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  • 1. Wiring  Brains Hard copy SSP Readers available soon! Free to view online at SSPReaders.com & www.youtube.com/soundpics  - Playlist SSPReaders Orders; info@ ReadAustralia.com or MySpeedySSP.com Shop The Rapid Reading Journey Reading with fluency and comprehension - within 4 terms. Students move from SSP Blue Code Level Readers to Chapter Books.  They can read anything, however books are chosen that are appropriate for their age. If they graduate from Blue in term 3 of Prep, they are still going to be reading stories and non fiction suitable for 5 year olds! If they graduate from Blue when 10, they may choose Harry Potter etc.   At this point (when moving towards graduation) you can start using Cars and Stars etc as the children can read the text and questions independently.  PM Readers can be used from SSP Blue Code Level.  Students PM Benchmarked no earlier than SSP Yellow Code Level  (when working towards Blue)  Guided Reading is used throughout all SSP Code Levels, with readers the students can code, to develop higher order/ critical thinking. Comprehension is checked at all Code Levels.  Coded Reading Library opening on the Gold Coast next term. Pay a one-off fee of $30 to borrow Coded, Sequential Readers (2 max per visit) from the Wiring Brains Education Office. Over 500 Coded Readers, to take any student from a non reader to fluency.