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Blogging Workshop - Jan. 25, 2011

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Blogging Staff Development Packet

  1. 1. Blogs:A Web 2.0 Teaching ToolFacilitator: Reba Gordon Matthews Site Ed. Tech Johnson Magnet School
  2. 2.        2 Classroom Blogs: A Web 2.0 Teaching Tool Hands-On Workshop Link: Short Link: Agenda January 25, 2011Before Workshop Tasks Sign-up for the Blogging Tools Identify yourself as a Novice or Proficient Tech User (On Laptop) Blue Sticky – Novice Yellow Sticky – Proficient Think of a name for your blog1:30 – 1:40 Workshop Goals and Objectives (Optional) Follow Along “Online” on the 157 Staff Dev Blog1:40 – 1:50 Description of Workshop Format: Facilitating the Workshop from a Blog1:50 - 2:10 What is a Blog? Why Blog? Videos: What is a Blog – CommonCraft (3 min) Blogger – BloggerHelp (3 min) Quick Show of other Educational Blogs (see blog sidebar) Review (2) of R. Matthews’ Blogs & Parts (see blog sidebar) Learn the parts of a blog & how they work2:10 -2:30 “Create Your Blog in 5 minutes Flat”2:30 – 3:15 Hands-On Blogging Workshop3:00 – 3:20 Workshop Accountability: • Collecting the “urls” of teachers’ blogs – Reba3:20 – 3:30 Showcase some of the New (in progress) Johnson Blogs Student Blogging Info Video: (if time) – (3min)3:20 – 3:30 Debrief / Questions
  3. 3.        3 Blog Workshop Resource LinksGoogle: General Blog: (Step One) in Draft – (if you want pgs in blog) – (Step 2)Proficient Users (optional)http://draft.blogger.comReba Gordon Matthews’ Blogs: Workshop Blog: “157 Staff Development Blog” Short Link: Professional Blog: “Techie Lab Teacher Blogspot” Short Link: Classroom Blog: “Project Research Lab Blog” Short Link: School Blog: “Johnson Magnet School Blog” Short Link:
  4. 4.        4 Blog Workshop Resource Links (cont.)Reba Gordon Matthews’ Blogs: (cont.) (work in progress) Kid Safe & Friendly Blogging Area Test Blog Area: Short Link: Research Lab Blog Area (Grades 3 -5) Short Link: Objects and Embedding ResourcesVoki: Talking voice character or avatar service that turns your uploaded docs into a polished magazine-like format. service where users can upload and share publicly or privately PowerPointpresentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF documents. Online platform for sharing PowerPoint presentations on the Internet.Allows you to download them as videos. Also keeps the animation feature active in thepresentation. Objects and Embedding Resources (cont.) Shortens your links and you can share them w/others easier Transforms pictures, docs, video into a collaborative space with video, voice,and text comments
  5. 5.        5 Blog Workshop Resource Links (cont.)Blogging Objects and Embedding Resources (cont.)Example of a VoiceThread on my blog: “The 5-Step Writing Process”Link: Link: Blogging ResourcesBES Blogs – Parent Info on BloggingBerthoud Elementary School in Berthoud, Colorado Educational Classroom BlogsMiss McMillian’s Blog Cougar Dogs Cassidy’s Classroom BlogKndg – 1st Grade Class Blog
  6. 6.        6 Blog Workshop Resource Links (cont.)EXCELLENT Technology Resource BlogFree Technology 4 Teachers by Richard Bryne Edublog Winner for: Best Individual Blog Best Resource Sharing Blog Best Educational Tech Support BlogEdublog Teacher Challenge: –30 Day Online Blogging Prof. Dev. (Complete tasks at your own pace)Link: Link: Edublog Awards: Leaders in the Web 2.0 Tech Arena(blogs, webinars, podcasting, wiki, virtual worlds, video, tech support,PLNs – Personal Learning Networks, etc.)Link: Link: