Marketo Summit: Will the real lead please stand up - tips & tricks to an amazing set of marketing data


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This standing room only session on data quality highlights critical issues to getting your marketing and sales data aligned and marketable. Kim Stites & Mary Firme present.

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  • Marriage counseling for sales and marketingMapping into a grid Channel – type of program rows - activitiesProgression steps within each activity – columns - points/lead scoreLead characteristic – job title, role – personaCompany characteristics– location, revenues, employees
  • Marketo Summit: Will the real lead please stand up - tips & tricks to an amazing set of marketing data

    1. 1. Will the Real Lead Please Stand Up - Tips & Tricks to an Amazing Set of Marketing Data Mary Firme, ReachForce Kim Stites, MarketoPage 1 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    2. 2. Meet Your Speakers Mary Firme Kim Stites Chief Lead Sales and Marketing Operations Accelerator/Director of Manager, Marketo Marketing, ReachForcePage 2 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    3. 3. Important Questions to know the answers to: • If you are in marketing - Do you, like everyone else in marketing, have perfect communication with the sales folks? • If you are in sales - Do you, like everyone else in sales, have perfect communication with the marketing folks?Page 3 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    4. 4. Marketing Has Evolved… But Sales? They don’t understand marketing automation – they just want leads. Good news – Alignment can be pretty easy. It just takes a little preparation (and some food). Fact Sales & marketing always disconnect – and everything that goes wrong is marketing’s fault. (You’re Welcome!) Bigger Fact Marketing automation is powered by crystal clear data – definitions, completeness, accuracy and freshness -- and your programs will never run right without near perfect data alignment between marketing and sales. Getting definitions and alignment is the most critical, foundational factor for success with Marketo.Page 4 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    5. 5. Let’s Make Sure We Are Speaking the Same Language • Product interest • Budget, Authority, Need, Timing – What are questions to inform this, and are they mapped to SFDC lead view. Special handling requests mean something is wrong with the process – that creates a data problem.Page 5 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    6. 6. Preparation Cont.Page 6 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    7. 7. Preparation Cont.Page 7 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    8. 8. Define Your Funnel Through Data • Lead Status – Create different ones clearly mapped to planned marketing or sales outreach, have a game plan both sales and marketing follow • Contact Status – Should be equal to the definitions for Marketo Lead Status – even after conversion from Lead to Contact in Salesforce. • Opportunity Status – Open – Grey Area – Depend on your business. Discovery (Keep Marketing) vs Sales has it = back off. • Progression to the marketing content flow, with Data mapped to messaging content. Data will never be perfect. You are never done.Page 8 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    9. 9. Campaigns are data markers to progress marketing nurture to sales ready. • Likes sharp knives • Has cutting board • Watermelon purchased • Has budget • Ready for sales Terminology check: • Lead in Marketo – could be a Lead or a Contact in SalesforcePage 9 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    10. 10. Interesting status (data) types to track the nurture • Status = Ex-Pending – we can’t nurture unless they interact with us in some way – Sales does nurture. • Status = Pending – soft subscribe – they are aware of us, but we only send them a small nurture. We switch up this a lot, and make it really fun to get them to click in the email – Sales does nurture. • Status = Engaged – Now Marketing truly kicks in.Page 10 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    11. 11. Tip #1 Be a Prepper! In Marketing Automation, preparation means this must be mapped to data. Everything you need to know to market or sell, must be captured as data, not free text, and organized.Page 11 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    12. 12. Preparation Cont. In B2B you need to know about: • Company (contact information, revenues, industry, sector, buying history) • People/Persona (of the company) (contact info, role, authority, interests, expertise, fit within the team, relationship status with your company/your sales person) • Business fit: Do they need your product, Do they want your product, Do they have the problem your product solves? • Behavior (of people) (web pages visited – which one, show attended, webinar registered, clicked in email) • History (what they said, what you said, what the company bought before, will they buy again, have they never bought)Page 12 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    13. 13. Where to Start in Marketo Modeler Scoring ChannelsPage 13 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    14. 14. Tip #2 Define Success. This is from “Thrift Shop” from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. It’s on YouTube!Page 14 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    15. 15. Tip #3 Marketo Markets to People (not Companies, Accounts or Opportunities) Marketo Lead = Salesforce Lead OR Marketo Lead = Salesforce Contact People must be attached to the sales activity in Salesforce because Marketo markets to people not accounts or opportunities. If reps record opportunities without people, you have no insight into how your programs are working.Page 15 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    16. 