Fatouma Bourguiba Prep School


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Fatouma Bourguiba Prep School

  1. 1.  Our school School memories First day at school School problems School rules Letter for advice to kelly
  2. 2. We study in « Fattouma Bourguiba » college,Itis one of the best schools in « Bardo ».We have 13 classrooms,6 laboratories, a pumproom, a terrain and a big play ground .There are 500 pupils, almost 30 teachers, 6supervisor and a headmistress and we study 15 subjects ( Maths, French, Arabic, English…) .
  3. 3.  Fréquent waste There is no playground missing windows in the most of sections The broken Walls no Equipment There is no lighting The Management isn’t organized
  4. 4. One of my best memories at school, is mypriamry teachers; I remember the first year atschool, I was very timid, I couldn’t talk withmy classmates and even participate in courses,I was alone all the times; but thunks to myteachers, who helped me to accross this step.I’m now a better person, I’m not yet this girl,now I’m sociable and have no fear.
  5. 5.  I decide to write some of my memories primary school. I lived a lot of unforgettable memories. First, I remember when my teacher lirted me the first time. I like theirs teacher very much and I love all my primary’s teacher. My second souvenir was when I had a test for the first time, I was very scared and afraid and my mother consoled me . I meet a very lovely people. I have an others memories but if I write them. I will never finish writing.
  6. 6.  Ill never forget that memory even though it was a very long time ago!good memories dont fade One of my best memories happened when at the end of the trimestre my teacher gave me a gift because I was the first of my class
  7. 7.  After three years in this school i feel so sorry for leaving it but i actualy had a great time with everyone and it’s hard to forget all those memorable moments with my besties Slim and Sirine coming late cheting in tests making fun of little kids the music and art hours where we all became artists the sandwiches the sweets every single thing makes my heart beat when i go back to those days i wish It wouldn’t be over because those days were the best ever.
  8. 8.  I remember some memories of my priamry school. I will don’t forget all my teachers and I meet a very good friends and this is the first place where I made freinds. My teacher was very kind, they are my second parents.
  9. 9.  One of my best memories is my first day at school.I still remember my parent’s smile and the fear that I felt. I was nervous and affraid of teachers while my mum encouraged me. She told me that I will have the greatest friends ever and she was right. In fact,I still have the best friend I knew at school and the subject I loved during my studies those I learned at school. Now,I’m in college, It’s not terrible but I prefer the school.
  10. 10. My fisrt day at school is an unforgettable dayand it is the best. I was very scared but inside Ivery glad to be a big girl like my sisters. I wearbleu trousers, a red jacket and my schooluniform. All my family was present for me andthey consoled me. My life started on this day.
  11. 11.  My first day in the college was terrible it wasmy first time in this place and I saw a lot ofnew faces from a different places and I justknow three or four I was confused I justwaited the ring to go home even there wasmy sister and her friends whom I knew since Iwas little but I felt like a stranger in this newschool which by the way I like it a lot now.it was a memorable day while searching theclass rooms and knowing the new classmates.
  12. 12.  I didnt forget my first day at school  was 6 years old in 2004 I was a little child with a school uniform and a bag my father took me to school I felt nervous when I entered to it but that kind of the teachers changed my feelings.  
  13. 13.  My first day at school is my best day at school. I wore a black tie and a white jacket and my school uniform. I was so happy in the same time I was very scared. In this day I met peron who are my best friend in this moment. I liked my first day at school. I will don’t forget it.
  14. 14. -Writing on desks and walls-Fighting in school-Using mobile in the class-Making fun of pupils-Yelling in the class (corridor)-Eating in the class-Sitting improperly in the class-Cheating in the exam-Violence physical and verbal
  15. 15.  You have to Raise your hand before speaking.  You must  Respect and care for school buildings, school property.  You have to Arrive on time. You must pay attention in the class Don’t make fun of pupil You must listen to the teacher carefully You mustn’t use the mobile phone in the class You must wear your uniform You have to be respectful to your teacher
  16. 16. Dear kelly, I heard about your problem, I’m really sorryfor you. First, I think you should tell yourparents about your matters at school to giveyou some advices. Secondly, you must talk toyour headmaster and he will take theappropriate decisions. Finally, you have also toignore your classmates, I’m sure that they willBe more kind in the futur. I hope you willsolution soon.