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Understanding the Internet of Things Protocols
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Understanding the Internet of Things Protocols


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The Internet revolutionized how people communicate, what they do, and how they work together. The revolution is not done. The next wave of the Internet will connect machines and devices together into …

The Internet revolutionized how people communicate, what they do, and how they work together. The revolution is not done. The next wave of the Internet will connect machines and devices together into functioning, intelligent systems. These interconnected devices, aka the Internet of Things (IoT), will link machines together with speeds, scales, and capabilities far beyond what people need or use. The IoT of intelligent connected devices will change the world, perhaps more profoundly than today's human-centric Internet.

However, figuring out where your application fits into the maze of technologies is truly confusing. This webinar will decode the machine-to-machine (M2M) technology jumble. When does DDS (Data Distribution Service) make sense? How does it compare to MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport)? To the AMQP (Advance Message Queuing Protocol)? To the cloud? These technologies differ drastically; we'll provide a guide to help you navigate.

We will then explore some of the applications and reasons that high-performance integrated device systems are choosing DDS, the Object Management Group (OMG) standard for Data Distribution Service middleware. Attendees will learn why DDS is the only technology that delivers the flexibility, reliability, and speed necessary to build complex real-time applications. We will examine why military systems, wind-turbine farms, advanced medical systems, asset-tracking systems and automotive test and safety systems choose to base their designs on DDS.

