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Social Media for Community Organizations
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Social Media for Community Organizations


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This slide deck is from a presentation that I gave to members of my local community on how social media could benefit the community and the organizations that serve it.

This slide deck is from a presentation that I gave to members of my local community on how social media could benefit the community and the organizations that serve it.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Social Media for Community Organizations . . . an introduction Daniel Rothamel
  • 2. What is Social Media?
  • 3. A working definition: Social media is any site or application that allows users to provide and direct the content through sharing, collaboration, and interaction
  • 4. Some Examples: • Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn (social networks) • Flickr (photos) • YouTube (video) • Blogs • Twitter (micro-blogging)
  • 5. Social media uses technology to connect people through their shared interests
  • 6. BUT Social Media is about more than just computers and technology
  • 7. Social Media is about people and relationships.
  • 8. People organize  themselves in groups
  • 9. Those groups need leadership and direction
  • 10. Social media is a great tool for giving groups direction and leadership
  • 11. How can I use social media as a tool to enrich my community?
  • 12. You probably used social media decades ago without ever realizing it Car For Sale: 2003 Ford Pick-up Call (434) 555-1212 Free to a Good Home Community Coo k-out Sunday, 4pm- 8pm for Call Bobʼs Lawn Care all your needs Oak Tree Park House cleaner needed 1x 434-555-1000 per week. Call (434) 555-5555 for details
  • 13. Strengthen and expand your social groups by connecting on Facebook
  • 14. Share your message with the world.
  • 15. People are talking about you. Are you listening?
  • 16. Listen. Engage.
  • 17. It sounds stupid. Itʼs not.
  • 18. Social media can serve to enhance the techniques you are already using.
  • 19. The possibilities are endless. . . Explore.
  • 20. Resources S.M.U.G: CommonCraft:
  • 21. Daniel Rothamel Presented By: 434.962.7305 For additional information and content, vist: I became passionate about social media some time around 2005. It was then that I discovered blogging as a means of reaching people as a REALTOR for Strong Team REALTORS. Ever since then, I have been committed to exploring social media and its benefits for businesses and communities. My goal is to share those benefits with as many people as possible so that they can take advantage of them to achieve their own goals. For the last few years, Iʼve been able to travel all over the country meeting with and speaking to real estate professionals; helping them use social media to enrich their businesses and relationships. This lead to my appointment as the Vice-Chair for the National Association of REALTORS Business Systems and Information Technology Forum and a position as Community Manager for Inman News, the countryʼs leading real estate industry news organization. As the Community Manager for Inman News, Iʼve had the opportunity to put into practice a lot of the strategies and techniques I talk about in a corporate setting. If you would like me to speak to your group or organization, Iʼm happy to help. If you want to get to know me a little better, or need to get in touch, here are some spots on the Internet where you can find me: LinkedIn (Daniel Rothamel) Facebook (Daniel Rothamel) Twitter (RealEstateZebra) Flickr (RealEstateZebra) AOL IM (RealEstateZebra) Skype (RealEstateZebra) You can view all of my social media profiles at: