The growth of tourism


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The growth of tourism

  1. 1. The Growth of Tourism
  2. 2. In what ways has the global pattern of tourism changed?
  3. 3. Consider This … “Tourism is essentially the renting out for short term lets of other people environment , whether that is a coastline, a city, a mountain range or a rainforest” Lord Marshall, former chief executive officer of British Air ways
  4. 4. Go through these slides and note down important facts and figures  sm-1-introduction-presentation
  5. 5.  People have always had a fascination for travel.  Tourism: Travel away from the home environment for either: Leisure, recreation and holidays To visit friends and relations (VFR) For business and professional reasons
  6. 6. Travel Motivators  This is the reason why people travel. This can be categorised in three:  Leisure: Holiday, sport or cultural event, educational trip and pilgrimage  Business: Conference/Exhibition, individual meetings  Visiting friends and relation (VFR) : Stay with family, meet with friends
  7. 7. Economic Social Political Steadily rising income An increase in the number of days of paid leave Many governments have invested heavily to encourage tourism The decreasing real costs of holidays An increase desire to experience different cultures and landscapes Government backing for major international events The widening range of destinations within the middle income range More people are avoiding certain locations for ethnic reasons Government restrictions on inbound and outbound tourism The expansion of budget air lines Raised expectations of international travel The perceived greater likelihood of terrorists attacks in certain locations GLOBALISATION has increased High level of international migration over the last decade Calls by non government organisations to boycott countries
  8. 8. Types of Tourism  Theme parks and holiday enclaves – Theme parks create artificial destinations  Gambling destinations-places like Las Vegas gambling out cash  Cruising-staying on large ships and visiting island  Heritage and urban tourism- Visit historical sites and cultural site  Wilderness and ecotourism-visit green lands  Medical and therapy –undergoing surgery and spend the rest of holiday on after care and tourism  Religious – visit holy land and holy places  Conflict / dark tourism-visiting location where there is a tragic past
  9. 9. Key words  Tourism  Package tour  Travel motivators  International tourist arrivals  International tourism receipts  Tourist destination country  Tourist generating country  Globalisation  External shock  Niche markets
  10. 10. Activities  Task:  Find the meaning of the keywords on slide above and type next to word  Complete word search , link is below  arch/tourism  In groups of 4 on A3 sheet of paper write down keys point you find important WITHOUT looking at this pwerpoint
  11. 11. Finally last but not least do well in the exam every mark counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. 12. What is the relationship between the growth of tourism and economic development?
  13. 13.  As economies develop, there is a increasing demand for tourism  The relationship between tourism and economic growth has generated considerable debate
  14. 14. Cumulative causation
  15. 15. Sales 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr 4th Qtr