Speaker: Dr. Stan Schneider, Chief Executive Officer

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Your systems. Working as one.Your systems. Working as one. Understanding the Internet of Things Protocols DDS, MQTT, & AMQP
  • 2. What is the Internet of Things? © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 2
  • 3. What is the Internet of Things? • Cisco “Internet of Everything” – …the latest wave of the Internet -- connecting physical objects…to provide better safety, comfort, and efficiency • IBM “Internet of Things” – …a completely new world-wide web, one comprised of the messages that digitally empowered devices would send to one another. It is the same Internet, but not the same Web. • GE “Industrial Internet” – …convergence of machine and intelligent data…to create brilliant machines • RTI “Your Systems. Working as One.” – …an entirely new utility. As profound as the cell network, GPS, or the Internet itself. The Internet of Things and the Intelligent Systems it enables will fundamentally change our world. © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 3
  • 4. What Connects the Things? IoT Standard Protocols © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 4
  • 5. MQTT: Collect Device Data © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) 5
  • 6. © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 6
  • 7. DDS: Distribute Device Data © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) Real-Time Analytics & Control Operator HMI Sensors Actuators IT and/or Cloud Integration Data Distribution Service (DDS) 7
  • 8. AMQP: Process Device Data (on Servers) © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) 8
  • 9. Connecting the Internet of Things • S2S – Biz intelligence – Centralized/ESB – ~100ms – MQ/AMQP • D2S – Collect data – Hub & spoke – ~10ms – MQTT/CoAP • D2D – Control, distribute – Databus – ~.01ms – DDS © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 9 Web Services and Business Apps Server-to-Server (S2S) Devices and Intelligent Systems Device-to-Device Device to Server (D2S)
  • 10. DDS Builds Intelligent Systems © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 10
  • 11. DDS: The Software DataBus™ • Data centric – Structured, accessible data – Like a database for moving data • Independent modules – Supports SOA • Plug and play flexibility – Like a hardware bus • Peer-to-peer performance – Like streaming protocols • Standards-based interoperability – Like TCP/IP © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) Data-Centric Messaging Bus Scalable, high performance, reliable infrastructure DataBus™ 11
  • 12. Managing State • Data centric – Single version of truth – Known structure – Clear rules for access, changes, updates • Technologies – Database – Data-centric middleware © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 12
  • 13. Intelligent Distributed Systems Need… • Reliable Operation • Deterministic Performance • System Integration • Flexible Transports • Crisp Interface Design • Easy Tech Upgrades • Multi-Channel Connections • Open Architecture • Wireless Links • Legacy Integration • Hardware in the Loop • Scalability • Database Integration • High Throughput • Reliable Uptime • Industry Interoperation • Small Device Connection • Large Fan In/Out • Real-Time and IT Integration © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 13
  • 14. Reliable Operation • Air traffic control requires 24x7 operation. Hot swap service is critical hardware or software failures mean flight delays and substantial costs • Redundant networks, data, sensors and RTI middleware provide non-stop reliability © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 14
  • 15. Deterministic Performance • The Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery (MIRS) system at DLR coordinates three robots to perform delicate heart surgery. • The system closes a distributed loop between the robots and the remote surgeon’s control at 3kHz. • RTI delivers messages in real time © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 15
  • 16. System Integration • RTI is the leading vendor of combat system messaging • RTI connects disparate systems, merges multiple languages on multiple operating systems, handles DIL links and legacy interfaces • RTI enables easy, large-scale integration © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 16
  • 17. Multi-Channel Connections • The BASE TEN RoboScout unmanned ground vehicle integrates steering, braking, acceleration, dashboard, mapping, and up to 12 video feeds • “RTI is at the core of our modular and highly scalable environment.” Josef Schröttle Head of Design & Development BASE TEN SYSTEMS Electronics GmbH © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 17
  • 18. Flexible Transports • CAE, one of the world's leading providers of simulation and training, uses RTI over high-bandwidth IEEE- 1394 for its flight simulator • Middleware provides transport portability and architecture interoperability "In the past we probably would have developed an expensive, proprietary system for data communications. By using RTI, we were able to deliver a proven, reliable and cost effective solution to our customers.” - Peter Jarvis, Chief Designer © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 18
  • 19. Wireless Links • NASA’s Human-Robotic Systems prototypes robots for extraterrestrial surfaces • The project coordinates four NASA centers building four different robots. They operate in realistic environments, including over low-bandwidth, high- delay, lossy communications • RTI middleware allows these very different systems to share common data communications over disadvantaged links © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 19
  • 20. DIL Connection © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 20
  • 21. Advanced Tech in Legacy Environments • The VW Driver Assistance and Integrated Safety system combines radars, laser range finders, and video to assist safe operation • It helps avoid obstacles, detect lane departures, track eye activity, and safely negotiate bends • Advanced safety systems must connect to existing hardware. RTI middleware bridges high speed networking to the CAN bus © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 21
  • 22. Hardware in the Loop Test • A modern car contains 100+ CPUs • Audi uses hardware-in- the-loop simulation to feed realistic data to components in a lab for testing • RTI middleware enables a modular test environment that scales to work with hundreds of devices © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 22
