FSBOs on Steroids: Step 1 of 15

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FSBOs on Steroids: Step 1: Prepare for the Sale

FSBOs on Steroids: Step 1: Prepare for the Sale

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  • OK, but do I need to write my former clients to ask for permission\n\nGraphic enhancement:\n\n1. Ad photo and link to Boston Globe story if I can find the link on Boston.com?\n
  • Graphic enhancement:\n\n1. Bring “begin with the end in mind across the slide?”\n\n2. When it repeats at the end of the slideshow, link to FSBOCruise or FSBOVacations\n
  • Title: Scope of work = framework for slideshow\n
  • \n
  • 14 slides follow:\n\n1. Should I include subsections which match the scope of work?\n
  • \n
  • Link to magazine\n
  • Link to TV program\n
  • Link to vendors\n
  • Put both stagers on the same page?\n
  • Link to web site showing sellers how they can simulate different looks at their own house\n
  • Link to USInspect\n
  • Attach sample report, or link\n
  • Link to sellers’s disclosure of property conditions recommended but not required in Massachusetts\n
  • Link to site, and / or\n\nReplace slide with slide from National Association of Remodelers? Cost benefit or repairs?\n
  • MOVE OR REMOVE SLIDE:\nReplace slide with slide from National Association of Remodelers? Cost benefit or repairs?\n
  • Put both on same slide?\n\n
  • Look for special incentives... \n\nOnce frowned on by the “real estate cartel,” now many companies courting FSBOs\n\nOffering financial incentives to do business\n
  • Do repairs beforehand, or offer seller concessions to pay for repairs\n\nSometime done through the purchase price. Alternatively, could offer a hardware gift card to buyer\n


  • 1. FSBOs on Steroids Performance enchancing tools & tricks to save money by selling your own homeUsing services “a la carte” from The Real Estate Cafe
  • 2. 1. Prepare for the Sale
  • 3. • Home staging
  • 4. • Home staging
  • 5. • Simple repairs: painting
  • 6. Pre-listinginspection
  • 7. Pre-listing inspection: Summary report
  • 8. Pre-listing inspection: Photos of existing conditions
  • 9. • Get costs to repair
  • 10. • Find contractors: National referral service
  • 11. • Find contractors: Regional referral service