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Part 2 - Learning the Language of Technology Quiz
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Part 2 - Learning the Language of Technology Quiz


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Reach Out Pro Module - Connecting Our Worlds …

Reach Out Pro Module - Connecting Our Worlds
Part 2

Use the following quiz to test your knowledge of the content from Part 2 of the education module.

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  • 1. Part 2 QuizUse the following 5) What is a serious game?quiz to test your A) A game where money is wagered on it B) A game where educational goals are built into it to produce some form of therapeutic changeknowledge of the C) A game about general knowledge like Trivial Pursuitcontent from Part 2. D) None of the above 6) What is a blog?1) What is Facebook? A) A personal site used for sharing thoughts with the online communityA) A social networking site that allows you to B) A swampy marsh with lots of logs in itform online connections and share information C) Something only young people usewith other users D) None of the aboveB) A high school year bookC) A book of mugshots used by the police 7) What is YouTube?D) The catalog in a cosmetic surgery office A) A site where videos can be viewed and2) What of the following can you not do on uploadedFacebook? B) A site with information about how to canyon tubeA) Posting photos online C) Something with no therapeutic valueB) Chat to friends D) None of the aboveC) Form therapy groups and professionalnetworks 8) What is flickr?D) You can do all of the above A) Something light bulbs do before they blow3) What is Twitter? B) A typo that should read Flicker C) A site set up for sharing photos andA) The sound the birds make in the morning commenting on photos others have postedB) A social networking site that allows you to D) None of the aboveshare status updates with your followersC) Something only celebrities useD) None of the above4) In Twitter, what does the # sign do?A) Highlights a spelling errorB) Makes the tweet privateC) Links the tweet to the topic that follows the #signD) None of the above Part 2. Learning the language of technology