16. Tip #4 Know your Source. Every Person has a Birthplace called Lead Source • Shouldn’t be changed unless there is a valid business change • Capture activity engagement through programs/campaignsPage 16 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    17. 17. Tip #5 Get Results!How will you measureyour results?What does success looklike? • Think ahead: what what details need to be tracked in order to measure the success of your time, money and effort? • Utilize Channels, Programs/Campaigns to paint the picture beyond Lead SourcePage 17 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    18. 18. Tip #6 Delete Junk! Never Delete Opportunities (unless it’s a test) • Utilize Closed Lost Reason or Disposition Status Don’t let Clutter build up • Delete “True Junk” Leads out of the systemPage 18 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    19. 19. Data. The 2-Year Mark. • Old data – keep forever or get rid of after 2 years • Multiple leads, one MQL connected to opportunity – after 2 years, the data is out of date anyway that getting them out of the system. • Mark the contact as a customer = status • Account has a purchase, that then gets pushed out to all contacts and all of them get marked as customers. • Do that in sales force • Product is on the contact page layout, and customer type is changed.Page 19 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    20. 20. Tip #7 Have Data Breakfast With Sales • Sales needs to understand the repercussions of certain data behaviors No person (contact) attached to opportunity – you lose ROI value to campaign – and maybe that program gets cut next time. • Ultimate win for marketing is a person who is a Salesforce lead – converts to a contact and then converts to a have an opportunity and then close wins. • Safe data handling – rules to a peaceful coexistence • Make a cheat sheet – Marketo terms – Salesforce termsPage 20 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    21. 21. Tip #7 Have Data Breakfast With Sales What if no one wants to come to your exciting data strategy meeting? Bring food! Meat and donuts. Bacon is helpful. Hold the meeting. Consultative approach: a) Start with a value statement – What’s in it for me? b) This is just a starter meeting – we value what you have to say and we want to take that into account. Impulsive organization: a) Don’t worry – this is only going to take 30 minutes, as you agree with everything I say. b) What’s in it for you? I will run programs that will make tee’d up business hit your inbox with great regularity. c) Do what I say.Page 21 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    22. 22. Tip #8 Go with the Flow - Create Fields in Salesforce first – not Marketo Problem: Marketing creates a field like “Are you thinking of buying in next 3 months?” in Marketo – but this won’t create it in Salesforce. Sales people don’t ever see it because they are not in Marketo – biggest gotcha.  Solution: Create a fields in Salesforce first and they will flow to Marketo.Page 22 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    23. 23. Tip #9 Avoid Duplication. (And Preserve Campaign Insights) Add Lists of People to Marketo (not Salesforce) Marketing and sales both uploading trade show lists – sales because they want to see the names in Salesforce. There’s not going to be an acquisition program (trade show, list) if it goes into Salesforce, and marketing can’t track success. Instead: a) In Marketo - Put them in to the marketing channel to add to programs b) Sync them to Salesforce immediately – then create a lead view visible to all c) Attribute to Marketo d) Eliminates duplicationPage 23 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    24. 24. Tip #10 Keep it Clean. • ORGANIZE YOUR FOLDERS • Batch mode data cleanups – outside or build data programs • De-duplication • Soft bounce programs • Crack the whip to Salespeople – lead status/contact cleanup. • Get SFDC reports on leads, contacts and status – by rep, and watch the flowPage 24 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    25. 25. Tip #11 Get Fancy with Data for Compelling Results. • Segmentations • Dynamic Snippets. • SmartForms (Inbound Data Appending) • In CRM AppendingPage 25 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    26. 26. How do you start the Ferrari? Put on your seatbelt • Start with a clear plan – we do trade shows, webinars, email blasts, direct mails – and create channels. Flow steps – When you set up a channel, you decide what the steps are and what the program outcomes should be • Determine your channels, your folder structures, so things stay organized. • What are the success steps within those – define.Page 26 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    27. 27. Ferrari Cont. Gas the Tank. • Build your campaigns and define success aligned to business outcomes. Sending email volume is activity; opens, clicks, registrations are outcomes. Put on your sunglasses. • Revenue Cycle Modeler is a tool for thinking ahead and planning your start to finish. Unknown to known, seeing the conversions gives you really good metrics Turn off your phone • Don’t jump into programs without the planning step. Impulse creates chaos.Page 27 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.
    28. 28. Q&A – Email us! Mary Firme Kim Stites Chief Lead Sales and Marketing Operations Accelerator/Director of Manager, Marketo Marketing, ReachForce @ReachForce mfirme@reachforce.comPage 28 #mus13 © 2013 Marketo, Inc.