5 Ways to Increase your chance of Getting a Right Job


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This slide show, gives your details information and guidance to increase your chances of getting a right job.

For more information log in www.rekruitin.com

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5 Ways to Increase your chance of Getting a Right Job

  1. 1. 5 Ways to Increase your chances of getting the right Job !! www.ReKruiTIn.com
  2. 2. It‟s important to have Write a Compelling Resume Headline
  3. 3.  The more precise it is, the more chances of it getting noticed by recruiters.  Resume Headline needs to be interesting, and has to reflect your experience and skills to catch the attention of a recruiter.  For example, writing “Experienced in software industry” is too generic, but “3 years experience in Java/J2EE” highlights your experience and your skill-set precisely.
  4. 4. Second Step is to Enter Right Key Skills
  5. 5. The key skills you enter in your ReKruiTIn.com Profile need to reflect your professional strengths. What is the best way to figure that out? Here is a tip: Fill the blanks in the following statements: I am proficient in ______; I have developed expertise in ______; I have done projects in the field of _____; I have a certification in ______; I have a sound knowledge of _____. Whatever you write in these blanks are your „key skills‟. Write your Technical skills, soft skills, and tools and software's that you know well.
  6. 6. Be Active and Keep Updating your Profile Regularly
  7. 7. Make sure you update your profile at least once in 3 months. 3 months is a long time and most people add new skills, take up new responsibilities, or complete new projects in that much time - and that information should be reflected in your resume. Moreover, your total years of experience changes in 3 months and needs to be updated. Every week lakhs of jobseekers update their ReKruiTIn.com profile with their recent professional accomplishments .so if your resume is outdated by more than 6 months you may be losing out on those new job opportunities.
  8. 8. Be careful while filling relevant fields in your profile
  9. 9. The more information you enter in your profile the more the chances that your resume shows up. Make sure your profile completeness bar displayed in the ReKruiTIn.com Home page is close to 100% Recruiters search candidates based on various parameters of candidates: such as Functional Area, Education, Current Salary, Keywords, Skills, Designation, Company name etc. This means there are multiple ways in which your Resume can show up in front of a recruiter.
  10. 10. Last but not the Least, always remember to Verify your Contact details, so the Employers can contact you
  11. 11. Recruiters hesitate to contact candidates with unverified contact details. When an employer sees that your mobile number and e-mail id are verified, he/she is more likely to contact you for new job opportunities.
  12. 12. Contact Us: For more details, Please log on to www.rekruitin.com Customer Care : 8855041500 Career Guidance : 9823205144 Tech Support : 7758806112 Human Resource : 9823204144 You can also Find us on: Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ReKruiTInJobs LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/company/rekruitin-com Twitter : https://twitter.com/ReKruiTIn1 Blogger : http://rekruitin.blogspot.co.uk/