Reactiv RE-TARGETING - Gemius Workshop 03.03.2011


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Presentation on re-targeting by Reactiv shown during Gemius Workshop on 03.03.2011 @ Alberta Hotel, Riga, Latvia.

Consists of 2 cases - UHT Milk/Tetra Pak & Maggi 5Min/Nestle

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Reactiv RE-TARGETING - Gemius Workshop 03.03.2011

  1. 1. RE-TARGETING REACTIV Gemius Workshop 2011
  2. 2. Contents 1. TetraPak UHT Milk campaign Summer 2009 2. Nestle Maggi 5min campaign Spring 2010
  3. 3. Re-targeting in TetraPak UHT Milk campaign
  4. 4. Campaign & Goal Client: TetraPak Product: UHT Milk* Business goal: Increase sales of UHT Milk Campaign goal: Educate consumers about UHT Milk and it’s benefits Digital campaign goal: Reach at least 50 000 people through online communication Ultra-high temperature processing/ultra-heat treatment is the sterilization of food by heating it for a short time, around 1–2 seconds, at a temperature exceeding 135°C (275°F). UHT milk has a typical shelf life of six to nine months, until opened.
  5. 5. Campaign solution Challenges: - “UHT Milk” as brand is hard to explain - Restriction to use actual products (RIMI, Maxima milk packs) Solution: Speak only to consumers that are interested in knowing more about this category and it’s products, using 3 simple topics: UHT Milk has the same food value any other milk UHT Milk can be easily stored for a long time. UHT Milk is the same milk as any other! FROM COUNTRYSIDE! FOOD VALUE! BENEFICIAL!
  6. 6. 1) User selection To select users who are interested in those topics, we used questionary on biggest latvian websites -,,, Adnet network and : Questionary as pop-up, nice looking, interactive and without any traces of brand or client. 3 simple questions, each question represented one of the topics.
  7. 7. 2) Website selection To ensure biggest possible reach and avoid audience duplication, we used Gemius help and served questionnaire simultaneously on all campaign websites, by merging them into one big network (using AdOcean): 947 000 unique users*! *At the time of the campaign
  8. 8. 3) Re-targeting comes in During the questionary we placed up to 3 cookies on user’s web browsers, so next time when they visited one of the campaign websites they were shown one of the three campaign banners - depending on their answers: Questionary Banners depending on answers Each banner was leading to specific part of UHT Milk website, dedicated to given topic.
  9. 9. Results - questionary 50 000 completed questionarie! 60 800 completed questionaries Comments: We were more than pleased with completion rate which exceeded our estimations.
  10. 10. Results - retargeted banners 54 900 users saw one or more banners 5326 clicks 46 000 saw one or more banners, 8046 clicks Comments: Results were “ok”, but could have been better if we weren’t using regular banner placements.
  11. 11. Conclusion - Use of questionaries justified to single out target audience - It pays off to serve them on multiple websites at once, avoiding audience duplication and getting maximum reach - Recommended to use same (or similar) formats for both steps - “question” and “answer”, to ensure that users notice both. Thank you! Campaign credits: Digital media planning - Reactiv Creatives - TheMatter Production - Cube Media Retargeting – Gemius Latvia Video case-study:
  12. 12. Re-targeting in Maggi 5Min campaign “ Take the Taste With You!”
  13. 13. Campaign & Goal Client: Nestle Product: Maggi 5Min soups Business goal: [censored] Campaign slogan: “ Take the Taste With You!” Digital campaign goal: Non-standart digital solution that directly communicates campaign slogan.
  14. 14. Campaign idea Users are browsing the internet dozens of pages per session, usually flipping from page to page. By placing our ad on a single page (or even pages), we are in danger that user just won’t see it, or, even if he/she does, the impact will not last. We have to make our message stick, it has to travel along with user. User has to take it with him/her - “Take the Taste With You!”
  15. 15. Campaign solution Phase 1: User sees Maggi 5Min quiz (in floating banner form), starts to complete it; Phase 2: Quiz brings user to Maggi 5Min landing page with more quizes, lottery; Phase 3: Wherewer user goes next, Maggi 5Min will constantly travel along with him/her reminding about quiz results and just cheering him up.
  16. 16. Phase 1: Quiz <ul><li>Campaign websites - , & Adnet (AdOcean); </li></ul><ul><li>- Floating banner, frequency = 2 per UU, inside pages only; </li></ul><ul><li>- 14 day period for Phase 1 banners; </li></ul><ul><li>- 6 questions, ANSWER leads to landing page: </li></ul>
  17. 17. Phase 2: Landing page On the landing page users could complete more quizes and participate in lottery (not related to retargeting): One way or another, user got one or more quiz results.
  18. 18. Phase 3: Retargeting Once user left landing page, retargeting kicked in, and users were shown 1 of the 5 different “reminders” (again, as floating banners), with frequency = 3 and 24h intervals between impressions:
  19. 19. Campaign results “ Quiz” banners: Total audience reached - 719 283 (websites greatly overdelivered) Average CTR% - 1,15% Completed quizes - 7373 “ Reminder” banners: Total audience reached - 6956 Average CTR% - 11% “ Reminder” banner results confirmed that re-targeted message really works as it is supposed to work.
  20. 20. Conclusion - When executed right, re-targeting really works as advertised - Users really respond to “reminders” - If possible, use same ad formats for all phases - 6 questions before next phase = too much - Add more tracking - Plan max steps ahead (what happens after...) Campaign credits: Digital media planning - Reactiv Creatives - Publicis Riga Production - Cube Media/Syndicate Retargeting - Gemius Latvia
  21. 21. Tel. +371 67225847 Fax +371 67225843 Mob. +371 25912995 Elizabetes 45/47 Rīga, LV-1010 LATVIA Thank you!