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Sample press releases

  1. 1. Sample Press Release Satyam Wins Corporate University Xchange Awards • Satyam recognized for excellence in Leadership Development, Marketing & Communications of Brand Value of Learning, and Strategic Alignment of Learning to Business StrategiesHYDERABAD, India, March 25, 2009: Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (NYSE:SAY), a global consultingand IT services provider, announced that it received top honors at the 10th Annual Corporate UniversityXchange Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Corporate Learning last month at the University ofPennsylvania. The company picked up the top position in Excellence Award for Leadership Development.Satyam was also placed first in Excellence Award for Marketing and Communications of Brand Value ofLearning. In the category for Strategic Alignment of Learning to Business Strategies, Satyam was awardedthe third position.The Corporate University Xchange Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Corporate Learning salutecorporate and government learning organizations that create exciting, impactful programs that result inmeasurable improvements in employee and business performance. Since 1999, the awards, given byCorporate University Xchange (CorpU), the leading provider of corporate education research, benchmarkingand advisory services for the enterprise learning marketplace, have set the standard for corporate learning.“Each of these winning programs has a measurable impact on a company’s ability to execute their businessstrategy,” said Sue Todd, President and CEO of CorpU. “We congratulate them.”Reacting to the news Satyam’s CLO Ed Cohen, who was in Philadelphia attending the awards ceremonysaid, “Satyam Learning World has yet again demonstrated the value of learning as a strategic differentiatorfor Satyam in today’s highly competitive industry. Satyam has been consistently recognized by every majororganization in the world for its learning initiatives.”About Corporate University Xchange, Inc.Corporate University Xchange is a private membership of senior learning and talent executives. Founded in1997, members pay an annual fee in exchange for access to cutting-edge research, practitioner-tested tools,and expertly facilitated peer-to-peer networking. We are forever rooted in our belief that the most valuableadvice for senior executives comes from peers who have wrestled with and successfully overcome a similarchallenge, and we exist to make this exchange of information happen For more information, please visitCorpU on the web at
  2. 2. Sample Press Release - 2 Mahindra Satyam signs a 5 year multi-million dollar SAP contract with GSK • Mahindra Satyam well on road to recovery • GSK has been a customer for the IT company since 2002HYDERABAD, India, July 09 2009:Mahindra Satyam, the new brand identity of Satyam Computer ServicesLtd. (NYSE:SAY), a leading global consulting and IT services provider, announced today that it has signed anew 5 year Support Contract with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to provide SAP and other critical systems supportto GSKs businesses across the world. Satyam has been working with GSK since 2002 in providing ITapplication development and support services.Bill Louv, Chief Information Officer, GSKsaid, "GSK is delighted to be able to extend our contract foranother 5 years. We look forward to continuing to receive the high level of professionalism and commitmentfrom Satyam and its associates that we have experienced over the past 7 years." “GSK’s selection truly recognizes the competitive spirit and resolve of the associates of Mahindra Satyam,whose skills, commitment and delivery excellence were unmatched,” said CP Gurnani, CEO of MahindraSatyam. “This is a reflection of the fact that we are well on our way to regain our position as a market leaderand we are thankful to GSK for having reposed their faith in us.”About Mahindra SatyamMahindra Satyam (NYSE: SAY) is a leading global business and information technology services companythat leverages deep industry and functional expertise, leading technology practices, and an advanced,global delivery model to help clients transform their highest-value business processes and improve theirbusiness performance.The companys professionals excel in enterprise solutions, supply chain management, client relationshipmanagement, business intelligence, business process quality, engineering and product lifecyclemanagement, and infrastructure services, among other key capabilities.Mahindra Satyam is part of the $6.3 billion Mahindra Group, a global industrial conglomerate and one of thetop 10 industrial firms based in India. The Group’s interests span financial services, automotive products,trade, retail and logistics, information technology and infrastructure development.Mahindra Satyam development and delivery centers in the US, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Hungary, Egypt,UAE, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia serve numerous clients, including many Fortune 500organizations. For more information, see www.satyam.comFor clarifications, write to us at: MediaRelations@Satyam.comOr contact our PR representatives: Sridhar MaturiIndia +91-984-901-7000 Ritika Kaushik +91-970-326-9292
