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Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop - Week 2
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Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop - Week 2


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SEO Balance: Technical, Content, and Link Building & Local Search Marketing

SEO Balance: Technical, Content, and Link Building & Local Search Marketing

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • Tell Dug the pizza man story – don’t over-knead the dough
  • Tell this story) i.e. you are active in a forum in your subject. You setup an account, include link to your site in signature. Every time you post, your link appears. If you post something of value, that makes you look like an expert, or gives people interest in clicking and viewing your site. THAT is a quality link, and matters more than 1000 links on the same site.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Digital Marketing Lunch and LearnSEO Balance: Technical, Content, and Link BuildingLocal Search Marketing
      Class 2
    • 2. Optimization: The SEO Balance
    • Technical
    • 5. Canonical redirect
      Custom 404
      301 Redirects
      XML sitemap
      Helpful Tools
      “Check Server Headers Tool” (confirm indexing)
      Google Webmaster Tools
    • 6. Technical: Google Webmaster Tools
    • 7. Content
    • 8. Avoid duplicate content (
      Keywords should appear throughout various tags
      Focus on USP
      Content is Text, Video, Images, Blogs, Audio, etc.
      Content: Tips
    • 9. Meta tags: Unique & Relevant
      Build content around themes
      HTML sitemap
      Add main address to footer of every page, contact page, etc.
      Add a privacy statement for Google Analytics
      Content: On Page
    • 10.
      • Image optimization
      • 11. Alt attribute (alternative text - required)
      • 12. Keywords in file name
      • 13. Text versus image
      • 14. Video
      • 15. Keywords in description
      • 16. Link to your site in description
      • 17. Google transcribe
      Content: Images and Video
    • 18. Content: Images and VideoWhen you see this…
    • 19. Name your images to support your keywords and add alt tags for those who cannot see the image.
      Content: Images and Video:This is what the code looks like to Google
    • 20. Content: Images and Video:
      Get Google Transcriptions
      on YouTube through this button
    • 21. Content: Images and Video:Add Keywords to the Description
    • 22. Content: Images and Video:Add Social Call-To-Actions and Website URLs
    • 23. Define Focus and Direction
      Long Tail
      Akismet – combat comment spam
      HeadSpace2 – SEO (their site) (install on your site - preferred)
      Content: Blog
    • 24. Content: 10 Blog Tips
      Know your audience
      Keyword Focus
      Plan an Editorial Calendar
      Help, Don’t Promote
      Be Human
      User Generated Content
      Guest Bloggers
      Internal Resources – Use your own experts!
      Build Your Email List
      Mobile Friendly
    • 25. Writing A Blog: 4 Step Program
      1. Plan the Outline
      Common Problem
      Possible Solutions
      Our Solution
      Call to Action
    • 26. Writing A Blog: 4 Step Program
      2. Find Your Focus & Begin With A Catchy Headline
      Short stories
      Answers to common questions
      Catch the eye of both humans & robots
    • 27. Writing A Blog: 4 Step Program
      3. Timing Is Everything
      Get an egg timer
      Short, sweet and to the point
      Write your blog just before lunch or 5:00PM
      Stop while you’re ahead
    • 28. Writing a Blog: 4 Step Program
      4. Blogging Schedule
      Weekly Topic i.e. Tech Tuesday, Coffee Shop Saturday
      Break large topic into series of blogs
      Make your blog a part of your schedule
      Put it on your calendar
      Schedule of topics
      Blog about events, around holidays, announce press releases
    • 29. LinkMarketing
    • 30. Link Marketing: Back Link Research
      Who links to you
      Make Corrections
      Avoid Resubmitting
      Review Analytics
      Who links to the competition
      Identify Industry Directories
      Identify Quality Links
      Identify Link Types
    • 31. Link Marketing: Advanced Research
      Library Sites
      Most reside on .org, .us, .gov, .edu
      Footer contains the word “library”
      Search for: “keyword companies links library”
      Advanced Searching Tips
      “best keyword blog” (better for more specific keywords)
      “industry directory”
    • 32. Link Magnet or Link Bait Examples
      Instructional “How To”
      Potential to go viral
      Potential to be reviewed by industry leaders
      Offers benefit to the user
      Remember your USP
      Shareable: Make it easy to share on social sites
      WordPress Plugins
      Facebook “Like” Button
      Linkable: “Link to This” code, badge, etc.
      LinkMarketing: Link Magnets
    • 33. LinkMarketing: Quality over Quantity
      Blog Comment Spam = Bad
      Not relevant
      Vague: “Thank you. Great post”
      Link filled comment
      “Name” is keyword and links to suspicious site
      Forum Expert = Good
      Active in forum
      Positive feedback
      Signature links back to site
    • 34. Link Marketing: Directories
      Paid Versus Free
      Link should bring traffic
      Not all paid links are bad
      General, Trusted Directories
      Vertical, Industry Specific, Niche Directory
      Thomas Register
      “Keyword” directory
      “City” Directory
    • 35. Link Marketing: Other Opportunities
      Submit content on other relevant sites.
      Expert opinion
      Guest blogging
      Cross promotion
      Charity work
    • 36. LocalSearch
    • 37. LocalSearch: Claim Your Listings
    • 38. LocalSearch: Optimize
      FOLLOW Google Places Quality Guidelines
      Use email account under your business domain for account email
      Don’t use city name in description
      What business IS, not what it does or sells
      Use Google categories first, then enter your own keywords
      Refer to competitors’ categories
      Use all 5 fields
      Pros/Cons to hiding address
      Set service areas
      Additional Details
      Link to Facebook
      Link to menu
      Brands carried
    • 39. Local Search: Be Consistent
      Consistent listings build trust
      Search for: name, address, phone
      Identify and fix incorrect listings
      Submit to:
      Google Places:
      Yahoo! Local:
      Bing Business Portal:
      Free yellow pages sites & local directories
      “City” directory
      Data aggregators (, free and paid options
    • 40. Local Search: Positive Review Strategy
      • Google reads reviews on other sites
      UrbanSpoon, Angie’s List, Foursquare, Yelp
      Claim and optimize your listing on those sites as well
      • Ask for a review in person
      • 41. Add link from site to review sites
      • 42. Add review suggestion on print materials
      • 43. Tailor approach to customer base
    • Wrapping Up Week 2:
      Balance Your SEO Strategy
      Technical Optimization
      On Site
      Images and Video
      Link Marketing
      Back links
      Link Magnets
      Directories and Other Opportunities
      Local Search
      Claim Listings
      Be Consistent
      Positive Reviews
    • 44. Next Workshop: July 12
      Class 3: How-To’s of Social Media