Speech Sound Clouds from the Reading Whisperer
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Speech Sound Clouds from the Reading Whisperer

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There is a Speech Sound Cloud for every speech sound in the english language and each shows all spelling variations. ...

There is a Speech Sound Cloud for every speech sound in the english language and each shows all spelling variations.

This is another free resource to use in classrooms and at home, not for commercial gain.

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  • 1. ReadAustralia.com Youtube.com/SoundPics Facebook.com/ReadAustralia Slideshare.net/readingwhisperer
  • 2. Download SSP Resources, including the Speech Sound Clouds from Slideshare.net/ReadingWhisperer
  • 3. SSP • Children go through the Levels systematically, (Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue) learning new skills as they progress. At the same time as learning the phonemes (speech sound pics) explicitly they also discover ALL spelling variations using the Speech Sound Clouds. The following songs, poems and stories bring the clouds to life, using every spelling variation within a meaningful context.
  • 4. Could you help build our Speech Sound Cloud library? Send them to Miss Emma Don’t forget to put ‘Created by …..’ and add your name ! Emma@ReadAustralia.com
  • 5. I’m Mad Sam Lily wants him to smell like roses instead  NO! Seven This isn’t your song..
  • 6. a
  • 7. a is a sound you’ll hear a lot but not in tin or pin or cot you’ll find it in the middle of a word like pat and also hat and mat and rat NO! Seven This isn’t your song..
  • 8. t
  • 9. I doubt that’s its a pterodactyl, but better not leave him on the window sill If you move in haste he might jump out, if he squashes Dad’s tomatoes he’s bound to SHOUT ! NO! Seven This isnt your song..
  • 10. p
  • 11. We’re happy hopping - hop, hop, hop We’re happy hopping - hop, hop, hop We’re happy hopping - hop, hop, hop Give us some music and we’ll never stop ! NO! Seven This isnt your song..
  • 12. i women u busy
  • 13. Is it a true or is it a myth ? Depends on who I am sitting with... Mum says ‘enough’ – don’t be silly son! But Grandma Flo she wants some fun  NO! Seven This isnt your song.. Yes, yes, it’s a dragon and he is flying !! u women busy
  • 14. n
  • 15. Nick is a gnat who’s keeps saying NO ! Why he does, I just don’t know Perhaps he’s feeling grumpy, as his nose is runny Getting the flu just isn’t funny. NO! Seven This isnt your song.. Poor Nick thinks he has pneumonia
  • 16. Download Green Level A3 poster for Children at slideshare.net/readingwhisperer Poster for Teachers also now available
  • 17. m
  • 18. Bam Bam Bam went the hammer ! Bam Bam Bam went the mouse ! ‘STOP! STOP! STOP!’ said the Speech Sound Lamb, and the cat ran away to her house. Which sound pic did we miss ? NO! Seven This isnt your song..
  • 19. d
  • 20. Paddy Dog Barked in surprise, The King jumped up, and down. He really couldn’t believe his eyes! ‘Stop acting like a clown’ ! NO! Seven This isnt your song.
  • 21. g
  • 22. Its not every day, that gold fish swim away, from a ghost on a hot air balloon. And if that made you giggle, then look in the middle, There’s a hen in a dish with a spoon !
  • 23. g
  • 24. Jimmy the large gentle giant, couldn’t help but frown. He needed to adjust his belt, Before his pants fell down ! Hee hee hee ! NO! Seven This isnt your song.
  • 25. o
  • 26. Poor Miss Polly was feeling bad, She had a cough, was sick. But don’t despair, just call Duck Doc he’ll be there in a tick ! NO! Seven This isnt your song
  • 27. c
  • 28. For Christmas, Black Cat asks for a kite But the queue in the store is so long ! So Kangaroo juggles with his soccer ball, And Donkey bursts into a song ! ( We don’t usually use ‘q’ without his friend u ) NO! Seven This isnt your song
  • 29. e
  • 30. The leopard said ‘get off my bed! I need to find my book. You’ll make it bend, my silly friend. Now quick! I need to look.’ He didn’t know, that down below, the book was being read. He thought his book was probably just trapped under his bed.
  • 31. u
  • 32. Mum was just about to touch The tap, but Pup jumped out. ‘Come here you little tinker, Or I am going to shout !’ It’s Monday morning, time for school, Give Pup a stroke and rub. When with your partner, on the bus, He’s going in the tub ! There is one sound pic missing .. NO! Seven This isnt your song
  • 33. r
  • 34. The rhino rode a raft, And the cow carried a cart. But if you can really write your name, Then YOU’RE the one who’s smart ! NO! Seven. This isnt your song
  • 35. h
  • 36. Happy Harry Ant hurries up the hill, with a whole hot dog ! How fast can you say this? NO! Seven. This isnt your song
  • 37. b
  • 38. NO! Seven This isnt your song..
  • 39. f
  • 40. I’m not a fat frog any more ..my friend Fifi helped me become a fit frog ! This is my fluffy friend FiFi and Jimmy Giraffe She laughs at her crazy phone NO! Seven, this isn’t your song.
  • 41. l
  • 42. The apple balances on the pile, The pupil can’t quite look. So will Lil keep good hold of them or will she drop a book? She’s an American Idol Finalist, traveling on tour ! NO! Seven This isnt your song either 
  • 43. Download Purple Level A3 poster for Children at slideshare.net/readingwhisperer
  • 44. j j j j j jump fluff kitten jelly
  • 45. v v v v v van hill giggle twenty f
  • 46. f
  • 47. w w w w win panda gentle wind
  • 48. x x x x fox flap locks kiss
  • 49. y y y y y fly messy snap Mum
  • 50. z z z z z buzz map stand fluffy bell
  • 51. q q q q quit funny wind Jim
  • 52. chips chicks fluffy duck fit frog spin
  • 53. shop chop fish big band
  • 54. this thumb carrot thin stick man
  • 55. tongue ngue
  • 56. thing pants sticks fan thick and thin ngue tongue
  • 57. ngue tongue
  • 58. train stamps king happy spit
  • 59. fishing three hats black spots
  • 60. fly sky high green hats a big blue train
  • 61. chicks rain shopping trolley lolly
  • 62. fantastic fish black bags chicken legs little green boat spoon
  • 63. look at a book spoon on a moon eight green frogs man in a pan
  • 64. Yellow and Blue Incomplete. Here Soon !
  • 65. blue level sound pics ar or ow oi air ur car for cow tow soil hair purse If you find any of these sound pics, when you are reading, add in more words ! The word ‘sale’ is a sound pic sandwich! s a-e l sale
  • 66. blue level sound pics er ay oy ou au perfect play toy out group touch August I play with my puppy, he loves it so much He’s wriggly, he licks me, he’s silky to touch. He’s perfect when out with just me, or a group… He tugs on my toys, and runs round in a loop In November when cold, or August when hot He just wants to play, he just doesn’t stop!
  • 67. blue level sound pics ir ie ue ea ui ey first chief tie blue beat head suit key they The first time they told me to get the blue tie I thought it was to go round my head, not sure why! The key is to loop it, no easy feat, but finishes the ‘suit look’, ready to meet VIP people, perhaps the top chief ! Mum said we’re not going, WHAT A RELIEF !
  • 68. blue level sound pics aw wh ph ew oe ure are claw whip dolphin few toe pure are dare I love the cute dolphin, who kisses my nose She splashes my fingers, and blows on my toes I ask ‘are you sure?’ I ask, ‘do you dare?’ To whip up the water, and make the crab stare! He’ll peep out from under the stone, it’s his door, and wave a few times with his big orange claw !