Pre-Game Webinar Checklist


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Who knew webinar preparation was like getting ready for a football game?

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Pre-Game Webinar Checklist

  1. 1. ReadyTalk Blog What Football and Webinars Have in Common Your webinar speakers are set, playbooks studied, twitter promotions sent, you’ve practiced until perfect, attendees have been reminded of the webinar time. And now, it’s game time!
  2. 2. ReadyTalk Blog About The AuthorVisit ReadyTalk’s Blog! Kelly Valdes Marketing Coordinator Kelly is the marketing coordinator, acting as the jack of all trades but master of none quite yet. She is focused on lead- generation webinars, content syndication and social media outlets with high hopes of mastering something in her role. Prior to ReadyTalk, Kelly worked with the Denver Outlaws, Colorado’s professional outdoor lacrosse team. Her marketing role included event promotion, attaining sponsorships, sports writing and ultimately being the number one fan. Outside the office, Kelly is most likely at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, watching ESPN, laying by the pool or attempting to golf. You can follow her on Twitter, @KellyValdes.
  3. 3. ReadyTalk Blog1) Review the Playbook:Ensure that your slide decks are uploadedproperly. Flip through the presentation to testthe order. Use a single slide template, even ifthere are multiple speakers2) Know the Plays: Have your script printedout in hard copy
  4. 4. ReadyTalk Blog3) Your Team:Connect with the event moderator andspeakers 30 minutes prior to webinar.Review speaking roles, timing and transitions
  5. 5. ReadyTalk Blog4) Be a Team Player: Conduct an event soundcheck.Remember:a. No speaker-phoneb. Land line is more reliable than a cell phonec. Headset may make your life easierd. Mute computere. Silence cell phones, children, dogs andping-pong-playing co-workers
  6. 6. ReadyTalk Blog5) Smile for National Television Broadcasting:Begin the event recordingTaking time to prepare ensures that when thewhistle blows and it’s time for kickoff, you areready to score. Whether it’s following a strictchecklist, or simply relating your webinarpreparation to your favorite thing in life, don’tlet any pre-webinar steps go to the wayside oran upset may be the unfortunate result.Need a little coaching for your next webinar?ReadyTalk’s special team of webinar and eventexperts can help.
  7. 7. ReadyTalk Blog Interested in learningmore about ReadyTalk? Visit our website!
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