  3. 3. Sample Press ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact:Joseph A. Stirt, M.D.AnesthesiologyExpert.com2809 Magnolia DriveCharlottesville, VA 22901Phone: 804-242-4990http://www.anesthesiologyexpert.cominfo@anesthesiologyexpert.comAnesthesiologist M.D. Offers Expert Defense/Plaintiff Case Analysis of Potential MedicalMalpracticeCharlottesville, VA -- April 12, 2001 -- Before you invest time and money defending or proceedingwith an anesthesia-related medical malpractice case, check with expert board-certifiedanesthesiologist Joseph A. Stirt, M.D. Whether you are a defense or plaintiff attorney, Dr. Stirtcan not only tell you if you have a case but also how best to structure it, based on a detailedmedical review.No newcomer to cases involving possible anesthesia-related malpractice, Dr. Stirt has 15 yearsof experience. Presented orally or as a written report, his in-depth analysis can save you hours ofpreparation and thousands of dollars. He is prepared to step in at the last minute when anotherexpert suddenly withdraws from a case. Availability and rapid response make his service unique.According to Dr. Stirt, "The question I get most often is, Is it malpractice? My job is to sort out thebad outcomes due to occurrences that fall within the standard of care from those that do not. Thequestion of whether a case involves negligence is one that looms over every potential malpracticeaction. If answered correctly, it can save both defendants and plaintiffs from mental anguish andill-advised pursuit of a defense or lawsuit."Dr. Stirt serves on the faculty of a major U.S. medical school affiliated with a top-rated tertiarycare medical center. He sits on state medical boards as an expert reviewer and expert witness inanesthesiology. He has written books, book chapters, and numerous scientific papers, as well asarticles in the medical-legal literature, received honors and awards in medical teaching andscholarship, and has 18 years of academic anesthesia experience ranging from Post AnesthesiaCare Unit Director and Outpatient Surgical Unit Director to his current position as ClinicalAssociate Professor of Anesthesiology.Dr. Stirt is a diplomat of the American Board of Anesthesiology and the National Board of MedicalExaminers. He has been an invited reviewer and lecturer in anesthesiology throughout the U.S.and Europe and has appeared on CNBC.Accessibility is a unique and important aspect of Dr. Stirts services. His expertise inanesthesiology is available at any time. He does not work on a contingency fee basis. Your initialtelephone consultation is free.For information: orContact: info@anesthesiologyexpert.comPhone: 804-242-4990
  4. 4. Expert Neurosurgeon Dr. Britt Borden Announces the Release of his New VideoAugust 18, 2009 (FPRC) -- CHICAGO, IL –Neurosurgery expert, Dr. Britt Borden has announced the release of his new video titledSurgical Approaches To The Spine. In the free video, Dr. Britt Borden MD discusses complexspine surgery for those interested in learning more about the procedure. While providingexpert insight, Dr. Britt Borden succeeds in simplifying the complex information making thevideo also useful for patients looking for more information about a potential spine surgery.Dr. Britt Bordens video can be viewed online at: Borden MD is a qualified and experienced Chicago area neurosurgeon specializing incomplex spine surgery. Having completed a brain surgery fellowship at the John H. Stoger Jr.Hospital of Cook County, the experienced doctor also performs brain tumor and pain reliefsurgery.The video succinctly describes the surgical process for spine operations to the cervical spine,the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine. Anterior, posterior and lateral surgical approaches arediscussed and viewers can learn about the details of each approach. Britt Borden also explainsthe use of each type of spine surgery so viewers can easily distinguish which type of surgerywill be required for what purpose.“I created the video to provide further insight into the world of spinal surgery. My goal was toprovide some simplified information so a potential spinal surgery patient can betterunderstand the procedure,” says Dr. Britt Borden.In addition to describing the surgical procedure involved for each part of the spine, Dr. BrittBorden MD also goes discusses degeneration, discectomy, corpectomy, fracture, tumor,infection, metastatic tumors and metastatic cancer.Dr. Britt Borden has previously been a team member of a research team studying the effectsof DNA-based cytokine-secreting vaccine on cells regulating immune response. Additionally,Britt Borden conducted research on disseminated intravascular coagulation in head injury,intravascular papillary endothetal hyperplasia, the anatomy of cervical lateral mass screwplacement, and an anatomical study focused on the anatomy of the cervical transverseforamen."I hope others will find my video useful and informative when trying to understand theintricacies of neurosurgery in general and spinal surgery in particular," concluded Borden.About Dr. Britt Borden:Dr. Britt Borden is a leading neurosurgeon in the Chicago area specializing in complex spinesurgery, brain tumor surgery and pain relief surgery. Borden earned his MD from Robert WoodJohnson Medical school following which he pursued an internship at Northwestern Universityand completed his Neurosurgery Residency at West Virginia University.
