Gerunds and-infinitives
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Gerunds and-infinitives






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Gerunds and-infinitives Gerunds and-infinitives Presentation Transcript

  • Gerunds and Infinitives
  • Complete the sentences about sports • I can’t stand… • I hate… • I prefer… • I enjoy….
  • Gerunds Where the –ing form can be replaced in a sentence by a noun it is a gerund. Gerund Noun He likes singing. He likes music. Walking is good for you. Exercise is good for you.
  • Use gerunds… After verbs connected with likes and dislikes: like, dislike, enjoy, love, hate, can’t stand, look forward to, avoid, miss etc. Eg. I like dancing
  • Use gerunds… After certain expressions: It’s no use…, It’s not worth…, There’s no point… Eg. It’s not worth buying.
  • Use gerunds… When a verb follows a preposition it is connected with: I’m keen on travelling. I’d be worried about taking a whole year off.
  • Use infinitives… After verbs connected with plans and decisions: agree, arrange, decide, hope, manage, offer, plan, prepare, promise, refuse Eg. We plan to go to London
  • Use infinitives… In the pattern: Subject + be (pres. simp.) + adj. + inf Eg. English is fun to learn.
  • Use infinitives… To express purpose: Eg. Why did you call him? To arrange a meeting.
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 0. I enjoy bungee_____. a. jumping b. to jump
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 1. I look forward _______ from you. a. to hearing b. to hear
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 2. He stopped _______ to years ago. a. to smoke b. smoking
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 3. I rang her before _______ out. a. going b. go
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 4. I regret _______her about it now. a. to tell b. telling
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 5. It was Paul; I saw him _______ it. a. to do b. doing
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 6. Sorry _______ you, but I need some help. a. disturbing b. to disturb
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 7. I just can’t get used _______ in the city. a. to living b. to live
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 8. I want you _______ it soon. a. finishing it b. to finish it
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 9. She wanted me _______ it. a. do b. to do
  • Gerund or Infinitive? 10. The windows need _______. a. to clean b. cleaning