NAP: The One Most Important Thing that Will Set Your Local Business Apart From Your Competitors


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NAP: The One Most Important Thing that Will Set Your Local Business Apart From Your Competitors. How to Increase Your Local Business' Online Presence via GeoReferencing and GeoTagging, (Name, Address and Phone Number) using Local Directories, including Google +, Yahoo and Bing local business pages, Hot Frog, City Search, etc.

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NAP: The One Most Important Thing that Will Set Your Local Business Apart From Your Competitors

  1. 1. Laurie Owen, MA, LMP Reach Them Online Local
  2. 2.         Skype: laurieo4 
  3. 3.  71% of all American adults use the Internet.  91% of all Internet users use a search engine to find information.  Over 50% of all purchases are preceded by an Internet search  30 percent of all search queries contain a city, state or zip code. (NAP) Geo-referencing Geo-tagging  There are 2.6 billion local searches a month  What does this have to do with you?  You don’t need a website as long as you have established a presence on local directories!  (Although having one helps)
  4. 4.  Geo-Referencing refers to putting something (in this case, your business Address) on a map (in this case, Google Maps)—Google automatically translates your address to x/y coordinates.  Geo-Tagging refers to using a database to add characteristics to the georeferenced item—in the case of a business, in relation to the search engines, the most important characteristics are Name and Phone Number. Hence, NAP
  5. 5. 5 Geo-Targeted Search Engines Sponsored Links Organic Results Geo-targeted campaign placement on major search engines Establish NAP format N: Name A: Address P: Phone Number
  6. 6. 6 Google & Yahoo Maps GPS Accessible Smart Phone Accessible Provide access to potential customers through Google and Yahoo maps ogle-in-the-enterprise/put-your- business-on-the-map-the-google- map/
  7. 7. Step One: Create a Document, including the following information: Name of Company: Address: City: ST Zip. Phone Web Address Email Business Owner’s First name Last name: Primary keywords for the business. i.e. Italian restaurant, veterinarian, flower shop in Boston, etc. About a 25 to 50 word description of the business using as many of the keywords as possible.
  8. 8. Create a new gmail account. Go to http://ww to do this. You’ll see a link on the lower right side of the page that says “New To GMAIL? Create an account.” Click on that.  Under First and Last name put your name.  You may need to provide a back up email address for this new email address. Use your main business email.  LOGIN NAME will be business name  You will use the same gmail account to create a YouTube channel, Panoramio Account, Google + Page, and Google Maps. The order in which to do this should be 1) Google Maps 2) YouTube 3) Google+ and 4) Panoramio.  Create a Yahoo account, using the same name and password, so it’s easy to remember.
  9. 9.   A) Complete the various screens, entering the requested information, selecting the various categories that business might be found under, uploading photos, etc.  On the last screen Google will either have two ways to verify the business listing or just one.  B) log in to Panoramio and add images  E) log in to YouTube and fill in the basic will also be creating a Google+ Account at the same time.  Use email matching domain to register account-if you can do this it is good— otherwise a gmail account is OK   DO’s:  Use images and video, walk-through, testimonials—  DON’T FORGET TO GEO TAG IMAGES.  Real Address, No UPS or PO Boxes  DON’T’s  Violating Google’s Suggestions  Using 800 Numbers  Using Phone Number Tracking—Unless it is consistent on all sites.  P.O. / UPS Boxes  Multiple Place Pages / location  Duplicate Phone on Multiple Place Pages
  10. 10.  Yahoo Local - You will essentially be repeating the same steps you did for Google, but may have to create a new email address @ Do the same address – and this time use the Google address as your main contact email. Complete all steps and note the passwords, etc. you created for this listing. Try using the Gmail account, but sometimes you are forced to do the yahoo address.  Now do the same for Bing -  You will probably need to create a Microsoft id.
  11. 11.  Superpages  infoUSA  Theme Sites  Shop City  Yelp  Citysearch  InsiderPages  Google  Yahoo Local  Angie’s List  Judy’s Book  Hot Frog  Mapquest Yellow Bot Dex Knows Magic Yellow Zidster LocalEze Yellow Pages Yellow Book Kudzu Merchant Circle City Voter City Squares Foursquare
  12. 12.  $49.00/yr.  submission-service common $4 ea. Niche-specific $5 ea.  about $300-$400/yr.  $79.00/yr.  $25.00/month  (now