  5. 5. Mundra Power Plant OperationalThe first unit of Mundra power plant in Gujarat is set to start by May 20. The Adani Power, an ancillary of theAdani Group, is ready to generate 330 MW out of 4620 MW capacity in Mundra power plant. The country’slargest and world’s third largest thermal power plant, the Adani power plant will be completed by the end of2012."At Mundra power project, the total capacity is 4620 MW. It is in four stages wherein the first unit is likely tobe commissioned on May 20. And thereafter, all units will be commissioned one after the other every threemonths. These four units are basically meant for supplying 1000 MW power which we have committedthrough the PPA to Gujarat," said Rajkumar Gupta, director, Adani Power Limited.The company has already signed Power Purchase Agreements with the Gujarat Government. The projectwill also give power to Maharashtra, Haryana and Rajasthan at later stages. The company has also set up a413 km, 400 KV Mundra-Dehgam dedicated transmission line for evacuation of power from Mundra powerstation. The contract to set up the transmission line was taken up by the Siemens, a German company. Thetechnology and the equipment for the project are from China.At least 10,000 workers including labourers are employed at the site. Ten per cent of the employees arefrom China. At the Adani Power, 9000 MW power generation is targeted in the coming five years with a 100per cent growth inputs in every phase. This project is much bigger than the Ultra Mega Power Plants(UMPP) set up across the country. Power generation in the country is steadily improving every year.May 26, 2009
  6. 6. The Mobilestore Indias Largest Telecom Retailer to Launch Private LabelHandsets Across IndiaThe Mobilestore, the one stop mobile solutions retail chain, is set to launch its privatelabel handsets across India. The new handsets will be loaded with latest features and willsoon be launched under a new brand name.July 26, 2009 (FPRC) -- The Mobilestore, the one stop mobile solutions retail chain, isset to launch its private label handsets across India. The new handsets will be loaded withlatest features and will soon be launched under a new brand name. This product will betargeted towards the youth and will be made available at a very affordable price range ofRs 2,500 to Rs 10,000.The handsets will be manufactured according to the configurations provided byThe Mobilestore and The Mobilestore will have a full quality control on the handsets. Allhandsets will have an IMEI number, as per government directives. The phones will befully equipped with the latest features like camera, music, Bluetooth etc. These handsetswill offer premium features at affordable prices and will be available with efficient andhigh quality repair and servicing facilities.Elaborating on this development, Mr. Rajiv Aggarwal, CEO and Director of TheMobileStore Ltd said "We feel that this is an apt time to enter into the handsets market.We plan to launch affordable feature rich handsets for todays youth. We have created astrong touch point for the consumers across the country and hope to capitalize on that.We will continue our initiative of giving the customer much more than he pays for andhope to receive the same patronage for our new product."About: The MobileStoreThe MobileStore, promoted by the Essar Group, is a one stop mobile solution shop whichoffers Telecom Products like Mobiles, Mobile Accessories, Mobile Connections &Recharges, Mobile Bill Payments, Value Added Services, Mobile Repairs, MobileExchange, Music & Gaming Devices and DTH, all under one roof, in a world classshopping ambience.The MobileStore is Indias largest telecom retailer, with over 1300 Company Owned -Company Operated stores, spread across 200 cities.Visit for more information and for an exciting on-line shoppingexperienceThe Mobilestore is Indias largest telecom retailer, with over 1300 Company Owned -Company Operated stores, spread across 200 cities.Visit: for more information and for an exciting on-lineshopping experience.