What's Changed in Webinars?


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Webinars and webcasts are an increasingly important part of marketing. But how much thought have you given to your webinar strategy? Is it really a strategy or are you still doing the same things you were doing 3 years ago?

Join ReadyTalk and best-selling author Wayne Turmel, president of GreatWebMeetings.com and the author of "6 Weeks to a Great Webinar" and "10 Steps to Successful Virtual Presentations" for this candid, lively and engaging webinar. In our time together, you'll learn:

-How webinars have changed in the last 3 years
-Trends and research
-They're more than lead generation
-How even low-tech companies are using them
-Why they shouldn't be left to the interns
-Tools to think about

The first 5 people to register for this webcast will receive a FREE pdf version of "6 Weeks to a Great Webinar".

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  • President GreatwebmeetingsWhy it mattersStandup comic….. Then a Presentation skills trainer and coach…. Live audience reaction, hooked, still do speakingCranky Middle Manager not live but thousands of subscribers around the world….Taking those skills, rather than the technology….. Will talk about technology a bit but it is the medium NOT the messageLot of this information is in 6 weeks…… etc.
  • Shared Greatwebmeetings….. Relevant because I’ve made the transitionWe’ll talk about why webinars matter to speakers…… first use of the word in 1999, 100% of fortune 1000s use some version at least occasionally, cisco paid $1Billion for WebExPeek behind the scenes…. Going to not only give you the information but model some of the ways you can use the tool and let you know what I’m doing…Crassly commercial, might bug some speakers….that’s okay4 reasons speakers hate webinars….. Anecdotal and company research…Tips to overcome or at least deal….only with doing them over and over will you become comfortable… and it will never be the same as a live presentation….Don’t hold back questions….. Fire at will, the hope is that we will address your concerns and spend more time on what your needs really are than just guessing……First, let’s clarify our terms, because webinar is a word that gets thrown around a lot…..
  • 2 Types….clear slideToday focus on Lead Generation, Awareness…… that’s what I did in 6 weeks to a great webinar…..Don’t charge the audience….. It’s all about database expansion…. It’s like websites a couple of years ago….. You might not think you need them but if you don’t have it in your arsenal, you won’t be able to play with many buyers or be seen as technologically literate. Think of it like the PowerPoint transition….. 35 mil slides…. Boxes of overheads….. Separate from webinars as products, we’ll talk about htat mix in a minute. Now that we know what we’re talking about when we say webinars…. Elt me know a bit more about you…. (explain voting)
  • Get over it…. Ti’s part of the new environment in the 21st Century. Remember if you can’t discuss them like you know what you’re talking about you’ll get left behind or seen as out of touch. That’s why we’re here today….ASK FOR QUESTIONS>>now would be a good time to ……catharsis and get them out of your system. A little tough love……
  • It’s about driving sales…. Again risking spoiling the effect but I have two things I’m hoping to interest you in…… the book and the webinar supporting the system….. But it’s still about givingt you the information you came here for….now where were we…… MARKETING…. Remember you want qualified people…. Name recognition is nice, exposure is nice…..from Canada you can die from exposure….. This title was designed to get speakers who arent’ comfortable doing webianrs….. They are the most likely individual users of my services…..
  • What's Changed in Webinars?

    1. 1. Your Webinars are Soooooo 2008How they’ve changed and What’sWorking—or Not
    2. 2. Wayne Turmel • President, GreatWebMeetings.com • Presentation skills trainer and coach
    3. 3. Our time together• How webinars have changed in the last 3 years• Trends and research• More than lead generation• Now low-tech companies are using them• Why they shouldn’t be left to the interns
    4. 4. 2 Types…• Lead generation/awareness webinars ▫ Free ▫ Expand your database ▫ Brand creation ▫ Channel education ▫ Cheap website content• Webinars as products ▫ $$$$$ ▫ Get your “Intellectual Property “(IP) widely distributed
    5. 5. Get over it…..
    6. 6. Why do Webinars?• Save marketing $$$$$$• Generate leads• Expand database• Create website content• Establish expertise• Promote your brand• Create partnerships
    7. 7. Webinar Growth40%
    8. 8. When you say “webinar”…• Traditional marketing webinar- “come learn about us”• Establishing expertise - “learn about the industry” from us• Training/build long-term relationship• Recorded webcast- website content, small doses
    9. 9. What’s Changed?• More competition• More focus on education• Fewer attendees, better sales cycles• Technology is wayyyyyy easier
    10. 10. Formats• Straight demo• Ongoing education series• Expert interviews/radio show• Pre-recorded• Video/webcam
    11. 11. The Purpose: To Drive Sales
    12. 12. Why Do Webinars?90%80%70% Educate prospects or customers60% Generate new leads50% Position company in marketplace40%30% Move leads to sales20% Add names to opt-in list10% Create recordings0% 1
    13. 13. Who Uses Webinars?1. Software/tech2. Professional services3. Associations4. Financial services5. Education
    14. 14. Why Bird Seed?
    15. 15. Why Kaytee Does Webinars• Channel education• Website content• Brand awareness
    16. 16. What Do Companies Like• Inexpensive• Expand geographic reach• Level playing field• Partnering opportunities• Repurposing for web content
    17. 17. What Don’t They Like• A lot of work• Working with technology• Presenters aren’t comfortable• Disappointing results
    18. 18. Biggest Mistakes• Casting too wide a net• Making it about you, not customers• Handing it off to interns• No clear call to action• Poor preparation• No standard processes• Poor presentation ▫ Speaker preparation ▫ Lack of interaction ▫ Inappropriate audience analysis
    19. 19. What’s the difference?• Positioning can mean 300% increase• Repeats increase leads• Series increases brand awareness and conversion• Lead tracking and followup are key
    20. 20. The thinking has changed• 2008- generate new leads, get people in the pipeline• 2011- create loyalty, convert leads, keep them longer
    21. 21. So what????• Observe a few webinars and make notes• Talk to all stakeholders• Make it part of your marketing strategy• Treat it like the project it is
    22. 22. 6 Weeks to a Great Webinar E-version• $15 by paypal• Just drop an email to wayne@greatwebmeetings.com• Includes the visuals from this webcast
    23. 23. Happy To Help Wayne@GreatWebMeetings.com +1 630 5451934 Skype: greatwebmeetings.com Twitter @greatwebmeeting