Web Conferencing: The Perfect Tool for Corporate andCustomer Training                                    A Frost & Sulliva...
Managers know how important training can be, whether it’s related to the use of new    technology, business processes or c...
Web conferencing lets trainers address audiences anywhere, anytime, in an Internet-based,real-time meeting environment. Th...
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Corporate Training Best Practices


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Learn why web conferencing is the perfect tool for corporate and customer training and how online training is the most cost-effective and successful.

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Corporate Training Best Practices

  1. 1. Web Conferencing: The Perfect Tool for Corporate andCustomer Training A Frost & Sullivan White Paper by Melanie Turek, Industry Director
  2. 2. Managers know how important training can be, whether it’s related to the use of new technology, business processes or corporate policies, rules and regulations. When asked to define what concerns them most, IT executives top-rank the need to keep an expanding global workforce educated and informed. And, indeed, corporate training has never been more important; organizations are managing a growing number of remote workers, as well as business partners and suppliers. In this increasingly global and competitive marketplace, employees and partners need to be well- educated, both to do their jobs effectively and to make the most of the products and services at their disposal. Organizations must continually train these individuals, as quickly as possible, to ensure that they are up to speed on the latest information. At the same time, organizations are being asked to shorten sales cycles and times to market, reduce costs, and raise productivity. Leading organizations also know that training shouldn’t be limited to employees and business partners. There are clear benefits from ensuring that your customer base is well trained on your product and understands its value, including higher customer engagement, decreased customer attrition, higher revenue per customer, and overall lower support costs. Train your customers on how to get the most from your products and they will use them more often and more successfully—making them more inclined to buy from you again. Educate them on the ways in which they can get more value from your products, and they are more likely to increase their overall business. And keep them up to date on your products’ latest features and capabilities, and they are less likely to call on you with questions or for support down the road. To be successful, corporate and customer training requires insightful, relevant and cost- effective classes that engage attendees while meeting their training needs. It’s critical to be able to catch an attendee’s attention, keep it, and then make sure that the information imparted is understood and retained. It’s also important that trainers be able to offer refresher courses and follow-up classes on an as-needed basis to ensure participants remain up to date on the latest information and can get refreshers when circumstances require. What’s more, like all learning, corporate training greatly benefits from increased collaboration. That’s where Web conferencing comes in. To meet the educational challenges they face today, corporate and customer training organizations must create dynamic learning opportunities using new tools and technologies. Forward-thinking businesses are increasingly adopting Web conferencing and collaboration products and services to enable virtual training, so employees don’t need to travel and can stay productive before and after every educational session, immediately putting their new skills to work. The tools also create opportunities for training partners and customers who might otherwise forgo education due to the costs and constraints of travel.2 Frost & Sullivan
  3. 3. Web conferencing lets trainers address audiences anywhere, anytime, in an Internet-based,real-time meeting environment. The technology offers rich functionality, including file andapplication sharing, annotation, online chat, polls and surveys, Web co-browsing, recording,and many other features. It’s a great way to deliver presentations, product demonstrations,interactive meetings and seminars.In fact, while online training is almost always more cost-effective than its real-worldcounterpart—especially if it involves remote participants—it’s often more successful, too.That’s because online training sessions can be targeted to a specific audience, regardless ofits size or location; incorporate PowerPoint documents as well as applications, websites andvideo; handle questions and manage polls easily and democratically; and be archived foraccess after the live event, so attendees can review key points or participate in the trainingeven if they can’t make the initial date.Simply put, Web conferencing addresses a trainer’s most important needs: • Online training can reach across multiple geographies and time zones, so employees and customers are up to speed no matter where they’re located; • Easily launch cost-effective learning sessions, both proactively (in advance of learning) and reactively (as an educational need comes up); • Create highly targeted and interactive educational sessions that engage attendees; • Provide a collaborative training process in which participants can offer feedback and interact with trainers to get questions answered and support for their business needs; • Lay the educational foundation, then follow up with targeted, circumstance-specific training, as needed; • Empower corporate trainers and foster communication among them and their managers, as well as lines of business; and • Maximize efficiency to train more people more quickly. Frost & Sullivan 3
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