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Explicit teaching sequence. All readers are in the same order of introducing the code.

They develop phonemic awareness, code recognition, blending of words built using the code in their level, Duck Levels (high frequency/ sight words) they read whole sentences build using words at their Code Level, and enjoy readers that only include the code they are learning.

Spelling Clouds used for exploratory work, during independent writing.

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SSP Explicit Teaching Sequence Poster

  1. 1. Visual Prompts are images linked with Speech Sound Pic Words within that level - ie they are created using sound pics the students are learning. Speech Sound Pics (pictures of speech sounds ~ phonemes/ graphemes) for each level. Students learn to decode and encode using these Speech Sound Pics. Speech Sound Pic Words are created using the Sound Pics the students have learnt previously and are learning within current level. This helps speed up decoding skills, moving towards fluency. Sentences are created using the Sound Pic and Helpful Words the students have learnt previously and are learning within current level. This helps students visualise as decoding is easy. Spelling Clouds complete the code. Use the Speech Sound Cloud Poems to expose students to the whole code within meaningful context. There is a poem for every Spelling Cloud. Students say the speech sound, decode the words and blend into the whole word- students do this together (see example videos) Students read levelled text (according to SSP Level) and analyse ~ they need to be able to justify their answers orally. New examples uploaded monthly to teacher resource site sat pat pin in it spat spit ant pant tin tan Stan Pat Nin Nat .... any words created using s,a,t,p,i,n fluff rat hill duck cat dog end up hat ..... any words created using Green and Purple Level Sound Pics. Start introducing Spelling Clouds. moon book green high ring ship chips .....any words created using Green, Purple and Yellow Sound Pics. See teacher resource site for grammar and punctuation taught within Purple - Blue Levels ...sentences using familiar sound pics and helpful words. See teacher resource site for sentence writing prompt cards. giggle gentle Start with SSP Orange Level in the Early Years ~ Oral Language and Phonemic Awareness If we were to take pictures of speech sounds what would they look like? Crack the Code by Discovering the Speech Sound Pics... ke SSP SSP SSP SSP Letter formation Cards online. There are readers for every level.