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The best things about Moodle 2.0! Used at part of a 6 minute presentation at TurbtoTel 2012

The best things about Moodle 2.0! Used at part of a 6 minute presentation at TurbtoTel 2012



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Teltopthingsinm2 110704062638-phpapp01 Teltopthingsinm2 110704062638-phpapp01 Presentation Transcript

  • www.southdevon.ac.ukWhat’s new with Moodle 2?The top 6 best things about Moodle2.0 in 6 minutes!The features we will make use of the most….Becky BarringtonSouth Devon College
  • www.southdevon.ac.ukEasier uploading and storage• Simplified ‘add a resource’ menu• No ‘choose’ requirement any more!• Once a file has been added, that’s it – done!• If you delete a file from the main course screen – the filegoes too!• ‘Recent files’ makes it easier toshare across courses (there areother ways too for confident users)
  • www.southdevon.ac.ukActivity Tracking• Each resource can have a‘tracking’ option on it.• None, student tracked orMoodle tracked.• Main course becomes apersonalised tracker foreach learner.• Teacher can see all learners
  • www.southdevon.ac.ukCourse Completion and Pre-requisites• Required elements can be elected as courserequirements.• This can be tracked through a separatereport and summary.• Learners see their own,teachers see the class.• Other courses can be linked as‘pre-requisites’ to track linkedqualifications.
  • www.southdevon.ac.ukUse of blocks in resourcesAnd easier embedding of mediaLink the two together and there are some easy andinteractive resources to be made!• You can embed media – such as YouTube videos –through a simple search.• Webpages can also be embedded.• Blocks can be added to thesepages – such as a HTML blockfor instructions and acomments box for discussion
  • www.southdevon.ac.ukPrivate Files and Mahara Integration• Each user has there own private files area (andresources can be added to the course from it).• The block is already in ‘my home’ but can be addedto any course or course pages.• Mahara integration also allows files to be importedinto Moodle (eg: for assignment submission) orexported to Mahara from Moodle (eg: an assignmentto share as part of an online CV)
  • www.southdevon.ac.ukConditional Activities• Create a truly personal learner pathway• Alongside activity tracking and course completion –this can manage learning based on an individualrather than all course users.*To be used sparingly at first!