Be the envy of all Who dreams of the perfect wedding? She dreams that for one day she is the center, the beauty that creates the perfect wedding. To fulfill her desires, The Pantheon Hotel begins the dream. The Venus Ballroom creates the center for her to be adored by the hundreds of guests she deems worthy to see her beauty. Though if she deems a select audience, The Pantheon Hotel’s five more intimate rooms is hers for the choosing. After the festivities, with her love in hand, she retreats to her luxury suite in a private elevator, but not before an intimate moment at The Pantheon Hotel’s wine lounge, Bacchus. Whatever she desires, The Pantheon Hotel strives to achieve her hearts desires and ensure her experiences are those fit for a goddess. Visit to set an appointment.
  3. 3. Final Rebecca HoldenMagazine Ad 2 Your journey begins here… But it’s never over Who dreams of the perfect honeymoon? She dreams that what makes her honeymoon perfect is the man she spends it with and the beginning it creates. The Pantheon Hotel will create the atmosphere in just one step. Upon entering, the romance of Roman architecture that surrounds The Venus Ballroom and five meeting rooms takes over and honeymooners are served as if they were a god and goddess. Complimentary breakfast-in-bed, drinks at The Pantheon Hotel’s wine lounge, Bacchus, and a couple’s massage will ensure your journey together begins perfect and ends never. Visit to start the beginning.
  4. 4. Final Rebecca HoldenMagazine Ad 3 Celebrate love… Remember the journey Who dreams of the perfect wedding anniversary? She dreams that when they make it to their 25th anniversary they are more in love than they were 25 years ago. Celebrate your love and remember the memories that brought you to this moment. Whether you would like it to be a grand affair with family and friends in The Venus Ballroom or a more intimate venue in one of our five meeting rooms, The Pantheon Hotel will make this one milestone in your journey together the most memorable and with The Pantheon Hotel’s wine lounge, Bacchus, the celebration will continue throughout the night. Visit to plan the celebration.
  5. 5. Final Rebecca HoldenRadio Ad“The Weekend Getaway”. What is more harmonious? Months and months of non-stop work and thosethree little words come to mind. Let The Pantheon Hotel be your escape. Enjoy the finest luxuries as youindulge in being pampered as if you were one of the gods. The Pantheon Hotel accommodates intimateweekends for two as well as company retreats, where The Venus Ballroom can join together hundredsor one of The Pantheon Hotel’s five meeting rooms can join together smaller groups. Regardless, ThePantheon Hotel’s wine lounge, Bacchus, will help begin the evening or finish off the day. The PantheonHotel. Come escape. Visit to be whisked away.
  6. 6. Final Rebecca HoldenOutdoor BoardA god amongst gods.The Pantheon Hotel.