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OSE in Public Health

  1. 1. Important Objectively Structured Examination Questions Public Health Undergraduate Examinations (Would Help Students of Public Health at Post Graduate Level too)
  2. 2. 1. Identify the diagram 1 2. What is the recommended amount of Residual chlorine 1 3. Give the significance of Residual Chlorine 2 Q. No 1.
  3. 3. 1. What is the storage temperature of this vaccine 1 2. What is the schedule and route of administration of this vaccine for a new born child 1.5 3. What is the dosage schedule of this vaccine for women of child-bearing age? 1.5 Q. No 2.
  4. 4. Mr. & Mrs. Ramzan planned to go to Saudi Arabia for Umra during the month of Ramazan along with their two sons Usama and Bilal age five and 1year respectively. 1. Mr. Ramzan 01 2. Mrs. Ramzan 01 3. Usama 01 4. Bilal 01 Questions: Meningitis vaccine will be recommended for: (Answer Y/N) Q. No 3.
  5. 5. 1. What is the most likely diagnosis? 01 2. Which vitamin is most likely deficient in this young boy? 01 3. How this nutritional deficiency disorder can be prevented in the community? 02 Waseem 15 years of age came to medical OPD with C/O frequent diarrhea for the last 3 weeks. O/E he was having bilateral symmetrical dermatitis on his exposed body surface. His dietary habits revealed that he was dependent on cereals for a long time. Q. No 4.
  6. 6. A public health team surveyed a community of Pharpur, D.I khan for tuberculosis. The Incidence of TB was found to be 10 cases per 1000 population per year. However, mean duration of illness of TB in this community was determined to be one and half year. Questions: Calculate the prevalence of Tuberculosis among the residents of Dhoke Ratta. 4 Q. No 5.
  7. 7. In a screening programme to detect Hepatitis C by Anti HCV antibodies among the doctors working in teaching hospitals of Rawalpindi, 790 doctors were tested, out of which 38 showed positive results. later on PCR-RNA confirmed that only 8 were actually suffering from the disease and two were false negative. Keeping the above results in view. Questions: 1.construct 2X2 table by putting above mentioned values 2 2.Find out Sensitivity of the Screening test 2 Q. No 6.
  8. 8. A seven years old child presented to the dental clinic with tooth ache. The above picture shows the condition of his teeth on examination. Questions: 1.Identify the dental Problem. 1.5 2.What interventions and advice should be given to this child to manage his problem. 2.5 Q. No 7.
  9. 9. Of the 10,000 males randomly selected from district Chakwal, 7000 were cigarette smokers while 3000 were non-smokers. Incidence rate of CA lung among smokers and non- smokers was found to be 10/1000 and 1/1000 respectively.Questions: 1.Calculate Relative Risk (RR). 02 2.Interpret the results. 02 Q. No 8.
  10. 10. Imtiaz 20 years of age is a student of B.A in Gordon College, Rawalpindi. He came to the clinic of general physician with C/O chronic constipation. Instead of prescribing medicines, physician recommended him some life style modifications. Questions: 1.What could be the recommendation of physician to relieve his constipation (02) 2.What other benefits Imtiaz will receive if he follows physician’s advise? (02) Q. No 9.
  11. 11. Ahmed went to a general store and bought 3 tins of Tuna fish. At home when he was taking tin out of the shopping bag, he noticed that one of the tins was bulging and having deformed shape. 1. What could be the reason for bulging of that tin. 02 2. Which points should be kept in mind Questions: Q. No 10.
  12. 12. If this growth rate persists, What will be the population of this city after 02 years? (4) Total population of Islamabad on 1st January, 2010 was recorded to be 2 million. The population growth rate was calculated to be 5 %. Q. No 11. Questions:
  13. 13. Mid year population in a small town near Peshawar during 2008 was found to be 20,000. The number of live births in this town during 2008 were 500 while mid year estimated female population of reproductive age (15-49 years) was 10,000. Questions: 1. Calculate General Fertility Rate (GFR). (02) 2. Calculate Birth rate. (02) Q. No 12.
  14. 14. Of the total 180 adult males residing in district Jhang, 110 were smokers while rest of them were non- smokers. All of them had negative family history. After a follow-up of a 15 years, 6 of the smoker’s and 2 of the non-smoker’s group developed Ca-lung. Incidence of the disease in general population was 2/1000 population. Questions: 1. Construct 2×2 table for this study. (2) 2. Calculate population attributable risk. (2) Q. No 13.
  15. 15. A mother brought her 18 months old son to a medical officer at BHU. She gave H/O poor appetite and weakness of the child for the last 2 weeks. On examination, chilssd had inadequate weight and height for his age. 1. What would be the appropriate strategy of to monitor the growth of the child in the given setting. 01 1. What are the contents of counseling of the mother 03 Questions: Q. No 14.
  16. 16. Mr. Salem is a company executive. His height is 1.60m and weight is 80kg. He is conscious about his physical fitness. 1. Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) of Mr. Saleem. 2 2. Interpret the results 2 Questions: Q. No 15.