  • 23. Scalability • Harmonic transmission and video switching equipment delivers worldwide video-on- demand • RTI handles 1,000s of clients, 1,000,000s of messages • RTI enables high- performance scalability and future extensibility © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 23
  • 24. Database Integration • Light and strong advanced composites make advanced aircraft quiet and efficient • Lund Engineering uses RTI to integrate the composite inspection system • Critically, all data must be saved for validation; RTI’s database integration saves all data to permanent storage © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 24
  • 25. High Throughput • RTI powers Varian’s NMR and MRI product lines • Any one of the sixteen MRI receivers can saturate a 1Gbit network. • RTI controls and optimizes network use to handle megabytes of load without losing data“RTI delivered great functionality at a low cost. Using RTI middleware saved us a lot of money, time, and effort compared to our previous in-house developed solution.” © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 25
  • 26. Reliable Uptime • Mevion’s Proton- Beam Radiation Therapy system zaps tumors with accelerated protons • The treatment must be continuous for 30- 40 days; downtime endangers treatment success • Mevion’s PBRT delivers dependable treatment at low cost © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 26
  • 27. Industry Interoperation • The Integrated Clinical Environment (ICE) standard specifies interoperability for medical devices • All ICU & operating room devices — from blood pressure cuffs to intravenous pumps to ventilators — could be interconnected according to the ICE standard – Complete logging – Automatic error detection – Better care • The DDS standard and RTI middleware enables plug & play interoperability across manufacturers © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 27
  • 28. Small Device Connection • Schneider PLCs operate modern factories • Manufacturing requires fast data, even with limited memory and processing power • RTI middleware connects powerful computers to deeply embedded devices with limited memory © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 28
  • 29. Fan Out/Fan In • Blue Force Tracker (JBC-P) must process 200,000+ tracks. • The legacy design was: – Proprietary – 1.5m SLOC – 12,000 tracks – 11 servers w/88 cores – Unreliable • The DDS design is: – 100% standards based – 50k SLOC – 250,000 tracks – 80% of a single core – Fully redundant – Reliable multicast © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 29
  • 30. Real-Time & IT Integration • Siemens Wind Power fields farms of 500 turbines with 100m blades • RTI enables fast control within turbines and distributed gust mitigation across the array • RTI will also integrate with predictive maintenance and business diagnostics • RTI melds real-time with IT © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 30
  • 31. Why a DataBus Transport? • Connects quickly, easily, powerfully • Reduces risk – Proven, reusable, certified • Saves money – Decouples large problem into solvable pieces • Enables advanced capability – Reliability: redundant, 24x7 operation – Performance: microsecond latency, megabyte throughput – Integration: Any transport, OS, language © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) DataBus 31
  • 32. Fundamental Diff: Brokers vs DataBus AMQP, MQTT, CoAP • Centralized Hub and spoke – Comms route through server – Web server, broker or ESB • Server queues messages with simple QoS (e.g. TCP) • Simplified discovery • Server challenges: failover, latency under load, error recovery DDS • Decentralized Peer-to-peer – Fully embeddable – No external sftw (e.g., broker) • Bus shares data with complex QoS • Discovery challenge • No single point of failure, bottleneck, or service interruptions © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 32 Device App App App Device Device Server /Broker / ESB Device App Device or Dedicated System App App App App
  • 33. Types of Flow © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 33 Point-to-Point Client/Server Publish/Subscribe Brokered ESB Daemon Pub/Sub Messaging Data-Centric Publish/Subscribe (DCPS) Data-Centric
  • 34. IoT…Not Quite That Simple © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 34 Web Services and Business Apps Server-to-Server (S2S) Devices and Intelligent Systems Control Plane Device-to-Device Device to Server (D2S) TimelinessofResponse 10μs–10ms10ms–1s>1s
  • 35. Another Perspective Control Management Analysis TimelinessofResponse 10μs–10ms10ms–1s>1s •Process control and workflow •Presentation of “live” data •Security policy enforcement •Human input / output •Configuration management •Data mining and analysis •Equipment control and monitoring •Performance measurement and calibration •Fault isolation and automated recovery © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 35
  • 36. DeviceDevice Device App Device App IoT Protocol Soup Device Broker/ESB App App App MQ, AMQP Intelligent System App App App App DDS MQTT App App © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 36 App Device App Device Device CoAP RS RS • S2S: BI, storage, cloud, slow, 100ms • D2S: Telemetry, hub & spoke, 10ms • D2D: Control/dist, Databus, .01ms
  • 37. The Internet of Things…Coming Soon • Every industry, every device will change • IoT needs many protocols – Server-to-server: AMQP, MQ, SOAP, etc. – Device-to-server: MQTT, CoAP – Device to device: DDS – Control plane: melting pot… • Basic protocol use – MQTT collects device data for server use – DDS shares device data to build Intelligent Systems – AMQP messages between servers © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 37
  • 38. About RTI • Market Leader – Over 70% DDS mw market share1 – Largest embedded middleware vendor2 • Standards Leader – Active in 15 standards efforts – OMG Board of Directors – DDS authors • Real-Time Pedigree – Founded by Stanford researchers – High-performance control, tools history • Maturity Leader – 600+ designs – TRL 9 © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 1Embedded Market Forecasters 2VDC Analyst Report 38
  • 39. 2008 Global Support and Distribution © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 39
  • 40. © 2013 Real-Time Innovations (RTI) 40