RTI Support for FACE TSS


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Presented at the 2013 MBSE Technical Forum in Huntsville, Alabama.

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RTI Support for FACE TSS

  1. 1. Your systems. Working as one.Your systems. Working as one.RTI Support for FACEBill AntypasJune 20, 2013
  2. 2. RTI Transport Services Segment (TSS)2DDS-RTPS wireprotocol compliant:interoperable withnon-FACE DDS appsPublish/subscribeparadigm*Physical connection(s)configurable atintegration time*Will likely support additionalparadigms in future
  3. 3. Core ArchitectureBuilt on Standard and Open InterfacesPCSComponentPCSComponentPSSComponentRTI Connext DDSCore, Messaging, Micro or CertPSSComponentFACE Security ProfileTransport Services API to DDS Mapping3Intra-processSharedmemoryARINCPortsSocketsOther/CustomRTITransportServicesSegmentFACE TransportServices (TS) APIFACE SecurityProfileRTI transportAPIOMG DDS APIDDS-RTPSprotocolPluggabletransports
  4. 4. Optimized, Location-IndependentCommunication• Physical transport(s) configurable at integration time• Applications can use multiple transports concurrently• Transport(s) configured per application4Transport UseIntra-process Within the same address space (process)Shared memory Between processes in the same partitionARINC ports Within a node; within or between partitionsSockets(UDP unicast or multicast)Within or between nodes, including overEthernetLow-bandwidth Over satellite or radio links (no IP requirement)Custom Over custom networks or busses (via plug-in API)
  5. 5. PartitionPartitionPartitionDeployment Example5UoP UoPShared memoryAppRTI TSS RTI TSSUoP UoP UoPRTI TSS RTI TSS RTI TSSARINC PortsRTI TSSBus/NetworkNode Node
  6. 6. TSS Connection Mechanism Comparison6RTIDDSCORBASocketsPOSIXQueuesSharedmemoryQueuingportsSamplingportsProximity Intra-partition ● ● ● ● ● ● ●Inter-partition ● ● ● ● ●Inter-node ● ● ●Multiple concurrently ●Distribution One-to-one ● ● ● ● ● ● ●One-to-many ● ● ● ● ●Many-to-one ● ● ●Many-to-many ● ●● Unreliable
  7. 7. Level EPartitionUp to Level A PartitionRTI Routing Service:Transport and Network Routing• Component of RTI Connext Integrator• Deployable in uncertified systems or Level E partitions• Also supports data transformations, protocol mediation7UoP UoPARINC PortsRTI TSS RTI TSSUoPNode Non-CriticalNode orPartitionUoPNon-CriticalNode orPartitionRTI TSSBus/NetworkRoutingServiceRTI TSS
  8. 8. Level EPartitionUp to Level A PartitionRTI Routing Service:Transport and Network Bridging8UoP UoPARINC PortsRTI TSS RTI TSSNodeRoutingServiceUp to Level A PartitionUoP UoPRTI TSS RTI TSSNodeLevel EPartitionBus/NetworkARINC PortsRoutingService
  9. 9. Airborne SystemAirborne SystemFlexible IntegrationIncluding TSS andNative DDS Apps9FACEUoPFACEUoPLocal CommunicationRTI TSS RTI TSSRoutingServiceFACEUoPFACEUoPLocal CommunicationRTI TSS RTI TSSRoutingServiceDDSAppDDSAppLocal CommunicationRTI DDS RTI DDSRoutingServiceGround System
  10. 10. DDS Natively Supports FACE Data Model• FACE messages are strongly typed• OMG IDL used by FACE Platform Data Model & DDS– FACE messages must conform to IDLlanguage mapping– Apps can use mappings generated by RTI’s IDL compiler• DDS natively understands data– Type safety– Heterogeneous interoperability (languages, CPUs)– Wire efficiency (minimizes metadata)– Enables middleware-level filtering (including at source)– Eases integration (explicit interfaces)10FACE PlatformData ModelRTI IDLCompilerCC++JavaAdaInclude inapplicationsource
  11. 11. Supports DDS QoS• Messaging reliability: Best Effort and Reliable• Optional durability maintains consistent state– Last value(s) persisted by publisher– Available to late- and re-joining subscribers– History depth configurable on pub and sub sides• Automatic failover: Ownership and Strength• Send/receive cache resource configuration11
  12. 12. Certification Path• Thin layer over DDS– Currently <2K ELOC• Compatible with Connext DDS Cert– DO-178C Level A certifiable– Evaluation in progress– ~20K Executable Lines Of Code (ELOC)– Small memory footprint: ~200 KB library– Low CPU load: <10% at 30 HZ update rate12
  13. 13. Planned FACE Profile SupportSecurity Safety Base Safety Extended General PurposeRTI TSS ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔RTI Connext DDSCert ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔Micro ✔ ✔Core ✔Messaging ✔RTI Routing Service ✔13
  14. 14. Tools Support• RTI Analyzer• RTI Monitor*• RTI Recording Service• RTI Excel Add-in• Wireshark• National Instruments LabView• The Mathworks Simulink and MATLAB14*Currently supported for Connext DDS Core and Connext DDS MessagingWith pub/sub paradigm: tools are non- or minimally-intrusive, application transparent
  15. 15. Summary of RTI TSS Benefits• Proximity and physical transport independence• Flexible communication– 11, 1many, many1, manymany• Routing and federation• Interoperability with non-FACE apps– Peer-to-peer with DDS apps– Via Connext Integrator for non-DDS apps• Optimized support for FACE data model• Rich Quality of Service• Expeditious path to DO-178C Level A certification• Tooling15
  16. 16. Available Now• Early Access Release (EAR)• Based on FACE Technical Standard 2.0• Complete implementation of C lang TS API• Portable source code• No charge for TSS• Requires license to Connext DDS edition16
  17. 17. C AppJava AppJoint DemoRTI ConnextDDS MicroRTI FACE Transport Service SegmentDDS-RTPS Wire Interoperability Protocol17ARM CPU PowerPC CPUVxWorks 653RTI Connext DDS MessagingAndroid OS
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